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Harm reduction

HIV risks from oral sex and sharing sex toys

Hi! I had an encounter with another guy 2 weeks ago. I don't know his status but he claims to be HIV Negative. Our entire encounter lasted below 20 minutes. I had my penis sucked for about 3-5 minutes but I never sucked his. We shared this one sex toy, though. The one that looks like a vagina and simulates vaginal sex. We used antimicrobial soap as lubricant. He also suckled on my nipples. How much of a risk am I looking at here? I'm freaking out and I can't wait for three months to get tested. We have had encounters in the past and I tested negative after our encounters. Please get back as soon as you can. Thanks and more power to your site!

Follow-Up to Handling Items from Cashiers and HIV Risk

Thanks to Isla for pretty much clearing up the question I had, but I have just one more question, and I'm done. Suppose if you have the cuts that I mentioned in the previous message on your fingers and/or hands, perhaps some bleeding, and the cashier has cuts and bleeding on their fingers/hands, and your fingers/hands touch each other as they're handling your food and inanimate items and/or change? Can HIV transmission occur? I also have cracked skin on my fingers and hands as the weather has become drier and colder (they always crack and bleed during the Winter months). I hope this makes sense and all. Thank you in advance.

hiv transmission

I ask previous question but I give detail is not complete ..then my question is I work a hospital .I give the injection to the patient and after needle is a new not reuse but the syringe is same use just I same syringe use fill up of injection penta parazole fluid and pressure is increase in p.parazole bottle fluid is through my mouth &eye is only 1drop in mouth &eye.there is no blood present in syringe only infected by patient.patient hiv report is non reactive.so please tell me very fast can I risk of hiv?


How accurate is an RNA PCR HIV test at 11 days post exposure? I took the test 11 days post exposure (10/23/2015) and I will go in for the results on Tuesday. I wanted to know the exact accuracy of the test?

1) Is it 100% conclusive at this time and reliable at this time?
2) If the virus is not detected, does that mean I am not infected?
3) If the test doesn't detect the virus, should I retest at 4 weeks post exposure?
4) I told my doctor that if I am found negative, I want to go on PREP (Truvada). PREP + Condoms usage is the way to go, but how effective is PREP at preventing HIV in case the condom fails?
5) Has there been any documented case of HIV with people on PREP?
6) Should I also tell my doctor to prescribe me with Isentress? I heard it's good if combined with Truvada for PREP.

Thank you!

Mouth ulcer & Sandwich

Can mouth ulcers transmit Hiv, I have very big mouth ulcer, & was out with friends we shared a sandwich, like one had a bite, then I had a bite & last part was eaten by 3 friend, is there any chance of getting hiv if any of them is infected or can they get any infection from my mouth ulcers.

HIV? Repost ? Concern ?query ? Doubt

do know there are 4 situation which effects the hiv testing !
1) pep
2) treatment for hep c
3) treatment for cancer
4) immunodeficiency

I have take several duo test at
23rd day - Eclia
28th day - Eclia
42nd day - Eclia
58th day - Eclia
89th day - ELFA
93rd day - Eclia
103rd day - ELFA
103rd day - Cmia
122nd day - cmia

One hiv rna pcr 1 qualitative @ 103rd day - NOT DETECTED

One id NAT test @ 125th day - viral screening for hiv rna Dna 1/2 ! Hep c ! Hep b ! - NOT DETECTED

Two complete immunology test once th day when I had my IgM was slightly high and IgG was slightly low @ 48th day

Again took immunology test at 58th day
All were normal

Again took immunology test at 93rd day
All were normal

How do I know whether I have immunodeficiency ? I was serious kinda ill during my childhood
Suppose if I do I have some immunodeficiency
Does it affect my testing !?
Testing is delayed for antibodies ?

But even with some immunodeficiency antigens /rna/ dna / Id NAT should be detected?it detects the genetic material of hiv

I mean even if I do have some immunodeficiency
Test like I'd nat and pcr rna looks for virus only ?
Rather than looking for antibodies ?


Hi, I went to a bar in Dubai ( le meridian ) got drunk picked a pristitute , think she is from Vietnam had sex , was completely drunk next morning I was scared saw condom in dustbin with semen, it was not torn, after 2 days did a hiv test, it was negative , it is 40 days now, no body pain, no fever, no rashes, nothing abnormal , developed sneezing and running nose last 5 days , Iam scared pls advise


Exposure in april 15 later have most of the ARS sysmptom ,
Tested Ab/Ag at 3rweek non reactive,
Elisa at 10 th week non reacitve
post 10 th week Left Leg got infected , high fever, abnormal groin lymphnodes left side groin part and heavy pain.
Got treatment with antibotics and reduced wiht one week,
later ABBOTT PCR test 11th week < 40 (report came like that)
Post 12 weeks ELISA test Non Reactive.
in Middel term blood came from urine and treated by urologist.
from 4 month to 6 months left side groin lympnodes 2 swollen, right groin 1 lymphnode. Some times body and knee pains.
Post 6 month/ 25 week Elisa test Non reactive,

Till lymphnodes does exist , please suggest on same . Any further testin required

HIV RISK: Protected Anal Sex Con't


This is a con't of my question that was answered below. I know that WHO and AIDS Vancouver don't think of symptoms. However, is muscle ache in my upper right arm a sign of HIV? Or the lymph node that appears to be a little swollen up in the upper front ear lobe of my left ear? It's not really noticeable but, there it is.

Also, I was at the E.R at the 7 day Post Exposure mark (Sunday 18 Oct) and they did a 4th generation test, which I am likely to get the results of today. They said if they call that means I am positive, but that if they don't call me that means I am good.

I guess my question is, are ARS/Seroconversion symptoms known to appear this early?

As for my question, as I said, he didn't ejaculate, because I stopped the intercourse myself, and the condoms used weren't broken. Doesn't that in itself diminishes the chances of transmission to basically null? I am guessing that since my mother and brother for example have been sick, that this has also affected me since we live in the same household.

I am paranoid of my health as it is, and I need to know if I'll be fine. I have already scheduled an appointment with my primary health doctor for the 3 week and 1 day post exposure mark, to get tested for HIV via a 4th generation test since the Window period for such test would be at it's strongest then. Considering that's within it's within period, a negative result would be conclusive, but as usual, I will also test at the 3 month mark to make sure.



I initiated a sex intercourse with another male (male to male sex). I was the bottom in this case and we used TWO condom.

We didn't conduct any oral sex activities. During sex we replaced the condom with a another because we both wanted to feel more pleasure, or at least try. Long story short, we didn't finish the sex, and he never ejaculated and he left per my request.

I tested both condoms with water to see if there would be any leakage and there was none.

What are the risks into me getting HIV? Am I completely fine and don't need to worry? This happened today 10/11/2015, so I still have time to run to the E.R or my doctor and get PREP if needed.



Hi there! Thanks for contacting us with your HIV related questions/concerns. We're happy to help!

Anal protected sex is considered a low-risk activity. What this means is that although there have been a few reports of infection in this manner, they're usualyl under certain identifiable conditions. In this case, a condition would be a broken condom. Your condom didn't break, which greatly diminishes the risk. In theory, it would be no risk since condoms prevent the exchange of bodily fluids, but we say low risk to account for human error and breaking.

I would say you don't need to get tested or get PEP for this encounter, since the risk level was basically none.

I hope this helped!

Check out smartsexresource.com for more information.



AIDS Vancouver Helpline/Online
Monday-Friday 9am-5pm (PST)
1 844 INFO-HIV (Toll free Canada & U.S.)
Private & Confidential

Penis Rubbing To Vagina With Vagina Fluid Can Cause HIV

A Few days ago , I had sex with a SexWorker(Most probably She is from Philippine ) in Bharian . Only for one time and after that I am in fear of HIV.
First of all I don't know if that girl has HIV or not . I kissed her and also fingering then I try to put my penis without condom , but it's not happened as it was not as hard that will go smoothly then I try to make it hard with my hand and touches the vagina Lips with penis (foreskin pull back) where vagina fluid present, and within few mnts I ejected in top of vagina with rubbing my penis without insertion in fact not get time to insert . Her vaginal fluid touches my penis top my Urethra ..

I am still in a trauma. I rubbed my penis on the lips of a vagina . Vaginal fluid touches my penis top means urethra WITHOUT PENETRATION .

Is that any chances to get HIV+. Please help me out , I am very scared. What should I do now.

I did several test,
Rapid HIV 1/2/O Antibody Only after 33 days Its showing only one line in C (with fingertip blood)
Rapid HIV 1/2/O Antibody Only after 40 days Its showing only one line in C (with fingertip blood)
Rapid HIV 1/2/O Antibody Only after 42 days Its showing only one line in C with fingertip
Rapid HIV 1/2/O Antibody Only after 45 days Its showing only one line in C with fingertip
Then on 49 days : HIV 1/2 & P24 Combo(CMIA) from LALPathLab : 0.23 Non-Reactive.
Then Day 52 : HBsAg SeRUM (CMIA) from LALPathLab INDIA : Non-Reactive
Then Day 52 : HCV SeRUM (CMIA) from LALPathLab INDIA : 0.07 Non-Reactive
Then Day 52 : HIV 1 RNA QUANTITIVE (Real Time PCR) from LALPathLab INDIA : Target not detected Copies/ml
Then Day 56 : HIV 1/2 & P24 Combo(CMIA) from LALPathLab INDIA : 0.24 Non-Reactive.

As I work in GCC region so after 84 days I can only able to take rapid home test at 84 days ,should I go for that or my above test are conclusive ?

Please suggest ... I can't Sleep,can't work .
Please help me out to understand the result accuracy % and risk.
Should I continue sex with my wife without protection ? Am I free from HIV 1/2 ??


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