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Harm reduction

Risk of HIV Transmission

Hi all,

I am extremely stressed and I am seeking for some advice. A couple of years back I had a mid-life crisis and used the services of several professional sex workers (both women and transsexual). I am married and have kids, but I guess it was a crazy moment (which I deeply regret) and made some bad choices.

All sex was always protected. In some occasions I bottomed, but it was at most for a couple of minutes and never more than 2 or 3 inches deep as was not comfortable. There was never ejaculation from the top in those encounters and they were quite brief. Once with a women a condom broke for a few seconds and we replaced it immediately (I don't think it was more than 30 secs). I am circumcised.

This behavior lasted for a while and then was abandoned completely almost a year ago.

A bit more than a month ago my wife came with an HPV in her pap and somehow started to read again about HIV. Since then, I can't take it out of my head. The more I read on the web, the more anxiety I get. Even though at the time I thought I practiced sex as safe as I could now I get all kinds of second thoughts and can't stop stressing over this. I am experiencing a lot of anxiety, specially thinking about the family impact this may have.

All these episodes happened about 2 years ago and I have been looking through everything that I have to search for flu / cold and the similar (especially close to an encounter). I only had one flu that was quite bad, but only for about 2 days (no rashes, no chills, no muscle pain). The year before that I had a bad cough that ended up in pneumonia (both events around November) - in this case never been in bed and working all the time through it.

Experts, what is your risk assessment of the situation described above? Do symptoms look like ARS? I am freaking out and would love to read what experts in the subject have to share about my situation.

Thanks a lot in advance!

oral exposure

i had oral sex with a man. He enjulated in my mouth. After 5 1/2 weeks i had a 4geneation test and it was negative. BUT after 6 weeks i haad muscle pain and a headache at the right side of my head and my right ear and behind my neck that lasted 3 nights. in 7 1/2 weeks almost i had one more 4generation test which was negative too. the pain in my neck lasted almost 3 weeks. in 13 1/2 weeks i had a finger tip test and it was negative too. is the pain in my neck an hiv symtom?? do i need to have more tests????thank you very much.



I'm a 21 years old heterosexual girl who's never had sex or came close to having it. Recently ( November 3rd) I met a guy ( HIV status unknown, though he later on told me he was not HIV+ positive) and we made out for a long time. We didn't do anything else. We met a couple more times in the next 20 days, and every time we would just make out ( deep kissing with tongue, biting, etc..He even left a hickey on my neck once). Then, I stopped seeing him around November 23rd, and I went out with a different guy ONE TIME.

The second guy also told me he was not HIV+. We made out on our date, and I tried giving him a hand job without condom. I stopped before he came. I don't really have any deep cuts on my hand except for the occasional stuff that hangs from my nails. I'm not sure what to call it. He also fingered ( or better to say just touched) me over my clothes ( leggings and underwear) for a few seconds. I never saw him again.

Now on week 6 ( from seeing the first guy) and 5 ( from seeing the second one), I got a sore throat, coughing, sneezing, and I did feel kind of cold around the house a few times ( might be a bit of fever??). I've been trying herbal remedies, and did not see a doctor, and my symptoms are getting better. I've definitely had worse colds. I should mention that before getting my symptoms, I did sleep in a somewhat cold room, went out a couple time without a coat, left the window open a couple times in my bedroom, and I spent a lot of time with my cousin who was sick at the time ( sore throat and coughing). We had a sleepover, I did her makeup, we shared meals, etc...

Do you think I should get tested for HIV? Is it possible to get it through kissing if the other person has blood in their mouth? Does my piercing make the risk higher? I got my piercing on September 25th. It was over a month old when I made out with the first guy. Oh, and also, I briefly kissed another guy during a truth or dare game at the beginning of October. It only lasted a few seconds, and I didn't get any symptoms. He's a friend of mine who's sexually active and smart enough to know how to be safe. Please answer me. I have never been this scared in my life. The idea of getting HIV without even having sex ever in my life sounds so terrifying yet silly at the same time. Please answer me.

Thank you!!!

Woried Sick

Hi I am from South Africa mail 35 year old. on 9th September 2015 I had a high risk exposure with a CSW. Since then I have done 5 ELISA 4th Gen tests and they were all negative. I have also had 6 Rapid test all negative. Last ELISA was done on 4th of Jan 2016.

Soon after my exposure I experienced symptoms stiff neck muscle pain it is now 4 months and I have swelling on my spleen and lymph nodes in my neck.

My wife is also now experiencing similar symptoms.

My question is do I still have to continue testing and is there other diseases that can cause this.
I read on the web that there is lots of people that have similar symptoms that also test negative.

Thanks for your help

Threesome with shared condom

I recently engaged in a threesome with two guys (I am a guy). One of them (the top) switched between penetrating me and the other guy multiple times, and while there were condom switchings, I was sure it was not consistent with the partner switchings. I have heard that HIV dies instantly upon exposure to oxygen, so I want to know whether this is indeed true, the risk level for this activity, and whether I should consider PEP. I have may be 50 hours left for PEP so any prompt response is highly appreciated.

hiv elisa duo ultra

hello i had protected sex 1 year ago with csw,and finally i got tested i tested negative on hiv elisa duo ultra test,but i'm not sure if the hiv elisa duo test looks for bout hiv1,hiv2.can you please answer me ?

How early can Detrmine detects HIV

I had unprotected sex, several times, with an HIV positive gal on 12 September 2015. We went for HIV testing on 13 Sept she was positive and i was negative. I did not take any after exposure drugs. Today 05 January 2016 i tested myself and got a negative result? Is this result conclusive?

I am scared. Please help me!!!

5 weeks ago, a sex worker gave me oral sex and lick my anus, and we have sex with condom after. 1 day later, i have incurred penis infection which is red, itchy and swollen. few days later, I had sex with a different sex worker and I also use condom. However, My penis made direct contact with the outside of her vagina and my penis had infection at that time. after 5 days, i had sex with my girl friend with condom but my penis made direct contact with the outside of her vagina too. 4 weeks after that, she had rash all over her body, face, and hair. the first day, doctor said it was molluscan contagiosum. on the second day, the rash becomes much more severe,and another doctor said this is chicken pox. now, she had fever for 2 days and felt very itchy. I am so scared because it is very weird for adult to have chicken pox. And i also some little red rash on my upper part of the body 2.5weeks after exposure. The coincidence really scared me although I had 4th generation test 2.5 and 3.5weeks and result negative. I live my life under extreme fear these few days, and unable to live a normal life. I am worrying i might transfer virus to girl friend, and destroyed her immune system which lead to this severe chick pox like rash. Can you tell me how accurate my previous test result is. and does my girl friend's rash related to me? Please help me, Please. Thank you!!

HIV risk

Hello doctor
Before two months, I met a Indipendent call girl in India whoses HIV status was unknown. We deeply kissed each other while kissing I rubbed her vagina. Within one or two minitues, I touched my pensis shaft with the same hand. After five minitues, I washed my penis and proceed to Vaginal intercourse with the condom. It last hardly for 3 minitues. I sure the condom was not broken.

Since then i am spending sleepless nights with fear. I am too much worried about the intercourse. I sufferd with sore throat in between 5 to 6 weeks with a mild fever(99.5 F) twice after the encounter and now with throat infection.

I undergone HIV spot test thrice at 8, 28 and 38 days after exposure and they come non-reactive for HIV 1 and 2.

Could you please help me is there any chance of virus transmission? (even if she is in window period)

Thank you

Mr Alexis

Hi i hope you can help me with my dilemma about hiv. I am single at the moment so i admit that i am active sexually doing it to different guys fir the past months since june. But i never had sex unprotected and that 100 percent sure. But recently iam having like fever that last for 4 days and happened every month or every 2 weeks, but iam not having diarrhea or flue like constantly only sometimes together with the fever but will also heal after 4 days. Like now iam having a slight fever and i just recovered 2 weeks ago but i dont have flue or diarrhea or rashes. Is this can be a sign of HIV? cause i am not aware how does the fever on hiv symptoms occur as iam not familiar hope you can help me thanks a lot in advance.


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