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Harm reduction


If you have Ulcers on your bottom lip and you swallowed some of your friends blood and it was only a tiny amount of blood like when you pick a scab and it bleeds, can someone please answer this?

Objects and surfaces

Hello Helpline, I have 2 silly questions. Please give me the answers.
1) One cannot acquire HIV from any inanimate objects in any circumstances, excluding ONLY 2 objects: syringe and sex toy. Is that right? Is there any exception else?
2) Any surface is always safe for HIV when any part of body contacts with it and starts bleeding, isn’t it? Is there any exception for the surface?
Thank you.

3 months negative test but still have symtoms


Recently i had protected vaginal sex with a csw for 2-3 minutes in Thailand, & i had shaved my pubic region just before 2 hours of having intercourse.
Though i am sure condom did not break, i am fearing that shaving superfacial cuts may transmit HIV to me even though after shaving there was no visible cuts / broken skin.

After this incident, i had rapid blood HIV tests at 8, 10,weeks & 3 months (88 days) which were all negative, but still after 10 weeks i am having mild sore throat, a little white tongue & diarrhea problems for more than 10 days.
please answer my question.
1) Have you heard of any person got hiv due to shaving pubic hairs before having sex?
2) Do you consider my 88 days HIV negative test conclusive? or i have to test again?

HIV or not?

A night before i had sex with my partner and lose my virginity, the sex was without condom, next day i was having pain in my glands and i read the symptoms that swollen glands us symptom of hiv .. Kindly tell me if it is hiv symptom or not ? Though it was my first time.. My penis cover has lil tore up..

what are the consequences of mutual masturbation with several partners?

Ive researched a lot information throughout the internet yet some are confusing and make belief to idk to their own experiences. anyways I got tested a week ago for std and just to make myself more clear to take an HIV test. Although HIV doesn't worry my anxieties What im worried is getting either HPV (cancerous one) or HSV vise versa This listed makes me stressed out weather I have it. Some online say that symptoms don't occur within months or years I am planning to take the test but I realize there may be a window period to find out if i do have it listed earlier. I am a gay male who has had 9 bad relationships, my previous partners we use condoms for higher risks situations. although all my sexual contact was mutual masturbation. what are the consequences of this.

frontline worker

Hi, I work at a group home. My question is: If a youth who is HIV+ and they have blood underneath their nails, can they transmit it to you if they scratch you? I had been scratched and noticed blood underneath their nails and also when they scratched me, I bled a little.

Short exposure with precum


I would like to receive the assessment for the risk of HIV transmission for my case:

The guy and I started off by jerking off by hands. Things got a little wilder when we started rubbing his penis around my anus area. There was precum because I felt wet when he was doing that.

After we were playing for some time, when he was mimicking the act of penetrating, his penis accidentally went into my anus, but I was near to ejaculation so I let it inside for less than 1 minute then I shot my load out inside the toilet bowl. After that, he took out his penis and jerked and shot inside the toilet bowl as well.

My concern is whether precum during that short exposure of 1 minute can transmit HIV.

Looking forward to your reply

Pep concerned

I know it is a stupid question still I am concerned. If I went on pep 27 hours after the incident for a bleeding scrape after I took my pen out of a bin with used stil wet HIV rapid tests, glucose, cholesterol strips ( wet blood stained) and wet blood stained cotton wools and it wasn't nessasary for pep can I get HIV from pep or any of the above? Hope it make sense?

How much does a cut on your penis increase HIV transmission rates during unprotected anal sex?

I recently had penetrative anal sex with a stranger while on vacation in Barcelona, and it was unprotected. The next day, I noticed I had a small cut underneath the head (the more sensitive skin or inner foreskin) which is worrying me. At the time, I felt some discomfort which I attributed to friction or a lack of lube, but I now suspect I was feeling discomfort from the small cut. To make matters worse, I read that Barcelona has one of the highest HIV incidences in all of Europe, especially among MSM.

I also read that penetrative anal sex, unprotected, with an HIV positive partner is a 0.11% chance of infection if you are circumcised and 0.62% if you are uncircumcised, per encounter.

This leads me to three questions:
1. Roughly how do HIV transmission rates change/increase if you have small cuts or abrasions underneath the head of the penis (basically on the inner foreskin)?

2. If the receptive partner was recently infected (in the "window period" where their body is not yet producing antibodies to HIV), how much does the transmission rate increase? A friend had said it's 30x as high -- but that seemed like too high of an estimate (implying 3.3% if circumcised or 18.6% if uncircumcised)!

3. What is the best way to treat a cut on the sensitive skin beneath the penis head? Clearly a band-aid is not practical.

Combo test negative at 4 weeks

I had sex with a girl using a condom but i penetrated her first two time before using the condom. I caught chlamydia from this exposure but it is now treated. I had two red patch on the left side of my chest one weeks after. This lead to a skin rash all around my chest and back. I had few rash in the arms too. It's red and some are flat and others rashes looks like 5-10 pimples regrouped. Few days after, i had small fever for one or two night then it left. My rash was there for around 6-7 weeks.

I got tested with a combo test at 27 days (+6 hours) and i tested negative. My dermatologist made a biopsy punch and determined i had an allergic reaction.

I made another test at 11 weeks and I'm waiting for the results. I've been stressed a lot about this recently.

1. Do my symptoms look like ars from hiv?
2. Can my dermatologist could be wrong?
3. Can hiv skin rash stays that long (6-7 weeks)
4. If i already had the symptoms and i got tested 2 weeks after (at 4 weeks after exposure), is my test conclusive?

Thanks !!


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