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High Risk

first week

I'm a male 25 years old. 4 days ago I had unprotected sex with a girl that I do not know. I had sex on Saturday, on Sunday I felt tired and on Monday I felt the same thing but on Tuesday, I had a bad fever, Sore throat, body ache and my neck in pain, and little headache, on Wednesday, the fever is gone but I felt tired and still have Sore throat. however, on Thursday,
i am feeling way better nobody pain no neck pain no fever and no sore throat

can HIV symptoms show in 3 days to 4 days after the sex?
do you think there a chance i have HIV?

thank you

Stepped on a syringe

Hello there,

I reaching out because I'm really anxious about a situation that happened 2 day ago. I was taking my dog out in the dog area of my apartment complex when I noticed something on the ground. When I looked closer (not touching it with my hands) I saw a syringe with the cap on it lying in the leaves. It was filled with a dark liquid. When I realized what it was I quickly back away and left. As I was walking away I felt a dull pain in my right foot. I was wearing boots and socks at the time.
After putting my dog away I went back to the spot and carefully walked around to see if there was another syringes I had missed. I didn't see any besides the one I already found (with the cap still on) but I started worrying because of that sudden foot pain. I went back upstairs and with a soaked peroxide cotton pad, wiped the bottoms of my feet. I didn't see any blood on the pads so I didn't think much of it and went on with my day. I also check the bottoms on my boots and see anything sticking out.
But later in the evening after I got out of the shower, I looked at the bottom of my right foot and noticed a tiny break in the skin. Almost like a pin prick. There was no blood but I poured peroxide on it again. There's no pain when I touch it but I cant shake the feeling that I might have stepped on a needle that I didn't see. I'm not sure if the pain in my foot after first seeing the needle is all in my head. I just got more anxious and worried after seeing the tiny pin like break in the skin.
Would I have noticed if I had stepped on a syringe and it went through my boot? Would my foot have bled some if I had? Is getting prick by a needle enough for HIV and Hep C transmission? Should I get tested for HIV and Hep C? Am I at risk?

I realized these are silly questions but I haven't been able to stop thinking about it.

for god sake please help me

In 2013, i did unprotected vaginal sex with a commercial sex worker.
After three months i got sick for 21 days it was all unexplained.
After 6 months, i got gastritis and still have it.
in Jan 2014 i got phyrengitis and still have it.
in 2015 i got facial parotid burning and still have it.
in Dec 2015 i got ear blockage problem and still have it
in 2016 my back got sensitive to air , its a burning kind of sensation and still have it and later in the same year i got chest pain issue and still have it, its one of my very bad symptoms which has disturbed my whole life.
in 2017 i used to get the cervical pain, when doctors did MRI, they showed something called up cervical lymphadenopathy and still have it..

i have had no other exposure after this incident other than my wife.

so all my issues i mentoined above phyrengitis, ear blockage, parotid heaviness and parotid burning, back burning, chest pain and cervical lymphadenopathy .. they all still persists and have disturbed the quality of my life.. specially my chest pain, cervical lymphadenopathy and parotid burning.

I did test for HIV via 4th gen Eclia test in 2013 - 3 months post exposure negative.
again HIV test via 4th gen Eclia test in 2013 - 8 month post exposure negative.
Tested 16 months in 2014 via Ehanced Chemlum - negative
Tested at somewhere in 2015 via Elisa - negative, my test range was 0.2453 , cutoff value 1.

in 2014 i got married and my wife has become so weak ever since after marrying me, she got the nails problem and After a year to our married she got measles and now she has got the kidney problem.

i have developed so many neurological problems now.. i swear i never used to go to the doctor or never got that much of sick and now whatever is problem is diagnosed, its becoming permanent ... doctors are unable to resolve. i never told my doctors about my HIV exposure to confuse them.

do i need any other test? to be honest i am so much afraid to go for the testing now..

Negative results but anxiety & symptoms

Hello ,
I had an exposure due to broken condom in Feb-2019.
I was tested several times negative - 1 week, 6 weeks, 10 weeks & 13 weeks after the exposure.
The test was 4th generation Duo test in the lab.

I have symptoms such as persistent sore throat , neck pain & burning sensation in the skin.
I never had these symptoms before the exposure.
No fever , my weight is stable.

Whenever, I get a symptom, my mind goes straight to HIV.
Should I still be concerned with HIV ?

please advice.

Hiv Scare


Thank you so much for the works you do.

I have been dating my girl friend for the last 2 months. Intially she had resisted going for an hiv test but last week we both visited a health facility to get tested. She turned out Positive while I was Negative.

I guarantee that I used a latex condom 100% in all the penetrative sexual intercourse I had with my girlfriend. The number of rounds were about 20 in a period of two months.

The earlier symptoms of joint and muscle arches, heel pains, lower back pain have reduced greatly.

Now I face new symptoms like a persistent headache, I feel heat in my armpits, a bit of night sweats and congested nostrils without any flu. My neck pains have persisted.

I took an HIV DNA PCR test this week and hoping to get my results in two weeks time. I will share. Y results with you immediately.

Kindly let me know what you think about my new symptoms? Can HIV go through an expired condom? (Am not saying I used one, am only asking)

I used a latex condom all the way through, I didn't see any of the condoms break, leak or slip. These symptoms are freaking me out.

Please be honest dnt sugarcoat anything give me the truth so I can get a remedy.

God Bless you for helping people like us.

Thank you
Best Regards


Dirty needle exposure!


I was injected with a dirty needle, ( was deceived about this too, had a very sick individual in my apt, unfortunately)10 weeks ago, I’ve developed candidiasis, and burning sensations in my arms.

However I have had 4th gen lab tests at 13,22,28,35,40,44 &56 days, all non reactive.

What gives? The ID specialist thinks I would have had a poz test by now if i was infected.


I am scared to have infected my ex-girlfriend

I have had unprotected sex with someone I now believe to be HIV-positive and the day after I had unprotected sex with an ex-girlfriend. I tested myself the day after I had sex with my ex-girlfriend and the test has shown up negative. I do know it can take a long time for HIV to show up on a test. But I need to know: Is there a possibility I infected my ex-girlfriend with HIV even though I tested negative the day after?

needle sharing vs wound to wound

If open wound came in contact with an HIV-positive athlete who is bleeding, the odds of transmission would be less than 0.3 percent so it is the same as for needle sharing. So why many of needle sharing cases were confirmed as route of HIV transmission and never any case when wound came in contact with a HIV positive blood?

HIV Risk/Test Accuracy

I'll keep this as brief as possible. I'd love to get an answer because I am feeling pretty anxious. I'd first like to thank you all for the amazing work you do.

Here are my questions. I had unprotected sex with another male (I was the insertive partner) two-and-a-half years ago. I got a rapid blood test performed at 4 weeks. The test was 3rd generation, I believe. The result was negative. I followed up at 74 days (10 weeks and 3 days post-exposure) and received another negative. The results came back within a matter of minutes (is this normal?). Shortly after this, the local testing clinic in my area stopped providing the tests because the nurse who administered them retired. I was supposed to go for my final test at week 12/13 but never did, assuming my negative was a good sign. Was this a mistake?

Since that time, I've had protected sex with three individuals. I understand this is not a risk, but during the last encounter, the condom I was wearing rode up (but did not come completely off or break). Is this a risk? The encounter happened six months ago, and I was never tested. I'll be honest and say that what's prompting my anxiety is a recurring rash on my torso. I know symptom diagnosing is ridiculous, but anxiety isn't logical.

Could you please tell me 1) how reliable my 74-day results were and 2) if I had a risk with this other encounter? Thank you so much! Hope you all have a blessed day. :)

rubbing genitals

daer Sir,
i had sex last night with a sex worker, since i am highly afraid of STD's and HIV i never had penetrated her vagina, i just tried to put my pines between her legs somehow touching the vagina, i also used condom. since it was a delay condom and i didnt ejaculate i tried to masturbate in order to speed up the ejaculation. anyway it somehow caused to drop off the condom unintentionally and i put my pines between her legs and rubbing her wet vagina for 3 or 4 seconds (whitout condom) then i got ejaculated. I'd like to know that what is the chances of catching HIV since my pines touch her legs and genital's area which was totally wet by her fluids. should i be worried?
pls kindly answer me quickly.
highly appreciate your kindness.


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