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High Risk

I am infected

I was exposed to a person i had matiple unprotected sex with and tested at 8weeks after exposure and its negaive.but i have all symptoms of HIV ,flu illness at 2weeks official timeline,headache,MUSCLE PAINS,joint pains since a 2 weeks...the person i was exposed to refused to test,thats why i know they gave me HIV...how can i have all symptoms and dont show up antibodies at 8weeks and have symptoms until now

Should I continue to be worried? HIV test 6 weeks post exposure (Oraquick oral)

Hi Im a 21 Year old male who had unprotected vaginal sexual intercourse with a girl I just had met. Her status was unknown and I instantly became very worried of HIV because it seems she was very promiscuous. At about 3 weeks I developed a minor sore throat that went away within a few days, a pimple maybe cold sore on my lip also that went away within a week. I started to develop headaches at about 5 weeks and another minor sore throat post exposure and decided to get tested at 37 days post exposure (Oraquick mouth swab test) and it was negative. I was relieved and the headaches kept coming and I began to get chills (may have been due to anxiety?) but no fever or rash. So I took another test at 43 days after exposure (about 6 weeks) it was the same oraquick mouth swab test. Then just today about 45 days post exposure I felt one sore swollen lymph node in my right groin area. Could this lymph node swelling be due to me Spraining my right ankle three days ago? I sprained my ankle pretty badly playing basketball (Bruised swollen a little). Should I continue to be worried about HIV or is my 6 week test conclusive enough? Do lymph nodes begin to swell up 6 weeks post exposure? please someone help my anxiety is through the roof.

Hiv transmission

Pls help regarding chances of a woman getting infected with hiv from a hiv positive male in a single act of sexual intercourse and ejaculation inside.And a couple of other instances of intercourse without ejaculation and with pre semi nation fluid.These acts were in the sero conversion period after 15 to 30 days of exposure.The lady has not had her periods for over 3 months.Could she be hiv positive.

I suffer from GAD generalized anxiety disorder, and please answer my query.

43 days ago, I had unprotected anal sex, I was the insertion parterner, and the sex lasted for 5 minutes "I didn't even cum" and I used a lot of saliva as a lubricant, which I heard it have an enzyme that kills the virus, It happened only once, and I dunno the HIV status of the person I had sex with.
After this time, I didn't do sex again with anyone, and yesterday I had the 3rd generation ELISA test and it came NEGATIVE after 43 days, Is my test a good indication of my status after this number of days? And by how much percentage it is? I have no STD's and I am circumsized, with no sores or any cuts on my penis. I also didn't have the flue since then, because I heard that some people get a strong flu after being infected with the virus.
I suffer from health problems because of my anxiety, I got hospitalized a week ago because of unstable heart beats! .... I am dead terrified, and am still anxious, please help me ASAP. THANK YOU so much for this helpline. Also what are the chances that the result will change in the next weeks? Thank u.

I have horrible anxiety and I want an answer for my query

I had unprotected anal sex with someone that I don't know his HIV status, I was the top, and it lasted for 5 minutes, and I didn't even cum, and the lubrication I used was saliva, lots of it. What's the rest of acquiring HIV, in case he is HIV positive? Please answer ASAP.

Is it Conclusive for my condition and Could it be Another STD's ? I Have Swollen for 4 months Now HELP

I had unprotected sex with my girlfriend and after that by almost 2 weeks i started to get symptoms of hiv; i have done tests and the dates are below; i want to know is it conclusive for my condition of not and if it's conclusive what is the cause my swollen groin lymph node Enlarging because since 4 months i am having swollen groin.

More over the testes are done in India so i don't know about the Generation they are using it same to the recent generation to be conclusive at 3 months; why i toke in India means because i am studying in India currently.

Exposure date was on 25/nov/2013

HIV 1+2 Screening (Ag+Ab) (rapid test) (BLOOD ) = Non-reactive on 11/02/2014

Again HIV 1+2 Screening ( Elisa ) (BLOOD) = Non-reactive on 20/03/2014

Is it conclusive or shall i go for another test after 6months from the date of exposure.

This is for my case, and recently my girlfriend did hiv test also on 27/03/2014 and the result was Negative.

Mostly i am concerned about my swallon groin nodes

1) My groin Nodes are they HIV Symptoms, if not what is the cause my groin node Enlargment and it's 4 months now.

2) Shall i do another test after 6 months from the date of the exposure.

3) What about the symptoms of HIV which is known I have it but if it's not HIV what could it be I'm so weak

4) Is it any other STD's if so what could it be ( Syphilis it's not because i have done twice and came back Negative ).

5) I have done chladmiya blood test IGG & IGM ... the IGG was equviocal and IGM was negative what does it mean ?

any possibility of hiv?

at the age of 18 I was been tricked by a man...and he made me suck his dick and he fucked me in my anal....but I didn't give him much space to fuck me as I was not aware of what's going on.... I am sure that he did not cum in me...... now i am 24.... now i am very afraid that i am a carrier of HIV by seeing the posts in net..... I am afraid that he would have precumed in me....I don't know weather he his HIV positive ..... he lasted for a total of two minute in fucking me.....any solution 4 me?

How accurate is a 4th generation test done at 26th after unsafe sex with a HIV positive partner?

How accurate is a negative result obtained with 4th generation test made on 26th day after unsafe sex with a confirmed HIV positive partner?

That's my question because unfortunately I had a unprotected sex with a person who was confirmed HIV.
I did a 3th generation test and a 4th generation test, both negatives, on 26th day after that contact.

How accurate is this negative result, please give me an idea of how much may I trust on this negative result obtained on 26th after.

Thank you so much for your help!

Condom broke but didn't notice for awhile

I was having sex with my friend last night (i don't know his status but he used to be a player) when the condom broke. Since he continued having sex with me I assumed it hadn't broke but since I was feeling paranoid about 5 minutes later I asked him to check. There were a lot of seminal fluids in the condom but he did notice that it had broke. Should I be worried?

Thank you?

Why test so many times?

Testing guidelines say as soon as you are exposed to the Virus get tested at 2 weeks, 6 weeks , 3 months and then after 6 months for a conclusive result. Why do we have to be tested so manytimes ? If we get tested once after 6 months, isnt that sufficient?
If one didnt knew that he was exposed to virus until in future some time say in 3 years, will the test at 6 months is equivalent to the test he will be doing after 3 years if he didnt have any other risky exposures?

I Always keep wondering how can you be negative after having unprotected vaginal sex with HIV positive women.

When was 4th gen test introduced and implemented in Australia?

Can any one please answer this questions for me. thanks in advance.


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