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Harm reduction


Hi there,

i have a question, can i get hiv if i cut my finger with a knife ( there is a minimum open wound but with a lot of bleeding) and a friend of mine cut his finger too and he bleed on my wound with fresh blood, his and mine(like two drops of blood ), supposing he is HIV positive, is there a risk?

wait for your prompt reply,

thank you


How aids can spread?

Sir, if I lick pussy of a sex worker who has HIV, is it possible that i also get HIV?

Is there a hope for us?

Hi thank you for the great work you guys do. I need some advice about my situation
I'm a gay male when I was a child I was sexually assaulted by a man as result I contracted Hepatitis B and became a chronic carrier unfortunately and have been living with Hepatitis b since then and I'm an active carrier. I like a guy I met in a bar recently and when I wanted to disclose my status to him, he disclosed first and told me that he is HIV positive and hasn't started treatment yet ( we are both 23 years old). I'm really scared that if we go intimate, we might infect each other with our diseases. I'm not sure if the hepatitis b vaccine can work for him as he has HIV and his immune system is weak. Is there a way that we can have a healthy relationship without passing our infections to each other? I'm willing to fight till the end because I really like him and his status wouldn't matter to me , but what matter to me is my status because I don't want to infect him and make his situation worse and of course I have no interest in becoming HIV positive also.
Any advice would be great What should I do?
Thank you very much

I performed oral, got semen in my mouth (I have braces + bleeding gums)

Earlier today, I performed oral on a sexually active person I just met. He gave me his test results from a month ago that tested negative, and we used a condom during anal sex. However, I performed oral on him later with no condom. He came in my mouth without warning, and I was worried that I might contract a disease from him (possibly HIV) because I wear braces, and my gums bleed, and I just brushed my teeth 30 minutes before encounter. We also talked for a good 20 minutes post-coitus, so I guess a small fraction of his semen was wallowing in my mouth during then. I am really scared. I am 18, and my parent had no idea. Should I get tested? Thank you!

urethral discharge and hiv in oral sex

I know doing a fellatio to an hiv+ person is a neglible risk of contract hiv if there isn't an cum ejaculation, but I want to ask you if the hiv+ have another std, like chlamydia or gonorrhea or syphilis, and this person has infectious fluid for this std, like urethral discharge or fluid of a chancre, if this fluids increases significatly the risk of hiv transmission. This fluids have hiv in important concentration, or hiv is only in important concentrations in cum and blood in men?
Thanks, and my apologizes for my bad english.

Protected Sex but menstrual blood


I am a 19 year old who had a protected (condom) sexual intercourse with a girl of same age.
It was a one-time incident and my first "one-night stand" while she had 10+ partners before.

we had protected sex but there was menstrual blood because she was on her period.
I had no cuts or wounds on near my crotch (ballsack?) but it did come in contact with the menstrual blood.

This happened about 50 days ago. It's been on my mind for a while.
I'm generally paranoid about bodily diseases.
Even the first time I had protected sex with a girl, I was worried about transimission through kissing.

Please let me know if I should be worried

Penis touched to outer surface of vagina

Helloo.. recently I had sex with some women. Unfortunately my penis got into contact with her outer surface of vagina(near the entry hole) for a minute or so. Then I realized and used a condom. Will I be infected by HIV virus?? I don't know whether she had HIV virus or not

western blot after 10 weeks

sir i had a protected sex with lady prostitute . during sex she has used coconut oil as a lubricant .I was not getting why she is doing so after sex i have checked condom it was not broken . after some weeks molluscum contagiousm devloped in my genital area . i visited skin specilist he suggested to test for HIV 1 & HIV 2 also vdrl after 6 weeks of possible exposure . then for confirmation i did western blot test that test also come negative after 10 weeks
1) Is western blot is is conclusive after 10 weeks
2) even though there is no condom broken am i risk of getting HIV ?
3) can use of coconut oil weak the condom that can pass HIV virus .

Condom slipped during anal sex


I recently had protected anal sex with a guy I am dating. I was top and he was bottom. I have no idea of his HIV status. What happened was that when I pulled my penis out of his anus, the condom reversed and was only stuck in the head of my penis. I noticed there was some bleeding on the condom even though we had used lubricant. I'm not 100% sure if the head of my penis was completly covered but I guess it was because when i tryed to remove it I had to pull it hard because it was stuck in the foreskin.

Does this put me at a high risk of HIV infection?

Thank you so much in advance for your help.

zipper accident before mutual masturbation

I had a zipper accident before the day i got with a girl. The accident happened in a way that while opening my zipper it hitted the head of my penis ( i am circumcised) n the skin which got hitted became red and there scar maybe formed or skin might just became black (sorry for the confusive words) .
Next day I met a girl but I did not know that she was HIV negative or HIV positive. I fingered her n also touched my penis n penis head many times with the same hand that I used to touch her vagina. She then also fingered herself and we also did mutual masturbation.There was her vaginal fluid on my hand or if she had mensuration started there might also be her mensuration blood. In the case of mutual masturbation she had also her vagina fuild and mensuration blood on her hands while she was masturbating me. Or what if she had a cut on vagina n the blood from the cut was on my hand while i touched my penis and also on her hand when she was masturbating me.
Now my question is that can vaginal serection, blood from cut on her vagina or if she had mensuration blood on her or my hand can transmit through the cut I had and can lead to HIV or hepatitis c or other hepatitis as as I have touched my penis using the same hand I fingered her n and as we had mutual masturbation.
I am very much worried abt both hiv and hepatitis c or other hepatitis.


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