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Harm reduction

Protected 5 stroke sex

I had protected sex with a prostitute after 9 days I got fever and I got treated after 3 days.
After this I got ulcers in my mouth and testicles and rashes which went away after getting treated in 2 days and a little swollen lymph gland in my neck. I inserted my penis and gave 5 strokes and I felt horrible so I stopped it am I at risk of hiv?

test results assessment with hiv symptoms

Hi everyone. I would just like to get your opinion regarding my risk/possible exposures and the results of my previous tests.

June 7 (possible exposure # 1) - unprotected anal and oral sex with a guy met from an online application with ejaculation on mouth only

June 9 - sore throat, diarrhea, low grade fever, diarrhea, night sweats, muscle pains (arms, legs, back) all for 6 days.

July 30 (7.5 weeks past exposure # 1) - tested negative at a local clinic using HIV antibody rapid test

August 14 (possible exposure # 2) - gave unprotected oral sex with ejaculation, upper gums got swollen in the afternoon

August 24 (11 weeks past exposure # 1) - tested negative using an approved Philippine home HIV test kit (finger prick blood)

August 30 (2 weeks past exposure # 2) - high fever for 2 days, nausea, headache, diarrhea for 1 week

I was so paranoid and related these symptoms to my oral sexual encounter last August 14. My gums got swollen that day and I thought that I could have an open sore that time which led to the possible infection. What makes me more bothered is that I got the fever around 2 weeks after, when ARS typically appears

September 12 (4 weeks past exposure # 2) - Due to paranoia and since I haven't purchased a new HIV kit yet, i re-tested using the kit I used last August 24, since there was still a reagent/HIV buffer left. Before re-using, I was so sure that there was no indication of any line in the T area. After putting blood and the buffer, there was a faint line that showed in the T line!

September 27 (6 weeks past exposure # 2) - tested negative using a new HIV kit.

Now, my questions:

1. I know it was a dumb idea to re-use the kit, but why is there a faint line that appeared? Is it because I re-used the kit? I was thinking there could be something that really reacted from my blood, because if there is nothing, then it should have stayed the same, with nothing appearing on the T-line.

2. Is the September 27 test more reliable? I know that 3-month test is conclusive, but could this be a false negative, given that a faint line appeared on my September 12 test? Did I just use the kit wrongly this time, that's why there is no faint line that appeared?

3. If my September 27 test was indeed accurate, am I cleared of my June 7 exposure?

4. Given my oral exposure last August 14, should I re-test at the three month mark?

What are your thoughts?

terminal cancer and hiv window period

sir/ madam
i) i read that terminal cancer can extend hiv window period but other cancers don't extend hiv window period , if so i can we know we have terminal cancer and what is difference between terminal cancer and other cancers?
2) i read from dr.hunter handsfield blog that even overwhelming systemic infections can extend hiv window period , if so how will we know if we have systemic infection?

i had an oral sex with girl and i did elisa test in 3 months , which came back negative but above questions worries me to much pls help god bless u

HIV exposure help

This is probably a really stupid question but I have to ask it anyway for some reassurance. The other day it was raining and a bum asked me for some change, trying to help him out I stopped and gave him my umbrella to hold. After I gave him some change I took my umbrella back. I had about a day old cut on my thumb is there any chance of HIV exposure from this? I didn't notice any blood on his hands or my umbrella I think I am just being paranoid. Please give me some reassurance. Thank you!

Cum on Anus With Genital Warts/Herpes No Penetration


I had a sexual encounter with someone who was HIV positive. There was no penetration but he was grinding my anus and ejaculated. I have genital warts and herpes around the anus so very worried this could put me at great risk. Very anxious at the moment and would love to know if this was high risk

Thanks in advance for your advice

HIV with protected sex

Hi, I am a big worrier in everyday life in general however I am extremely concerned I may have got HIV.. I slept with a girl who I suspect may have HIV (let's assume that she does), I wore a condom the whole time, didn't do anything without one on, and I only engaged in intercourse for max 4 minutes, however when I got home I noticed a friction sore on the base of my penis, it wasn't bleeding, it was just a bit red.. Should I be worried? Even tho I had a condom on it might not of covered this sore up, is there any way that HIV could of got into my bloodstream through this?Please help as I'm really concerned about this

Many thanks


Paranoid about HIV

Hi everyone, Hope ur all doing well!

Yesterday at my pathology lab work experience, I was told by one of the lab assistants to have a go at scanning the bar codes on the blood samples which were concealed in long tubes, so being there for experience, I gave it a go. However, later I realized that I wasn't wearing any gloves and remembered what the main pathologist said to not to touch any blood samples. I washed my hands after 2hours of realizing. I had a small fresh paper cut on my finger that day too. Is this a risk of getting HIV or any other viruses? Please help!

Very worried after what I believe is a risk 09/22/15

Hi and thank ver answering this question.
I recently was with a csw. I received oral sex with protection but I am not worried about that. The sex worker also grinded on me unprotected. I was nude and she had on underwear/lingerie. The reason I am worried is that I'm not sure if I penetrated her while she grinded on me. I highly doubt I did and this is coming up from my anxiety and imagination. I even went as far as into texting her and asking her if I did and she assured me I didn't and she would never let anything slip in without a condom. But what if vaginal fluids were on her underwear? Would that pose a risk? I don't think I penetrated as I think I would have noticed plus she had underwear which would make it harder to penetrate . I'm scared Please help
Thank you

RISKY handyjob and fingering of prostitute - Please help


I would like thank you for all your hard work, its really important and many of us are very grateful. Here is my story/questions;

1 - I went to a massage parlour and had a very aggressive handjob from a Russian masseuse. I had a medium sized sore on the shaft of my penis that was slightly bleeding when I squeezed it. I could not tell if her hand was bleeding though but lets assume that it was. I am also uncircumcised. Am I at risk? Do I need to test?

2 – I also fingered her for about 10-15 minutes. It was quite deep and she was quite wet. I also had a small cut on my fingers. Is this a risk? Do I need testing?

I am quite anxious over this event so your soonest reply would be really appreciated.

Thank you

HIV transmission

Can HIV pass through a tiny sore(not bleeding) in mouth when giving oral to a woman? I have read on this site that only time it might pass through is when the person who give oral have a major dental surgery done or some stitches or some bleeding wounds!


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