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Harm reduction

What are the chances that i have got HIV ?

Hi there,
I have been living in absolute anxiety for the past 2 months plus. i am at day 65 post exposure(unprotected vaginal intercourse with an unknown status woman 4 times in 2 days, (first 2 protected last 2 unprotected) and seem to have ARS symptoms. I have been having random sore throats, and i have had some sores in my mouth(inner lip and top of tongue and under it as well), had a rash on my chest(Day 52 - Clearing up without ointment or treatment) and have been experiencing flu like symptoms which began on day 28(Nasal congestion after a bout of sneezing 35 times, no fever). i have done 5 HIV Ag/Ab Tests as follow,

Day 32 - SD Bioline 4th Gen Ag/Ab test rapid test - Non reactive
Day 47 - SD Bioline 4th Gen Ag/Ab rapid test - Non reactive
Day 54 - SD Bioline 4th Gen Ag/Ab rapid test - Non reactive
Day 54 - STD Screen Hep B's antigen and antibody - non-reactive, Anti HCV - non reactive, HIV Ag/Ab - non reactive ( Did, Chlamydia PCR - Not detected , Gonorrhoeae - Not detected , Syphillis TP Ab - Non reactive , HSV Type 1 IgG Ab - 3.50 (Positive) Had this my whole life, HSV Type 2 IgG Ab - 0.18( Negative )
Day 62 - SD Bioline 4th Gen Ag/Ab rapid test - Non Reactive

My questions are:
(1) What are my chances that the Virus or antibodies has not been sufficiently produced and is still undetectable ?
(2) Would you recommend further testing or wait for the 12 week mark (84 days) ?
(3) I unable to sleep properly and have been getting only 3-4 hours sleep per night before waking up in a fright. Could my symptoms be due to Anxiety and Stress ?
(4) In the day i seem to have chills, perplexed by this.

Potential HIV infection and condom question URGENT

I was having anal sex the other day with a TS prostitute, and now I am worried if the condom broke during the time and I could get hiv. It lasted for less than a minute. If i saw that there was a sac of semen that formed at the tip, what are the chances that the condom broke?( i did not ejaculate in the rectum, it was outside). If the condom did not break, and the tip was protected, there is an incredibly tiny chance I could get hiv right? thank you so much for your time.

broken condom/Worried about HIV risk

i am a 18 year old girl, i was having sexual intercourse with a 22 year old man, towards the end of the intercourse, the condom broke, but he did not tell me and continued but not for very long, not even 2 minutes, as he then ejaculated but using the withdrawal method, which is when i found it the condom was broken.... he has had a history of sleeping with a number of girls, i dont know whether he is HIV + or - , and so i am freaking out, i guess i just want to know the chance of me getting pregnant and getting HIV... please help

Doubts of HIV test result and my exposure

Thank you so much for your help. I have asked question here before and my exposure was considered low risk
Exposure: receiving oral sex from a man whose tooth was actively bleeding. I ejcaulated into his mouth and he spitted the semen out and its all of red colour. His one tooth was actively bleeding. I cannot see any blood on the surface of my penis.

I got tested HIV combo CMIA at 16 and 31 days = negative
Abbott HIV rapid test 3 rd gen at 86 days = negative
I know that current guideline states that 84 days is considered conclusive. However, I did read a several cases which the people took longer than 3 months to get tested positive and those were for unknown reasons ( not drug abusers, not born immune deficicency or other co-infection). I think that its very rare but I am just afraid that I am the one because I have suspicious recurrent and persistent symptoms .
1. My body feels hot to touch but no fever ~ persist till now ~ 4 months already
2. Wounds heal weirdly that it seldom forms scab - I have consulted doctor he said its bacteria infection . I am not sure if it it really due to that. he gave me antibiotics . It was of 7 days . After 2 days of antibiotics, I started having foamy urine. I told him and he said its due to antibiotics and it will go away in one week. However, It persists till now and more than one month already.
3. 4 months after exposure, I seem to have swollen lymph node under my jaw on both sides. Its slightly bigger than before because I can feel it before, I know how large they were. Few days later, I have a stiff neck( I am not sure but I think my neck sometimes is so tight.)

My question is: How do I know if I am not the very rare case? Do I actually have the need to retest again at 6 months? I want to move forward and go on my life but symptoms are driving me crazy.

Thank you for your great help and it can really address many concerns.

acute Hep B PLZ HELP!!! Possible co-infection?

I have a Question, Several months ago ( 3 - 4 moths ) I was diagnosed with Hepatitis B; my current infection was very, but very symptomatic; That desease is already controlled by hematologist. My ALT levels are normal now, but the virus is still in blood, we are waiting for antibody response ( 6 moths of aware ) .
Since does that happened, I have being really scared about HIV possible coinfection.
I tested 5 times!!! ( as an obsessive ) , 1 was a rapid test 3th gen. and the another 4 were 4th. Generation Laboratory Test ( combo +p24 antigen). All of them each week since my last possible exposure ( oral sex receptive )

I don’t really know when or were matched the HBV ( but probably was more than 4 months ago) ; but Im really concern and my question is:

Does Acute, symptomatic and diagnosed Hepatitis B can delay, hide, or affect the HIV accuracy test?

DO you recommend re-test 6 months after my last, in this case, low-risk exposure? ( and that exposure wasn’t obviously when I watched HBV, cause the HBV window period).

Ill be really glad to receive your answers, believe me, Since the Hepatitis B was diagnosed my nervous are killing me, Im just 30 YO and was just diagnosed with hypertension about stress and anxiety. Believe me, I will never, never have sex without a condom :(

God bless you!



Do I need an HIV test after sex with a condom?


I have tested my self with 4th generation combo test and it comes negative on 84th day, yesterday i had sex with hooker with condom on (no breakage and it looks fine when pulled out from vagina). I licked her breast but not sure about lactating. Can you please let me know should i go for testing.

Clarification on eye transmission

Hi there,

I was wondering if you could kindly clarify or explain in a bit more detail the possibility of transmission through the eye, as I have found different answers on this topic from previous posts:

1) "Unknown liquid into eye" (from Nov 20th, 2015): answer was that (even) healthy eyes provide direct access to the bloodstream due to them being mucosal membranes etc., however tears would contain compounds that break down the virus ( <- so similar to saliva?)

2) "Curious eye" (from Sep 3rd, 2015): answer was that there is no direct access to the bloodstream through a healthy eye

Could you please advise which one is correct? Also and a bit more in general - under which circumstances would you see a transmission through eyes possible...?

Many thanks in advance for your detailed response and help.

ultimate HIV anxiety

dear sir/madame

I have very unhappy life this previews 3 months.

I have a boyfriend who already in relationship with me since January 2015. If you asking about my role, I am the TOP. Since the beginning i usually had sex without condom as I feel safe, only have sex with my partner.
But life has changed, when one day on 27 November 2015 my boyfriend told me that he was diagnosed HIV positive, on October 2015. I was shocked, and I decided to take the test in the same day when he disclose his HIV status. on that day I, i remembered that it was 2 months since the last time I have unprotected sex with him. It was 2 months since the last possibility exposed by the HIV virus. And the result becomes NEGATIVE. But the nurse told me that I have to take the test 3 months from the first test I took. Now today is almost 3 months since the last test I took. I am so crazy this last many months, wondering that my result will change to be POSITIVE. I have many question:

1. How it is possible when my boyfriend is positive, and i am negative this far, since I always had an unprotected sex.

2. Does my test will be changed in my next test? How accurate my first test in 2 months after exposure?

3. Is it 100% I will be HIV positive since I had sex with HIV + people?

4. Is it possible for me to continue my relationship with him? I love him so much.

I am definitely looking forward your your reply. I am so freaking out.

Best Regards.

Protected sex for less than a minute

hi, im really worried and dont know what to do..
i had protected sex with a massage girl in china and i was using durex condom
i didnt kiss or anything else. she just put a condom on my dick and i fucked her till the cum came out and it was even less than 30 seconds
what are the chances to catch aids and id lik to mention that it was my first time ever and im 18 yrs old only


i have a cofusion that i have a paper cut with no bleeding and pain.i wash my father wounds my father is hiv positive.i dont realize that i have a cut on my finger so i dont wear gloves is that is risky for me to transmit hiv virus kindly give me your suggestion and help me.


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