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Harm reduction

Paranoid about HIV

Hi everyone, Hope ur all doing well!

Yesterday at my pathology lab work experience, I was told by one of the lab assistants to have a go at scanning the bar codes on the blood samples which were concealed in long tubes, so being there for experience, I gave it a go. However, later I realized that I wasn't wearing any gloves and remembered what the main pathologist said to not to touch any blood samples. I washed my hands after 2hours of realizing. I had a small fresh paper cut on my finger that day too. Is this a risk of getting HIV or any other viruses? Please help!

Very worried after what I believe is a risk 09/22/15

Hi and thank ver answering this question.
I recently was with a csw. I received oral sex with protection but I am not worried about that. The sex worker also grinded on me unprotected. I was nude and she had on underwear/lingerie. The reason I am worried is that I'm not sure if I penetrated her while she grinded on me. I highly doubt I did and this is coming up from my anxiety and imagination. I even went as far as into texting her and asking her if I did and she assured me I didn't and she would never let anything slip in without a condom. But what if vaginal fluids were on her underwear? Would that pose a risk? I don't think I penetrated as I think I would have noticed plus she had underwear which would make it harder to penetrate . I'm scared Please help
Thank you

RISKY handyjob and fingering of prostitute - Please help


I would like thank you for all your hard work, its really important and many of us are very grateful. Here is my story/questions;

1 - I went to a massage parlour and had a very aggressive handjob from a Russian masseuse. I had a medium sized sore on the shaft of my penis that was slightly bleeding when I squeezed it. I could not tell if her hand was bleeding though but lets assume that it was. I am also uncircumcised. Am I at risk? Do I need to test?

2 – I also fingered her for about 10-15 minutes. It was quite deep and she was quite wet. I also had a small cut on my fingers. Is this a risk? Do I need testing?

I am quite anxious over this event so your soonest reply would be really appreciated.

Thank you

HIV transmission

Can HIV pass through a tiny sore(not bleeding) in mouth when giving oral to a woman? I have read on this site that only time it might pass through is when the person who give oral have a major dental surgery done or some stitches or some bleeding wounds!

Risk from finger cut

Thank you for answering my last question. I do have one follow-up question though.

Unsterilized manicure tools touched my cuticle wound (not bleeding but very raw and tender). This happened minutes after the tech used them on someone else. There wasn't any visible blood on the tools. However, the tools were stored in a small, hard plastic case that looked like a child's pencil case. I therefore assume that limited air got to the tools. Does this affect the risk of HIV transmission from blood that could have been on the tools, which then touched my finger cut?

protected sex and hi testing questions 22/9/15

i had done sex that is vaginal sex ,while the intercourse i used condom(protected sex)but i used three condoms there was not broken or slipped.so my question is...
1.i used three condoms at time but i think they were not broken,if they were not broken or slip,are they protect me?
2.I went for testing that is 74 days after exposure and the test is duo rapid antibody test(hiv-1 & hiv-2) which I got non reactive. Is this results is accurate?
3. the result which i got NON-REACTIVE, is how much accurate? do i need re-testing for this situation?
please guide for this situation. i will be very thank full to you..


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