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High Risk

mouth sores

i had possible unprotected vaginal exposure on jan 24 2014 .i got tested at 5 weeks hiv test by tridot method and it was negative.7th week 4 th generation combo test was also negative and my final test at 12 weeks tridot test was also negative. from past two days i am suffering from mouth sores due you think this is related to hiv and is tridot test a complicated test??? . can anything go wrong while performing the test . due you think i need a test again

what the hell is this ??!!

I am a male ,29 years old ,
I had unprotected vaginal sex with sex worker for 1 time at Dubai with ejaculation inside her end of November 2013 . The girl is from Kazakhstan.
During the first 3 months I had a lot of symptoms :

After 4 weeks : I had a Sore throat for 8 days,
after 7 weeks : mild night sweat every night , loss appetite , loss weight till now( 9 kg about 10 % of my all weight).
After 10 weeks : a flue for only 3 days with a fever of 38
after 12 weeks : diarrhea for no reasons (9 days and then went for 3 days and came back for 3 days)
all this symptoms gone away but after 4 month from my risk started to feel another symptoms and I still have all of them all till now :
1-Mild Sore throat , never went till now
2-I feel pain in my neck ,
3- Rash in my forehead and under my hair, never gone till now
4-swollen lymph nodes around and in front of my neck, at the back of my neck and under my jaw and chin, and at my groin area. ( never went till now)
I went to more than 4 doctors and none of them were able to tell me what cause this symptoms or treat them, which make me confused more and more.
I did a CT for the neck at 5months and it came back with comment:
And then I repeated the same CT at 6 months , and it came back with the same comment , same lymph nodes sizes and still reactive
I also tested at 6 months :
RPR : Negative
VDRL: Negative
TPHA : Non reactive
Herpes simplex virus type 1 Igm : Negative
Herpes simplex virus type 1 IgG: POSITIVE
Herpes simplex virus type 1 Igm : Negative
Herpes simplex virus type 1 IgG: Negative
Hepatitis B surface antigen : Negative
Hepatitis C virus antibody (3rd generation) : Negative
CMV igM: Negative
CMV IgG : Negative
Epstain barr virus antibody toviral capsid antigen ( VCA-IgM ) : negative
ANA by Elisa : Negative
Serum calcium : 9.7 ( normal range )
C-reactive Protein ( Quantitative ) : 0.3 ( normal range )
During this 6 months i tested each week for HIV antibody and the result was always nonreactive
At 20 weeks from my risk: Hiv Ag/Ab. by CMIA : Negative
week 26 : HIV antibody ( Non reactive )
Week 27 : Hiv Ag/Ab. by MEIA : Negative
week 28 : HIV antibody ( Non reactive )
1. Can I be one of those very rare cases which take more than 6 months to start producing antibodies ?
2. can i be one of those who has a RARE type of HIV that don't show in the anybodies tests?
3.does my symptoms at 4 months from my risk is related to HIV ? if they are related when will my test result show positive ?
4.Does my MULTIPLE BILATERAL MILDY ENLARGED UPPER AND LOWER DEEP CERVICAL LYMPH NODES ( reactive ) , the sore throat, mean that my body is trying to produce antibodies ? as the doctors didn't find a reasons regarding them, and i know that it is related to a viral infection !!
I have an inside feeling telling me that I am infected and there is something wrong with my lab result, I feel myself not normal. And no one can tell me my symptoms reasons
I feel lost and don't know where to go.please tell me the truth and please advise me what to do next.
Please keep in mind that before this situation I never went to a doctor or did any blood test and was rarely get sick.

6th week fourth generation results

Hi, Greetings from NEPAL ! My Exposure histroy: unprotected receptive anal/oral sex with an Asian gay man, unknown HIV status. Brief exposure without ejaculation, precum not sure. I don't have any symptoms till date, i.e 6th week but I knew later on, this is a very high risk exposure.

My tests are:
At 14th Day of exposure - HIV 1 PCR RNA results ''Undetected''.
At 28th Day of exposure - HIV I/II AB + P24 Antigen with CMIA method & results ''Non reactive''.
AT 6th week of exposure - HIV I/II AB + P24 Antigen with CMIA method & results ''Non reactive''.

1). In light of my above tests, Are there chances for my results turning positive later on based on your personal and experiences ( I know theoretically as well as officially is test after 3 months conclusive though in practical sense fourth generation tests are said to be highly reliable much earlier than that) ?

2). As you know, realization comes late, this has been a very stressful situation for me till date due to HIV anxiety & feeling of guilt. Can I take a long breath now assuming my above test results are highly unlikely to change ?

Thanks & of course, this is a wonderful job, you guys are helping thousands of people world-wide through your forums. Have a great time.


Broken condom with sex worker

Hello, I recently had sex with a prostitute and while inside her the condom broke. It was vaginal sex, and I didn't ejaculate. A week or so later I was diagnosed with chlamydia. What are the chances I've got it? Thank you.

nervous and paranoid

I was foolish and messing around with a man who rubbed his penis on my vulva. I don't think he penetrated but I had been drinking. If he did it was less than a second. When I found out he didn't have a condom I was off the bed super quick. I took an oraquick which came back negative at 116 days after the encounter. How reliable are those results? I've never been that stupid before so

Accuracy? Can I stop worrying

Hi, I had a medium risk encounter, I gave unprotected anal sex to a Transexual 7 months ago. I got guannoria from it and was treated but have been freaking out since. I had an hiv antibody test done at 1month, a PCR RNA and anti body test at 2,3, and 6 months after. All negative/undetectable I am wondering how reliable those results are as I have been having issues with my GI tract and I have read that hiv does cause GI tract issues. Please I can't sleep

HIV Chances due to condom break

I was having sex with sexworker 10 week ago started with protected oral with a condom and Vaginal with two condoms but i found both condom break when its over and technically unprotected oral as her saliva sandwiched between condoms, expose when cindom break. After 6hrs i get Truvada for 28 days as PEP. After a day i tracked her for Testing with result 4 th gen dou test negative.

My HIV test results All are p24 and hiv1/2 antibody
1 at 5 days from exposure 0.11 nagetive
2 At 6 weeks from exposure 0.09 nagetive
3 At 10 weeks from exposure 0.09 nagetive
My question is what are conclusiveness for these test and at what time i have to retest.(Truvada 28 days complete)

Will i have hiv positive

recently means 20 days ago i had sex with a girl without condom ,after that i suffered a lot that i would get hiv n forced the girl to take hiv test after 10 days of having sex it showed (Retroviral antibodies 1 & 2 : negative ) even though iam not convinced is there any chance of getting infected with hiv because after 1 week of having sex iam suffering from sore throat it last for 2 weeks recently a medium sized lymp node or swallen gland is developed in back neck n little cold ,am very much worried that I would get a hiv pls give suggesstions

hiv prevention

Hi .i had an accidental needle prick of an hiv positive patient when i recapped d needle.i didnt bleed after d prick.also my p24 and pcr rna s neg which i did after 2 wksafter d prick.have to do elisa after a month.is der any chances of being positive.plz answer my ques nd relieve my anxiety

reagrding my status

i had unprotected anal sex with my gay friend around 15 feb. he had tested on 25 may positive . i had got my elsia test negative on 24 th april ( as routine) and again on may 26th which is negative. also my rta pcr is under detectable. level.i had oral sex in march 20th with him.am i need to worry about being positive ? or i am surely negative.


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