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High Risk

Symptoms consistent with ARS yet all tests negative

I had unprotected sex with a male about eight times from January 2014 to May 2014. He claimed to be HIV negative. Eight weeks after my last possible exposure, I experience a short-lived and very mild sore throat with a swollen submandibular lymph node. The doctor diagnosed me with viral pharyngitis and prescribed prednisone. About a week after the sore throat, I had diarrhea three times and began experiencing a strange bone pain. Currently (23 weeks post last exposure), some of my neck lymph nodes are still swollen and causing pain occasionally. Also, my bone pain has never gone away. I've also noticed easy bruising. While having these symptoms, I got several tests done through LabCorp:

8 weeks - HIV Antibody (negative)
9 weeks - HIV RNA Qualitative (negative)
11 weeks - HIV 4th Generation Antibody/Antigen (negative)
13 weeks - HIV Antibody (negative)
19 weeks - HIV Antibody (negative)

My Questions:

The United States' CDC writes that 97% of people will develop HIV antibodies within 3 months of exposure. In very rare cases, it can take up to 6 months for antibodies to be detectable. Is this accurate or outdated information?

I've read in many places that 3 months post exposure is conclusive. What is the true window period?

Do late seroconverters usually have a weak immune system? That is, are they limited to individuals with autoimmune disorders, viral hepatitis, frequent drug injectors, chemotherapy patients, and so on?

If I am HIV positive and in the window period, wouldn't my HIV RNA and 4th Generation Ab/Ag tests have come back reactive?

Lastly, do I need to have a followup test at 6 months post exposure? The CDC states that a six month followup test might be considered if the patient had a KNOWN exposure. My partner repeatedly claimed to be HIV negative, but you can't believe everything.

please help. are these results conclusive?

Exposure - unprotected vag. Combo test and pcr rna test at 10 and 24 days - negative. Extremely high anxiety.

tested multiple times


my exposure is 1 time unprotected vaginal sex with unknown std status girl. i found out that this girl had sex with unknown guy too 2 weeks before our contact then i get paranoid because in our country hiv is getting higher everyday and have symptoms like tonsil stone and fordyce spot in my upper lips. thats why i talk to her and i convince her to get tested 3 weeks before her last contact to other guy.. she had ict rapid test 1/2 ab and the result is non reactive...and i get tested too in 2,4,5,6,8,10 weeks with the same test..
question is:
1.what are the accuracy of ict rapid antibody test 1/2 and what is it generation i ask all the nurse here and they have no idea.
2. what are the chance that my test will turn positive in 13 weeks.
3. is my symptoms is related to hiv if not what is the caused of it?
please help me by answering this question because im so stressed and anxious

Female to male transmission risk lower?

I was in a nightclub, met with some random girl on the dance floor, and for reasons that are not necessarily clear to me, we ended up having sex in a dark corner. And no I wasn't drunk, just STUPID. Well, the following morning at 9 am sharp, I went to a clinic and asked for an emergency PEP treatment, and the nurse said that the situation I described isn't one that would warrant an emergency treatment, even though I had had unprotected sex with a girl I didn't know, and would not prescribe me anything. She even further commented that she wouldn't even prescribe anything even if it were with a prostitute. She stated that while unprotected sex poses a risk, the probability of a female passing it to a male is much lower than vice versa, and that the unless I am either 100% positive that this anonymous girl is HIV positive herself, or if I had receptive unprotected anal sex with another male, they can't give dole out medications on a regular basis to calm down people in a panic.

Is this true, or was she just being a jerk? I thought regardless of the gender, unprotected sex poses the same risk!

Unprotected sex

Will unprotected sex with 3different people cause aids

hiv and follicuIitis

thanks for your help. after a 10 months unprotected

oral and vaginal exposure with a sw, i am still

suffering from strange symptoms like weakness skin

burning sensation, muscles pain, red eyes"recently"

sore throat and adam apple pain till now..red

Folliculitis,... chest pain under jaw left side small

lymph. i feel like pepper or spices under my skin

moving everywhere to my knees, my arms even to my ears

itchy and inside my brain.. I have done more than 40

times hiv Elisa1/2 and HIV1+O/2 rapid tests all

negative since 45 days of my exposure till the 10th

month mark all negative. at the 5th month rna less

than 16iu the patient is lower than detection kit

ability, undetected with cobas core antibody test also

the same time, negative.. and at 9 months rna less

than 10iu the patient is lower than detection kit

ability, undetected with cobas core antibody test also

the same time, negative... also 9.5 months i had a

CMIA Antigen/antibody Hiv test, negative!my last CD4

count test was 1080 at the 9.5 month..
at the 9.5 month mark i had HCV, HIV antibodies test

both negative.
at the 10th month mark i had a VDRL negative,
my questions:
1: am i negative to HIV1/2?
2: what about my long term symptoms?
3: do i need more tests later?
4: could this be a late seroconversion?

Broken condom and transmission

Hi. I am a girl and i have a question regarding hiv transmission . I had sex with a guy of an unknown status although he was wearing a condom but unfortunately the condom broke from the side but the tip of his penis was still covered . What are my chances of contracting Hiv ? Does the cum travel down from the tip ? Or should i stop worrying coz his penis tip was still covered. The condom didn't break into pieces just a tear on the side . I would be grateful if u answer this question . Thank u very much in advance :) may lord bless u :)



Read in ans here which always emphasis that cut if not bleeding profusely post NO RISK but why unprotected vaginal & anal post at HIGH RISK since it was not bleeding during intercourse.

For example if both cut hand, freshly cut but not bleed profusely shake hand BOTH cut area attach, can the virus move into the bloodstream from hiv + to hiv -ve person.

Also in kissing with both cut lips, bleeding or with ulser attach, since lips hv a thin mucous membrace, can't the virus move into the -ve person bloodstream as well.

Thank you.

HIV Test Negative after 5 month of Exposure - Is true or false

Dear Sir,

i am 32 year old married male. i had some exposure with my Ex Girl Friend. my first exposure with her was on 20th Nov 13 which was unprotected and than i made some more exposure in Jan 17, 2014 and Feb 10, 2014 and last done on 20 March 14. all these are protected vaginal and unprotected Oral Sex.

Now its been 5 months of last exposure with her, my HIV test Result is negative. i have tested Western blot after 3 months of Exposure which is negative also.

I am feeling very drowsy and weekness in my body.
Skin is looking Dull
My Weight is gained but my arm and leg's fat is redused
i cannot get sleepy in Day time. my body feel unconforable.
i had some red small spots on my penis but now after medicin they ready

My wife is also feeling weekness her skin glow is down also. and my daughter is also not keeping well sir. i do not know why i feel that they (My wife and daughter)also not in danger zone.

i am very worried please suggest me that if we do not have HIV than what problem we have please suggest.

your suggestion is very important sir please.

HIV worried

I had intercourse with a girl - status unknown.. i think the condom slipped.

Two weeks post that I got non stop sneezing with running nose for a day. 2nd day wet cough and mild fever. 3rd day no fever . Today is 4th day only cough productive one continues no fever.

Pl suggest what should I do.. have I contracted hiv


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