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High Risk

Can 70% rubbing alcohol kill HIV virus (on a syringe needle)?

When I was in China I went to a surgery clinic to get my ears pierced. The surgeon (I assume) was going to use a reused syringe needle soaked in alcohol (according to their claim), but I got paranoid and insist that they must use a new one. They then agreed and assured me that they would use a new one for me. However, I didn't see clearly if they took out a new needle when they were preparing, because I was laying down. After I got my ears pierced I went out and asked their manager why they were reusing needles. She said they always use alcohol to disinfect equipments. Now I am really paranoid. What if the surgeon actually used a reused needle to do my piercing, is the chance of me catching viruses like HIV high? Will the alcohol for medical usage kill the virus?

HIV Testing after Eight Weeks

Hello! I have a question about testing for HIV after eight weeks. I had unprotected anal sex with a male 63 days ago. And I have been getting tested since then. I went to the health department twice to get blood test, and I have been using OraQuick oral test several times. The most recent test was done on the 58th day after the exposure, and all of the test results are negative. However, I have been having a lymph node in the back of my neck for approximately two days ago, and I went to the clinic and they said it was due to the acnes in the area. I discovered the acnes and the node on the same day. Therefore, I'm wondering if an eighth week result conclusive, or is it highly possible for me to be infected with HIV? Currently, I don't have a fever and other symptoms. I plan to get another blood test on the 12th week, but I've been pretty worried these days. Thank you very much for your help!


I had unprotected sex with a male, unknown of his status on Aug 7, 2013. I tested on September 19, 2013 using a rapid blood finger prick test,and tested negative. I went for another rapid test with a healthcare provider on the 84 days post exposure using the Oralquick test and tested negative. I have not engaged in ANY sexual activity since Aug 7. Do I need to go for another HIV test, since it has been over six months, and I am safe to say that I did NOT contract HIV??? I have been worried about this for the longest.

Indeterminate, but labelled negative and afraid to retest.

Hi, i'm a woman who had unprotected, vaginal sex with a man about 7 years ago. I don't remember that he ever came inside my vagina, or that he ever even got close to ejaculation while inside me, but he did come in my mouth. Prior to this, i'd always tested negative.
At about 2 months after the last sexual contact with him (which was protected), i had a reactive ELISA, which was followed by a non reactive test(i'm not sure if it was another ELISA or if it was Western Blot). The doctor told me these things happen, and dismissed me as Negative.
I cannot remember if i disclosed that i was at risk.
At about the 5 month mark from exposure, and after having no sex, i retested at a different clinic.
The result was again a reactive ELISA. This was followed up by a western blot, which to my memory, was deemed indeterminate. the doctor told me that he had never seen results like this, but he concluded I was negative.
I didn't know to ask which bands were present, and I have no way of contacting this clinic for my results now.

I tried to push these results out of my head, and tell myself to believe the doctors who determined I am negative. I have not engaged in unprotected sex with people since, except giving unprotected oral sex.

I am currently in a relationship, and these previous ELISA reactions are beginning to cause me a great deal of anxiety. I am terrified to get retested. I have read that some people are just consistently reactive to the ELISA test, as well as consistently indeterminate on the western blot.
My partner knows of these test results. He tells me that i am negative, and says he isn't worried. His HIV status is negative. I would like to feel comfortable having unprotected sex with him. I know I need to take another test to answer my question.

I have been scared to re-test, because i lost faith in the accuracy of the diagonostic procedure. i'm terrified i'll continue to react positive on the ELISA, and that because the western blot is open to interpretation based on risk assessment, and even the location of where your blood was drawn, someone will interpret my results as positive, when I am not.
When i get re-tested should i disclose my previous ELISA results?
Why do risk factors matter when determining a positive or an indeterminate western blot?
I have read that the viral load tests are not given to people with unknown HIV status, because they can show viral loads in people who test negative. Is this true? Similar to the argument that the western blot and the elisa should not be used alone, because both can show false positives.
How can i trust these tests when read together, if you cannot trust them when read separately?
Is it possible that some people remain reactive ELISA, indeterminate Western blot even after 7 years? Or do these tests usually follow up as absolutely negative, or absolutely positive eventually?
Thank you for your time.


When an HIV Ag/Ab Combo Test is negativ after 7-8 months after say unprotected sex or a needle prick, is that conclusive?


I had unprotected sex in October nd November with a women of unknown status.
oral sex without protection. I was a receiver of oral sex. I never performed oral sex on her. Except deep kissing nd breast sucking.
My last exposure was on November 16th.
I took a combo test at 12 weeks nd std test which came negative. After November exposure I started having protected sex. I had protected sex til January nd my last protected sex was on January 26 th nd unprotected oral sex receiver. I sucked her breast nd deep kissing. In the month of February I started getting sore throat burning in my hands nd in March I saw few pink 2-3 inches rashes on my stomach nd a inch rash on my arm nd few black spots like moles on my penis my stomach nd my arms. Two on my penis three on my abdomen nd couple on my left arm. Then again I took al the stds nd hiv point of care rapid test at March 18th 55 days april 10th 75 days April 22nd 87 days and the last on may 13th at 108 days which all came negative. If I count unprotected sex which was done on November it will be 6 months nd protected sex if I count it wil be 108 days after the activity my result were. Now my mouth sometimes getting watering nd sometimes it gets sweet by its own. I don't feel sore anymore. But the weird taste I feel.
I still have these symptoms which is not letting me leave. Its killing me every second.
its bothering me. I couldn't concentrate on anything from past four months. Sometimes I think of ending my life.

Negative at 12 weeks after high risk.

Hello, i had unprotected vaginal and oral sex about 15 weeks from now with a sex worker. I managed to get her tested about 2 days after my expossure her results were negative for all stds including hiv. I have been worried as hell since the next day after my expossure. I have had no relevant symptoms and no ARS. I've done 3 antibody tests at 4, 8 and 12 weeks, all came back negative. My question is do i really need to retest at 6 months or my 12 weeks results are enough? Im a very healthy male 18 years old a lot of excercise i almost never get sick.Does the fact that she was a negative for hiv can help determine that im negative after 12 weeks? Thanks for your time and answers.

hiv negative after 3 years

Hello from Portugal
In dec 2010 had high risk exposser done a 4 th generation test april 2014 and may 2014 both negative what do i do next. Hard to get information in portugal!

Penetration but no ejaculation

Hi there,

I have a brief encounter in which a man insert his penis into my anus for 30 seconds. He humped a bit and change the position a few times. However, he did not ejaculate as I stopped him also, his penis is quite dry at the time of pentration. He had lubricated my anus before insertion.

My question is am i at risk of HIV exposure and infection? I did not seem to have cuts or tears in my anus, but it was a bit sore.

Please help.

You are the only one who can help me ! HIV scare

I believe that you are the only one who can help me i sent you before, but i have some updates for my case.
I am a male ,29 years old , From Egypt where the population is 90,000,000 , and only 3,000 HIV cases ( in my country even famous doctors don't know a lot about HIV ) ( we don't have any rapid tests at all in all the country )

My risk was : unprotected vaginal sex with sex worker for 1 time at Dubai with ejaculation inside end of November 2013 . I called the girl asked her if she have HIV she answered that she isn't but when I asked her if she tested before , she told me that she never tested before for HIV. (i can't believe that she isn't an HIV case)

After 4 weeks :i had a Sore throat for 8 days,
after 7 weeks : mild night sweat every night , loss appetite , loss weight till now( 9 kg about 10 % of my all weight). After 10 weeks : a flue for only 3 days with a fever of 38
after 12 weeks : diarrhea for no reasons (9 days and then went for 3 days and came back for 3 days) and 3 small red dots in each hand for 2 weeks.
Tests did with result : ( I went to lab near to my home ,I don't know if they use ELIZA technology regarding the HIV tests or not and for sure not the 4th generation tests and not the 3rd generation may be they use another type of tests or the 2nd genaration ... i am trying with the nurse to know the name of the test she don't know and i also tried with customer services they don't know . all they tell me : HIV antibody (aides test)
How in 2014 a big lab in the middle East they don't know the test name ?!!
The lab customer services told me also they use ELISA for virus C & B.
In this lab they take a blood sample from my arm in the morning and I receive the result report same day at afternoon .
Can you suggest which test is that ??

11 weeks : Hiv antibody ( non reactive 0.12)
82 days : HIV antibody ( non reactive 0.11)
85 days : HIV antibody ( non reactive 0.24)
90 days : HIV antibody ( non reactive )
94 days : HIV antibody ( non reactive )

at 3 months :I decided to go to a doctor (not HIV doctor as in my country it is very difficult to meet HIV doctor ),to check o myself to know what is the cause of my symptoms, he asked me to do some tests :
RPR : Negative
VDRL: Negative
Herpes simplex virus type 1 Igm : Negative
Herpes simplex virus type 1 IgG: POSITIVE
Herpes simplex virus type 1 Igm : Negative
Herpes simplex virus type 1 IgG: Negative
Hepatitis B surface antigen : Negative
Hepatitis C virus antibody (3rd generation) : Negative
Urine analysis : Normal
Stool Examination : Normal
SGPT (ALT) : 16 ( normal range )
SGOT (AST) : 12 ( normal range )
TSH : 1.09 ( normal range )
ESR: first hour 8 , second hour 20
Fasting plasma Glucose : 95 ( normal range )
Glycosylated Haemoglobin ( HbA1c ): 5.4 ( normal range )
LDH : 143 ( normal range )
C-reactive Protein (CRP) titre : 0.6 ( normal range )
Complete blood picture : Hemoglobin: 14.9 Haematocrit(pcv) 42.5 RBCs count 5.47 MCV : L 77.7 MCH : 27.2 MCHC : 35.1 RDW-CV: 12.0 PLAtelet count : 370 Total LEUCOCYTIC COunt : 4.3
Differential leucocytic count: Neutrophils: 35.7 % 1.69 Lymphocytes : 48.1 % 2.28 Monocytes : 10.1 % 0.48 Eosinophils : 5.7% 0.27 Basophils: 0.4% 0.02 **** ( comment: RBCs show mild microcytosis .Relative LYmphocytosis. Relative Monocytosis. Absolute Neutropenia)

Te doctor told me that i am fine and my symptoms may be related to ANXIETY or any kind of bacteria, and i turned off this page and removed it from head.

But after another 5 weeks ( after 4 month from my risk ) I started to feel another symptoms and I still have them all till now :
1-Mild Sore throat , never went till now
2-I feel pain in my neck ,
3- Rash in my front head, never went till now
4-swollen lymph nodes around my neck and my mouth

i went to another doctor who ask me for the following tests and CT for neck and chest:
Epstain barr virus antibody toviral capsid antigen ( VCA-IgM ) : negative
ANA by Elisa : Negative
Serum calcium : 9.7 ( normal range )
Serum LDH : L 116
C-reactive Protein ( Quantitative ) : 0.3 ( normal range )
Complete blood Picture : Normal blood picture
ESR: first hour 8 , second hour 18
TSH: 1.20 ( normal range )
Free T3 : 3.1 ( normal range )
Free T4 : 1.4 ( normal range )
Chest CT comment : Normal CT scan of the chest.

When I went back to the doctor he told me that I am very good but he gave me antibiotic for 5 days I finished the antibiotic from 3 weeks and without any progress

Swollen lymph nodes, Sore throat, the rash in my front head, for almost 1 month and half
2 small ulcers in my tongue + very dry lips from 3 days

I found another lab where they have HIV ag/ab test by CMIA but they asking for full details and a copy from the ID. I went there once and I will not go again as if I tested positive they will report the result for the ministry of health , and they will but me in an HIV Hospital for rest of my live.
I did there the test :
At 20 weeks from my risk: Hiv Ag/Ab. by CMIA : Negative
at 21 weeks : HIV antibody ( non reactive ) ( in the first lab)
week 23 : HIV antibody ( Non reactive) ( in the first lab)

My question :
1.does my symptoms at 4 months from my risk is related to HIV ? Can HIV symptoms appear after 4 months and half from the risk action ?
2.Should i retest again until 26 weeks ?
3.if they are related when I will test positive after them ?
4.Does my lymph nodes , the sore throat, and ulcers in my tongue mean that my body is trying to produce antibodies ? as the doctors didn't find a reasons regarding them.
5.Do you think that I am an HIV? and i need more tests ?
6. Can I be one of those very rare case which take 6 months or more to starting producing antibodies ?

I know that in 3 months window period is conclusive but i found a lot of cases which tested positive after the 3 months here on this website which make me confused . and i have an inside feeling telling me that I am infected and there is something wrong with my lab result, I feel myself not normal. And no one can tell me my symptoms reasons

Please keep in mind that before this situation I never went to a doctor or did any blood test and was rarely get sick.

Sorry for my long question I tried to explain each details as much as I can, but please have a look for all my case , and try to response to my question in details as much as u can ,and I need to get back to my normal life.


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