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Harm reduction

Visiting a Different Country, Increased HIV Risk?

What is the percentage of people from Canada who go to Africa (specifically Kenya) that come back to Canada infected with HIV?

HIV Post-Exposure Prophylaxis for pinhole-like wound


Today I woke up and I found out there is a tiny pinhole-like wound on my index finger without any blood. I found out because I feel a little pain on the pinhole-like wound. I cannot recall how I got this wound at all. Should I go for the HIV Post-Exposure Prophylaxis (PEP)?


How Effective is Post-Exposure Prophylaxis (PEP) ?

Hi, I had unprotected sex with a lady, two weeks later we tested for hiv and hers came out positive and mine negative, I then immediately began PEP treatment, will this treatment ensure i remain negative? Could i infect someone else with HIV if i had unprotected sex three days after the exposure?

Reused condom

I had anal sex in a threesome. Two guys were having sex, one came, so the other came to me and had sex with me (me as a bottom) with the same condom he used with the other guy (like three minutes after). What are the risks of contracting HIV from this situation?

please hep me very stressed and feard

Hello, I had a protected sex with a female sex worker, but a couple of incidents makes me worried and concerned I would really appreciate your help
1.Before sex I put two condoms and there was no any oral sex happened,after sex I removed my condoms by pulling it(not unrolled) from the head of the penis after that suddenly a drop of my semen was getting out and I accidentally used my thump finger to stop spilling the semen.I used the same finger which I used to remove the condoms,there would be definitely her vaginal fluid on the condoms after sex ,and very next moment I suddenly went to the toilet and cleaned my penis by running tap water. i am very concerned about getting hiv by this way
2. I had a small cut on my abdomen during shaving it was not a deep cut but it was a bit long cut.Does these pose any risk of getting HIV , do I need to go for checkup,its only 90 days now.please reply to my email also.
Thank you

Handshake, homeless man

I feel like a horrible person for asking this but, I bought a homeless man a meal and to thank me, he shook my hand. I had a small cut (the type one gets next to their nails "cuticle", on my middle finger). I have no idea if he had a cut or anything on his hand. Is this in any possible imaginable way risky in terms of HIV?

Like do I need to worry at all over this?


HIV fear

hii!! This sounds weird. I have this extreme fear of catching HIV. Sometimes my mind build up stories as to how I would have contracted it. I am not engaged at all in any risky activities. The fear arises from unusual situations. Latest is I fear that I would have drank or washed my eyes with toilet bowl water. The toilet is used only by me and my husband only very few times some friends may have used it. My concern is whether the toilet bowl water has HIV in it? where does the water comes from toilet bowl. Is it mixed with other houses water supply Is there any risk of getting HIV by drinking or splashing toilet bowl water on eyes considering the toilet is used only by me and my husband. I know I would never do this but my mind wants to believe that I have done it. So please help. I am stuck with this thought.

Question and Clarification-hiv

Hi Moderators.
I have questions and some concerns,pls answer.

1.UniStik 3 lancet used in Testing HIV Clinic in USA, I assume they are single use and cannot be re used on any other person. If re used what are chances getting HIV transmitted in this way.
2.I tried using latex based Condoms during Sex with my Wife partner.Is it safe to use during sex or there is risk of hiv transmission in it.
3.I am HIV negative after testing 7 months since the incident happened from last year November. My Wife is negative,I want move ahead with life but still thinking what if and above cases.

I appreciate your quick reply

Latex Condom Effectiveness

I had sex with a couple of girls and they were all protected with the use of condom from the beginning to the end. Before tearing off the packaging of condom, I always observe for expiry date and the type of condom I am about to use and they were all labeled as 'latex condom'. However, no label appeared on the package indicating that this condom is dedicated for STD prevention. Does this latex condom prevent against HIV and other germs regardless of any indication for STD prevention?


I was treated for an STD (syphilis) yrs ago. I've been told I could never give blood and that I will always have the std in me, but I cant infect anyone. Could infect myself or get sick if I taste my own precum?


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