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High Risk

5.5 weeks post exposure with symptoms..

I got a possible exposure now 5.5 weeks ago when on a trip in the US; I had unprotected vaginal intercourse with a female for about 30 min, after I also noticed some amber fluid on the sheet of the bed meaning that there was possibly a bit of blood in vaginal fluids, I also think I had a small cut on the finger which was beginning to heal. I had a yeast infection prior to the exposure and since then it never went away even after applying some cream that usually work, I also had a very itchy anus after that night and still got it from time to time right now.
  Around 10 days post exposure I started to feel lower back pain as well as pain around my abdomen which after turned out to be pain in the groin area mostly when sitting. Thinking it might have been chlamydia I went to a private clinic and got a full std test including 4th gen p24/antibody combo which came back negative. 3 days after I started to feel discomfort in my armpits and stiffness in my neck throughout the following week I started to have incredibly painful headache, during that week I also had 1 day of very mild diarrhea followed by waking up in sweats at night but my apartment is extremely hot and I slept on the couch that night so it might be a combination of stress/heat/Tylenol. Anyways I went to the emergency and the doc did not consider ARS as a possible cause of my symptoms and stated it was only stress related.
Around 3 weeks post exposure I went to another hospital and got urine and blood work done, doc acknowledged that I had swollen nodes in the groin as well as in the neck. Doc said my tests came back normal and that my symptoms were probably caused by a general virus. After examining my blood results myself I found that I had a very low wbc count @ 3.3, I don’t know why doc never mentioned it.
I went to the private clinic to get tested again with the full std panel again @ 22 days post exposure and everything came back negative again. Throughout the 3rd week my headache stopped and got replaced by major joints pain everywhere in my body, nodes are still swollen and I also developed pain in my inner tights, I also begun to be very itchy in the scalp, ears and nose area, my face is very greasy and I can see some mild scaly redness around the nose. Also noticed a canker in my mouth, withe tongue that I started to brush daily, a tonsil stone appeared in my mouth, a small ringworm appeared on my left arm but peeled off after few days putting some antifungal every day and lastly I started to notice a bunch of very little red spots appearing all over my body (petechiae?).  
4 weeks after exposure I went to ANOTHER hospital and stated my symptoms to the doc, he got very concerned and even asked me what I thought it could be, he already knew the answer. Anyways he ordered a FULL infectious diseases blood work as well as a differential, thyroid, liver and so on… results came back 2 hours later and he told me EVERYTHING was fine; wbc count @ 6.6, thyroid, liver, T cells, differential count, pallet, electrolytes. He stated that after examining the results he did not think my symptoms were HIV related and that if my symptoms were really ARS then some abnormalities would show in the numerous tests he did. He also said he could not be 100% sure as I already knew but that the chances were very low, he said that I might have contracted some kind of virus in the preceding weeks and that my nodes might of still been swollen because of that.
Now here were are, I am going to get tested next week again with 4th gen p24/anti combo, I am extremely scared of the possible results because I know that this time they will screen it for real (I read around 95% accuracy @ 6 weeks with modern tests). I think my body responded to the infection sometimes between third and fourth week and that this is why I tested negative at second test and that my wbc count was at 3.3, now my body is fighting off the infection and this is why I show an increase in wbc count and that everything seams normal.
 It would be lying not to state that I have been living with extreme stress and anxiety for the past  5 weeks and that it has certainly be the saddest part of my life. I feel terrible for what I have done, since I got a girlfriend and that I have been lying and going to the hospital behind her back since then. 
My family tell me it’s just stress related but facts are there, I would like someone to share is thought on my situation and the resemblance of my symptoms to ARS, I am not able to foresee a future if I get tested positive.
Thanks for your help; you guys are doing a wonderful job and sorry for the long post. 

Please Guide Me !

Hi,Please do guide me further, i had posted this same question a week ago and no one has replied yet but i seriously hope to get a reply on this one . I had unprotected Vaginal intercourse with a Female on 26th August, 2013 and was under the fear of having HIV. Hence i went for an HIV antibody / P24 antigen test exactly after 4 weeks on the 27th , September , 2013. And the result came back as NON - REACTIVE with a index value of 0.12 . Can you please clarify the following questions :1) Is the above test i underwent a 4th Generation Duo test ? If yes, then should i just rely on the results of this test or should i go in for another test like the PCR RNA tests ?2) What are the chances of my negative turning to positive ( i have not had any risk exposure since the 26th of August,2013) ?3) Even though the results are coming back as negative and i am going to retest myself on the 6th week and the 12th week, do i need to show my doctor the results ( if they are non reactive or negative ) and stop further testing post 12 months ? And consider the results conclusive ?4) What are the chances of the results being a false negative ? And can i completely rely on this 4th Generation Duo test or just to conclude everything undergo another type of test ?5) And i have heard that the P24 antigen is discover-able only for the first few weeks and for a few days after the antibodies have developed , so can this lead to the test being a false negative ?All of you are doing a great job and this helpline is seriously very helpful. It is very impressive .Thanks and regards,Yash Agarwal(INDIA)


I must thank you for your support. I unfortunately had sex with a working girl this weekend without a condom. when is the best time to a test is it between 2 and 8 weeks and again to 90 days.My problem is do not want to infect my wife, I am working abroad and will be with here X-mas, we are trying for another Son. Please advise. If it is positive I will tell here in both times but if it is negative.

Stupid guy


Should i worry more ?

Hi,I'm a male from India and i had unprotected vaginal sex with a girl on the 26th of August, 2013 and I didn't know Hiv status. I have been very worried regarding my HIV status and hence yesterday that is 27th of september 2013 ( 32 days or 4 weeks ) i got a 4th generation EIA ( HIV 1 and 2 antibody, p24 Antigen ) test done the results were index value = 0.12 [ NON REACTIVE ] .Should i worry more or still get my tests done at the 6th and 12th week ? And also is this particular type of test sufficient for knowing my HIV status or should I go in for another test as well along with this ? And another point to be noted is that i have not put myself to further risky behavior which could put me at risk for HIV since the encounter with the girl ! And my last question is can the 4th generation test give a false negative even after the 12th week test due to any circumstances ?Thanks so much for your help and you people are doing a wonderful job with this helpline :)

Condom was torn during sex with a commercial sex worker

I need help as I am half dead now.
In Feb 2013 I had sex with a commercial sex worker. She was probably new into this job so the exicetment & thrust during the intercourse was extremely high & the condom was torn. I ejaculated into her.
I got worried & got myself tested for HIV soon after but the result was negative may be it was too soon. In subsequent months I suffered from accute flu & cough, rashes in my hand & back & also swollen neck glands. Later i also got mouth ulcer. I got myself tested again after 3 months of this event i.e May'13 & the result was still negative.
I am still suffering from flu & cough. During this time I was so careless & continued sex with my wife without a condom. 15 days back she complained of sever flu, rashes & swollen neck glands. She is feeling extremly tired also but no fever. I do not have the courage to tell the truth to my wife so i got my self tested against yesterday for HIV 1 & 
 through card test but the result is still negative. I am not sure if the testing is not adequate or with gods grace I am not infected & only suffering allergies. I am loosing my health worrying about it daily & I am half dead as my health is getting seriously affected due to my worries. I am a sinner having put my wife into these problems if I have really infected her & god will not forgive me for this sin.
Please advise if there is any better way of getting my self tested to check if i am really infected or not. Please help me. i will be obliged to you.

Should i worry ?


Im a male from India and exactly 1 month back had insertive unprotected vaginal sex with a woman from a massage parlour.It didn't seem like she was HIV positive but yes you cannot tell by looks whether she was or was not and another point to be noted is that this was the first time i had unprotected vaginal sex infact first time i ever had sex. So what are the chances that i could have contracted HIV and what was the risk involved. Please help because i am super worried and my life has come tumbling down just thinking of it. and another thing is i don't have any symptoms as such except my throat is a bit uncomfortable not sore and i have not had fever since then but do feel a bit lazy now a days. Do these symptoms have anything to with HIV ? and please tell me what tests should i get done. !!
Thank You



hai iam unprotected sex with my boy friend.ofter ihad a lot of fever i went to the hospital doctor tested my blood(including hiv) this test is 50days oftersex. Doctor said this is typhoid . What is the symptoms of HIV?.i am agin attend the test or not.please conform me. Thankyou

Hiv im very w

Hi.im 16 year old boy.i have been intercourse with another boy since 3 years 15 to 20 times and he is also 16 year.i was not using condom. I was thrusting my pennis head into his ass and he also did it and sperm was ejected .and rub each other pennis to ass.we both masturbate.before this i was intercoursed by another boy(not this boy) he only thrust his pennis to my ass and i didnt.only once we had intercourse.im very worried that im having AIDS or not


On June 8th 2013 I had unprotected anal insertive sex with a guy (I was topping) who on September 17th found out he was HIV+. He is still awaiting Western Blot confirmation.
I did not know of his condition and neither did he until September, apparently. It was foolish of me to engage in such act, I know.
In July I developed a pseudomononucleotic syndrome which, after tests, revealed to be an actual mononucleosis relapse. Elisa 4th gen (HIV1/2 AB, p24AG) was negative on July 25th 2013. Other values for Epstein-Barr were positive.
When he told me of the news I repeated the test one day after. Elisa 4th generation again, negative. This was September 18th, more than 100 days apart from the possible exposure.
My doctor and the lab told me I was lucky and did not get exposed. However, they also suggested I do a PCR qualitative assay for RNA to rest totally assured before repeating the test in 3 months and consider this chapter closed. I have done that but the wait is killing me. I know the blood samples are pooled and tested together, and then tested individually should the whole batch come out positive...
I want to know: on what grounds precisely are 4th generation Elisa tests considered to be totally effective after three months? Is it because of the combined AB and Antigen qualities? Could there be a slight change I seroconvert after the three months (100 days, actually)? If I am not mistaken, that is why 4G Elisa looks for p24 -- because that antigen is present before seroconversion and for a brief period after antibodies are created.
Please let me know. Thank you for your service to the community (I am neither Canadian nor live in Canada). It is extremely laudable. 

Am i infected

Im 34 years old circumcised male. And i had unprotected viginal sex with a sex worker (June 13 2013 ) only once. Actually it was a one minute sex act. Because the plan was i will just mastubate while she is making some sensual dance. But as i about to finish i stupidly ask her to go on top of me. So she do as what i say after a few seconds. I finish inside her and she pulled out right away. And we both wash. After the incident HIV come across my mind. And i start to freak out and started searching about symptoms and all sort of info. I start fell stress cant sleep enough from day 1 after the incident till now for the past 4 months. i have an average sleep of 5-6 hours a day watching my sefl like an owl. And the only symptoms i found is one slightly swollen lymph node on the right side of my neck its not visually obvious. I can only fell it if i turn my neck to left side and run down my hand on my right side neck. Its not painful and tender. Aside from that i did'nt notice anything and  i had some sort of dermatitis  on my face as i know its some kind of yeast or immune system problems but i have this long time ago maybe 6 years. So this are my questions hope u can give me some answer. By the way im planning to go for an HIV test but for the moment i cant cause im working on a ship and my contract will expire on jan. 2014 and its mandatory for us to under go medical exam every time we sign our contract including HIV Test so im sure im HIV negative before. so for the time being i really need help cause its affecting my job and quality of life. Ohh y i also contact the girl thru txt msg. and ask if shes HIV infected she got angry cause she might be pregnant and told me that shes also surprise since our deal is just mastubate. Then she told me she has HIV and gonorrhea.
1. Do you think this slightly swollen lymph node an HIV thing?
2. Am i infected dispite all the emotional stress and luck of sleep why did im not sick.
3. This dermatitis of mine if im infected should it become worse even if just in my seroconversion time. But i didnt notice something special.
4. This lymph node of mine i can remember during my childhood and teenage time its there what i really dont know if its been there b4 the incident .
5. If its true that she is HIV infected and has gonorrhea. What is the chance of accuiring the HIV and not the gonorrhea cause as i know gonorrhea is more easy to pass than HIV.
Hope you can shade a light on this problem of mine ive been in 4 months of depression and mental stress my quality of life and job are really affected but still i gain weight of 3 kg.


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