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High Risk

weight gain

I am a 21 year old guy from India(north east), I had a unprotected vaginal sex with a unknown hiv status on june 2013, I was all good and healthy till the date april 2014, no symptoms nothing.
I am studying in calcutta(India) and was hooked up with bad habits such as drugs, marjiuana, alchol from 2012 and was also in very low diet.
April 2014 I had a really bad stomach ache, weight loss upto 10kgs, night sweats, weakness, and some other symptoms related to hiv, than I worried and was very unhappy.
June 2014 I was diagnosed with tuberculosis and all the symptoms I was having was also a symptom to tuberculosis so there was a little bit of ease. But when the doctor said me to get tested for hiv as even hiv could cause TB, so I was very worried again.
I got tested for hiv on june 19th 2014 in one of the ictc centres which provides free testing and the test done is EIA rapid antibody test, which thankfully came back negative but the technician told me to come back for follow up test after 6 months and again this worried me.
My questions.
1- Is the free testing in India trust worthy ?
2- Is there carelessnes in such testing sites ?
3- Is my body not producing antibodies ? As it was a year after i got tested
4- Is it possible for hiv people to gain weight without hiv treatment ? As after I started taking anti TB drugs I have almost gained 15kgs. Is it a good sign.
5- Do I need to go for a follow up test ?
6- Is there any chance for my report to change into positive ?
Please do answer.



I made a very poor decision and had unprotected insertive vaginal sex with a commercial sex worker (of moroccan descent). I am not cicumcised. 1 day later, I got a rash on my penis glans that was red with bumps (not sure if herpes or fungal). Is this high risk and does it warrant PEP?


Hiv Risk?

Hello i am 16 so i recently had a sexual encounter with this girl. We were horny and she started rubbing my penis on her vangina unprotected. She has be having discharges and she doesn't know if its good or not. So on the same day that that happened this other girl recently came to my house. I didn't wash up after me and the other girl got done rubbing my penis over her vagina. But like i was saying on the same day this other girl came over and we had sex unprotected. Do you think i could have Hiv? What are the chances? And how long until i get tested? This al happened on Nov. 6th 2014

Freaking out

Hello AIDS Vancouver Team.

First of all I want to thank Marta for her help last time, you're doing a great job for people you don't even know and for that I want to thank you.

P.S: Today is the last day of my late PEP(started it 5days post exposure)

1)I just want to know if the hiv ars symptoms are on and off when you are seroconverting?(i.e Join and muscle pain) 2)Can a swollen lymph node(right side) be the result of the hiv ars? 3)I have a small toothache especially on the same side with swollen node, what do you think about this? 4)Can a pain in the ears be linked to the hiv ars? 5)I've read on the internet that the ars fever is always high(>38 C), what do you say you?Thank you for your answers

Help me please

I had unprotected vaginal intercourse 5weeks ago. 5days post exposure, I start a late PEP(just to try to put all the odds on my side) and I know it's 95% sure that if the girl is hiv+ the PEP won't work because I started it late!!!From the day I started the PEP meaning 5days post exposure, I had nausea, dizziness, diarrhoea, stiff neck(lasted 6days) and a fever(rectum: 37.6max) which last for 2days. After 2weeks the diarrhoea once per day and the sore throat were back. The diarrhoea stopped itself after a week but I took some antibiotics for the sore throat and it was fine with in 3days!!!Now at 4days before the end of PEP I have a fever(rectum:37.6) which start 6days ago and is on and off in the day and only the left lymph node is swollen(started before the incident). No rash anywhere until now!!!1)Is it possible to have ARS during PEP or it normally starts after the failure of the PEP? 2)Can antibiotics cure a ars sore throat? 3)What do u think about the fever?Thank you

mother to child risk979

i m appriciating for your work what you are doing in this project.
my sister cobfirmed her hiv status when she is in 4th month of gestresition. and from then she is receiving combinational art (i.e combination of Zidovudine, nevirapine,lamuvudine) and delivered a male child recently in august2014(doctor took all care which is necessary )
after birth we gave him 2.5ml of nevirapine syrup and doctor suggested Zidovudine syrup (retrovir syrup) we did not get that syrup in india due to production is stopped now am severly suffering due to this doubt that wheather my nephew(i.e new born) at risk of hiv?

STI Transmission

If a man put his penis into my vagina for literally 2 seconds without a condom is my likelihood of catching a STI high?

HIV Anxiety

So i stupidly had unprotected sex about 10 weeks ago and then 6 weeks ago with the same person who is my ex. He swears he doesn't have anything but i dont believe him. I took a antibody test at 6 weeks after first exposure which was negative. I want to take the other one tomorrow which will make 6 weeks for the second exposure. I have severe anxiety about this. I need answers. I don't want to wait 3 months.


In early Jun I had unprotected sex one time with a man of unknown status. In mid September I started having diarrhea and then weeks later muscle aches. I recently noticed swollen lymph node on my neck. Is tho ARS I am experiencing? I also feel dizzy and experience chest pain

Are these symptoms? please help me.

It's approximately 41 days since I got exposed unprotected. I have mild fever for couple of hours, cold sore in mouth, diarrhea, fatigue, stomach ache now and then, mild sore throat. My anxiety is super high. Please tell me are these symptoms. I am really really freaking out. Please help me.


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