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Harm reduction

I am scared. Please help me!!!

5 weeks ago, a sex worker gave me oral sex and lick my anus, and we have sex with condom after. 1 day later, i have incurred penis infection which is red, itchy and swollen. few days later, I had sex with a different sex worker and I also use condom. However, My penis made direct contact with the outside of her vagina and my penis had infection at that time. after 5 days, i had sex with my girl friend with condom but my penis made direct contact with the outside of her vagina too. 4 weeks after that, she had rash all over her body, face, and hair. the first day, doctor said it was molluscan contagiosum. on the second day, the rash becomes much more severe,and another doctor said this is chicken pox. now, she had fever for 2 days and felt very itchy. I am so scared because it is very weird for adult to have chicken pox. And i also some little red rash on my upper part of the body 2.5weeks after exposure. The coincidence really scared me although I had 4th generation test 2.5 and 3.5weeks and result negative. I live my life under extreme fear these few days, and unable to live a normal life. I am worrying i might transfer virus to girl friend, and destroyed her immune system which lead to this severe chick pox like rash. Can you tell me how accurate my previous test result is. and does my girl friend's rash related to me? Please help me, Please. Thank you!!

HIV risk

Hello doctor
Before two months, I met a Indipendent call girl in India whoses HIV status was unknown. We deeply kissed each other while kissing I rubbed her vagina. Within one or two minitues, I touched my pensis shaft with the same hand. After five minitues, I washed my penis and proceed to Vaginal intercourse with the condom. It last hardly for 3 minitues. I sure the condom was not broken.

Since then i am spending sleepless nights with fear. I am too much worried about the intercourse. I sufferd with sore throat in between 5 to 6 weeks with a mild fever(99.5 F) twice after the encounter and now with throat infection.

I undergone HIV spot test thrice at 8, 28 and 38 days after exposure and they come non-reactive for HIV 1 and 2.

Could you please help me is there any chance of virus transmission? (even if she is in window period)

Thank you

Mr Alexis

Hi i hope you can help me with my dilemma about hiv. I am single at the moment so i admit that i am active sexually doing it to different guys fir the past months since june. But i never had sex unprotected and that 100 percent sure. But recently iam having like fever that last for 4 days and happened every month or every 2 weeks, but iam not having diarrhea or flue like constantly only sometimes together with the fever but will also heal after 4 days. Like now iam having a slight fever and i just recovered 2 weeks ago but i dont have flue or diarrhea or rashes. Is this can be a sign of HIV? cause i am not aware how does the fever on hiv symptoms occur as iam not familiar hope you can help me thanks a lot in advance.

Anal with stool

Hi. I am 32 years old. Few days back I came to know more about HIV and became more worried. In march I met a guy. we went to hotel. he put on condom on his penis. i suck for a minute or so then he tried to penetrate in me. it was harder so he used small amount of sunblock cream. He did it for 30 second but that was my first time. I didnt feel good and ask him to stop. when his penis was out. my stool was on tip of condom. he carefully withdraw condom and i didt find stool on his penis. also he didnt ejaculate but had some precum. Now i am very worried. what is risk of getting HIV. after that incident i didnt have flu or fever or any other HIV symptoms. please advise

Small amount of blood

Hello, I would like to receive your valuable confirmation.
A small amount of blood which is NOT visible by eyes on any surface or object (such as toothbrush, razor blade, cup, plate, chair, …) cannot cause any risk of HIV, right?
Thank you.


If you have Ulcers on your bottom lip and you swallowed some of your friends blood and it was only a tiny amount of blood like when you pick a scab and it bleeds, can someone please answer this?

Objects and surfaces

Hello Helpline, I have 2 silly questions. Please give me the answers.
1) One cannot acquire HIV from any inanimate objects in any circumstances, excluding ONLY 2 objects: syringe and sex toy. Is that right? Is there any exception else?
2) Any surface is always safe for HIV when any part of body contacts with it and starts bleeding, isn’t it? Is there any exception for the surface?
Thank you.

3 months negative test but still have symtoms


Recently i had protected vaginal sex with a csw for 2-3 minutes in Thailand, & i had shaved my pubic region just before 2 hours of having intercourse.
Though i am sure condom did not break, i am fearing that shaving superfacial cuts may transmit HIV to me even though after shaving there was no visible cuts / broken skin.

After this incident, i had rapid blood HIV tests at 8, 10,weeks & 3 months (88 days) which were all negative, but still after 10 weeks i am having mild sore throat, a little white tongue & diarrhea problems for more than 10 days.
please answer my question.
1) Have you heard of any person got hiv due to shaving pubic hairs before having sex?
2) Do you consider my 88 days HIV negative test conclusive? or i have to test again?

HIV or not?

A night before i had sex with my partner and lose my virginity, the sex was without condom, next day i was having pain in my glands and i read the symptoms that swollen glands us symptom of hiv .. Kindly tell me if it is hiv symptom or not ? Though it was my first time.. My penis cover has lil tore up..

what are the consequences of mutual masturbation with several partners?

Ive researched a lot information throughout the internet yet some are confusing and make belief to idk to their own experiences. anyways I got tested a week ago for std and just to make myself more clear to take an HIV test. Although HIV doesn't worry my anxieties What im worried is getting either HPV (cancerous one) or HSV vise versa This listed makes me stressed out weather I have it. Some online say that symptoms don't occur within months or years I am planning to take the test but I realize there may be a window period to find out if i do have it listed earlier. I am a gay male who has had 9 bad relationships, my previous partners we use condoms for higher risks situations. although all my sexual contact was mutual masturbation. what are the consequences of this.


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