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Harm reduction

acute Hep B PLZ HELP!!! Possible co-infection?

I have a Question, Several months ago ( 3 - 4 moths ) I was diagnosed with Hepatitis B; my current infection was very, but very symptomatic; That desease is already controlled by hematologist. My ALT levels are normal now, but the virus is still in blood, we are waiting for antibody response ( 6 moths of aware ) .
Since does that happened, I have being really scared about HIV possible coinfection.
I tested 5 times!!! ( as an obsessive ) , 1 was a rapid test 3th gen. and the another 4 were 4th. Generation Laboratory Test ( combo +p24 antigen). All of them each week since my last possible exposure ( oral sex receptive )

I don’t really know when or were matched the HBV ( but probably was more than 4 months ago) ; but Im really concern and my question is:

Does Acute, symptomatic and diagnosed Hepatitis B can delay, hide, or affect the HIV accuracy test?

DO you recommend re-test 6 months after my last, in this case, low-risk exposure? ( and that exposure wasn’t obviously when I watched HBV, cause the HBV window period).

Ill be really glad to receive your answers, believe me, Since the Hepatitis B was diagnosed my nervous are killing me, Im just 30 YO and was just diagnosed with hypertension about stress and anxiety. Believe me, I will never, never have sex without a condom :(

God bless you!



Do I need an HIV test after sex with a condom?


I have tested my self with 4th generation combo test and it comes negative on 84th day, yesterday i had sex with hooker with condom on (no breakage and it looks fine when pulled out from vagina). I licked her breast but not sure about lactating. Can you please let me know should i go for testing.

Clarification on eye transmission

Hi there,

I was wondering if you could kindly clarify or explain in a bit more detail the possibility of transmission through the eye, as I have found different answers on this topic from previous posts:

1) "Unknown liquid into eye" (from Nov 20th, 2015): answer was that (even) healthy eyes provide direct access to the bloodstream due to them being mucosal membranes etc., however tears would contain compounds that break down the virus ( <- so similar to saliva?)

2) "Curious eye" (from Sep 3rd, 2015): answer was that there is no direct access to the bloodstream through a healthy eye

Could you please advise which one is correct? Also and a bit more in general - under which circumstances would you see a transmission through eyes possible...?

Many thanks in advance for your detailed response and help.

ultimate HIV anxiety

dear sir/madame

I have very unhappy life this previews 3 months.

I have a boyfriend who already in relationship with me since January 2015. If you asking about my role, I am the TOP. Since the beginning i usually had sex without condom as I feel safe, only have sex with my partner.
But life has changed, when one day on 27 November 2015 my boyfriend told me that he was diagnosed HIV positive, on October 2015. I was shocked, and I decided to take the test in the same day when he disclose his HIV status. on that day I, i remembered that it was 2 months since the last time I have unprotected sex with him. It was 2 months since the last possibility exposed by the HIV virus. And the result becomes NEGATIVE. But the nurse told me that I have to take the test 3 months from the first test I took. Now today is almost 3 months since the last test I took. I am so crazy this last many months, wondering that my result will change to be POSITIVE. I have many question:

1. How it is possible when my boyfriend is positive, and i am negative this far, since I always had an unprotected sex.

2. Does my test will be changed in my next test? How accurate my first test in 2 months after exposure?

3. Is it 100% I will be HIV positive since I had sex with HIV + people?

4. Is it possible for me to continue my relationship with him? I love him so much.

I am definitely looking forward your your reply. I am so freaking out.

Best Regards.

Protected sex for less than a minute

hi, im really worried and dont know what to do..
i had protected sex with a massage girl in china and i was using durex condom
i didnt kiss or anything else. she just put a condom on my dick and i fucked her till the cum came out and it was even less than 30 seconds
what are the chances to catch aids and id lik to mention that it was my first time ever and im 18 yrs old only


i have a cofusion that i have a paper cut with no bleeding and pain.i wash my father wounds my father is hiv positive.i dont realize that i have a cut on my finger so i dont wear gloves is that is risky for me to transmit hiv virus kindly give me your suggestion and help me.


Hello Dr,
I met this girl online and on Jan 31 we decided to meet, We were talking in the car and got carried away ... and the next thing I know is she is stroking my penis and is rubbing her crotch. I figured her with my right hand and after a while, i used my left hand on me until I came. We met again a couple of days after and repeated the act and, this time, she also gave a blow job ....I had a condom on. she then took off my condom and gave a handjob till I came ... on both occasions we sanitized our hands before and after the act ... I also made sure I did not touch my penis.. until I came home again .. rubbed it with alcohol and disinfectant ... now couple of days ago I woke up in the night with sweat... my blanket and bed was soaked (it was a little hot in the room ) .but it never happened to me before .. and I also think I have body ache and headache (I could be imagining) .... my bowel moment is semi-solid ...kinda not normal .when I go through the various blogs ..I see all the symptoms are a match .Dr am I affected with HIV? I had no penetrative sex... but her vaginal fluids might have contacted my penis shaft ....

Sucking nipple

Hi!. My case is this, I hope you can help me with it:
I put a nipple in my mouth (from a sexworker) for a couple of seconds (I didn't suck it or bite). A few minutes later she pinched her nipple and a little drop of white liquid came out (I didn't put her nipple in my mouth anymore). In that moment I didn't had open wounds in my mouth, but I don't know if my gums were bleeding (sometimes do when I toothbrush). What's the risk in my case?

Test results conclusive? Throat swab versus urine test for bacterial STD.

I had a low risk exposure on 30th of October 2015 and proceeded to be tested for HIV, Hep B and C, chlamydia and gonorrhoea at 6 weeks at my local health centre.

These were all negative. I then went back at 12 weeks to get a Hep B and C check again and at 13 weeks to get a final HIV test.

These were all negative.

Would these all be conclusive particularly chlamydia and gonorrhoea. The healthcare nurse said this should be easily detectable by 6 weeks.

My exposure was performing unprotected cunnilingus and receiving unprotected fellatio. The test was a PCR amplification test from urine. Recently I had sore throat so worried that they did not take a swab from the throat as well as the urine. A ENT doctor gave me a course of treatment for general inflammation of the throat. This included antibiotics as well general anti-microbial troches and anti-inflammatories and tablets to reduce acid reflux from the stomach.

Do you think it is worthwhile to return to the doctor to take a swab from throat or if there was any chlamydia or gonorrhoea in the throat, the broad-spectrum antibiotics would have killed it.

Thank you for help

HIV after laundry to the wound

Hello! I am sorry, I have a question...
The really bad situation had happened to me. There was a bbq party and I got a little cut on my finger,
after that I took the bottle of vodka and i tried to desinfected the wound, so I washed my finger with vodka,
then I took a towel and pressed the towell to my finger, but later I found out the towell that I had taken just from the laundry wasn' t clean enough, there was an old dried and washed blood stain on it...
the question is next:
1)Is that situation dangerous?
2)Is testing required?
I know...I heard that air and laundry washing dergent could kill the virus,
but what about the blood-to-blood contact, there was a real blood-to-blood contact! despite to the fact that the blood on the towell was dried and washed. Please help me, give me the suggestion.
Thank you


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