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High Risk

Title: high risk

on the 21 0f july i had unprotected vaginal intercourse with my partner and again on the the 4th and  9th of august.we both went for a rapid test on the 25 of september and her results came back positive and mine were negative.A confimatry test  was done and her results remained positive.another test I took on the 6 October, my results were still negative.Is there a chance for my status to change...

relation of HIV with no or very less irregular mensus

please tell me the relation of HIV with having no or very less periods.I have had an exposer with a man who had tested negative 4 gen. Cmia test -- which he did after 42 days of non penetrative sex with a csw -- means no veginal or anal sex, only rubbing his penis in the boobs of csw and kissing by csw on his balls. he didnt had any exposer after that incident and after the CMIA test (negative)after 42 days , that i decided to have unprotected sex with him.what is the possibility that i can get HIV .please answer my question as i am worried regarding my periods . my hb level in the blood is very low aprox. 8. is it manopose or what?, i am 40 yrs.

Unprotected sex

I have a question, I had sex with a women last Friday, my penis was put into her vaginal around 2 second once time only, then finished by oral sex , my question is did I inflect HIV in high risk thanks

acute ars rash

Hello,I would like to ask about the rash you get from hiv1- how long will it take to show up?2- does it produce pus when pressed on?3- how long will it last?4- does it itch?Because after 23-24 weeks of exposure to unprotected vigainal sex I have had this red dots on my arms back forehead and some on my chest, they are small red dots and some of them produce yellow pus when pressed on.I've had it for 4 weeks so far some dots go away and some new ones show up

unprotected sex

I hadunprotected vaginal sex many times witha man since four years i did the rapid test once after two years it came out negative now i m experiencing mouth ulcers and a partially white tongue im really scared could it be HIV

Risk After Testing Negative

I was in a relationship with someone who did not know their status. After our relationship ended I was tested at 30 days from exposure and then again at 90 days from exposure, both negative. 60 days have past and we ended up in bed over the weekend without using protection. He said he has not been with anyone new in the last 60 days and I believe him but I'm wondering if I need to start the 30 day and 90 day testing again. I know that testing only tells you your status and not someone else's but would it be reasonable to assume that our weekend encounter was low risk?

ARS symptoms after 4 months scared to death


I am scared to death that I might have HIV it's ruining my whole life.I'm 23 years old (circumcised) I only had sex once with an female late 20's divorced it was quick about few minutes cause we were in her car it happened on 18th of April 2013 it was unprotected vigainal sex I came out cause we weren't using protection and that was the last time I talked to her (I feel extremely guilty and stupid of how could I let myself be so naive!).After 119 days exposure (17 weeks) I got sick with flu (I just came back from a holiday and one of my friends was sick during that holiday so I assumed I got it from him) I didn't pay much attention after a week from that I got some kind of small dots on my arm so I googled it and started reading about HIV symptoms and hell broke lose from there I had severe anixaity and depression I didn't eat for for a whole weekend and I believed I was doomed after a week from that I found out I had bedbugs so I used a cream that treated that after that I felt a bit of relief but not fully cause I still had sore throat and since that time until now I have sore throat then I got some kind of dots (23 weeks from exposure) on my upper arms, shoulders, back, and forehead they are small red dots and some of them got yellow heads I went to a doctor he said it's some kind of acne I got from changes in my body due supplements I take for gym. after a week (24 weeks from exposure) from that my throat got worse so I went to the doctor again this time he said that am having some kind of acid reflux so he gave me pills and told me to change my diet to get better.So far I had sore throat for about a month and a half (cools off and becomes sore again) I keep thinking I have HIV and it ruins my life I can't live normally keeps eating me alive. I live in a society were HIV and sexual interactions is considered a great taboo I can't talk to anyone about it and only way to get tested is by everyone knowing about it and am afraid I might turn out positive!!Please help, Is it possible for anyone to show HIV symptoms after 4-5 months? Or its up to 3 months only? Do you think I have HIV?


HIV-1 RNA PCR ACCURATE AT 9 days and 16 days

Hello and thank you! I had a high risk exposure and a small shingle outbreak 8 days later. Here are my tests:Day 7 HIV 1 and 2 antibody negDay 9 HIV-1 RNA PCR VERSION 2, down to 20 copies per ml - none detected- negDay 14 quick antibody Oratest negDay 16 HIV-1 RNA PCR VERSION 2 (again) - no copies detected- negI'm still very worried. I'm going for final tests on Day 42. What are my odds that I am positive for HIV? God Bless.

5.5 weeks post exposure with symptoms..

I got a possible exposure now 5.5 weeks ago when on a trip in the US; I had unprotected vaginal intercourse with a female for about 30 min, after I also noticed some amber fluid on the sheet of the bed meaning that there was possibly a bit of blood in vaginal fluids, I also think I had a small cut on the finger which was beginning to heal. I had a yeast infection prior to the exposure and since then it never went away even after applying some cream that usually work, I also had a very itchy anus after that night and still got it from time to time right now.
  Around 10 days post exposure I started to feel lower back pain as well as pain around my abdomen which after turned out to be pain in the groin area mostly when sitting. Thinking it might have been chlamydia I went to a private clinic and got a full std test including 4th gen p24/antibody combo which came back negative. 3 days after I started to feel discomfort in my armpits and stiffness in my neck throughout the following week I started to have incredibly painful headache, during that week I also had 1 day of very mild diarrhea followed by waking up in sweats at night but my apartment is extremely hot and I slept on the couch that night so it might be a combination of stress/heat/Tylenol. Anyways I went to the emergency and the doc did not consider ARS as a possible cause of my symptoms and stated it was only stress related.
Around 3 weeks post exposure I went to another hospital and got urine and blood work done, doc acknowledged that I had swollen nodes in the groin as well as in the neck. Doc said my tests came back normal and that my symptoms were probably caused by a general virus. After examining my blood results myself I found that I had a very low wbc count @ 3.3, I don’t know why doc never mentioned it.
I went to the private clinic to get tested again with the full std panel again @ 22 days post exposure and everything came back negative again. Throughout the 3rd week my headache stopped and got replaced by major joints pain everywhere in my body, nodes are still swollen and I also developed pain in my inner tights, I also begun to be very itchy in the scalp, ears and nose area, my face is very greasy and I can see some mild scaly redness around the nose. Also noticed a canker in my mouth, withe tongue that I started to brush daily, a tonsil stone appeared in my mouth, a small ringworm appeared on my left arm but peeled off after few days putting some antifungal every day and lastly I started to notice a bunch of very little red spots appearing all over my body (petechiae?).  
4 weeks after exposure I went to ANOTHER hospital and stated my symptoms to the doc, he got very concerned and even asked me what I thought it could be, he already knew the answer. Anyways he ordered a FULL infectious diseases blood work as well as a differential, thyroid, liver and so on… results came back 2 hours later and he told me EVERYTHING was fine; wbc count @ 6.6, thyroid, liver, T cells, differential count, pallet, electrolytes. He stated that after examining the results he did not think my symptoms were HIV related and that if my symptoms were really ARS then some abnormalities would show in the numerous tests he did. He also said he could not be 100% sure as I already knew but that the chances were very low, he said that I might have contracted some kind of virus in the preceding weeks and that my nodes might of still been swollen because of that.
Now here were are, I am going to get tested next week again with 4th gen p24/anti combo, I am extremely scared of the possible results because I know that this time they will screen it for real (I read around 95% accuracy @ 6 weeks with modern tests). I think my body responded to the infection sometimes between third and fourth week and that this is why I tested negative at second test and that my wbc count was at 3.3, now my body is fighting off the infection and this is why I show an increase in wbc count and that everything seams normal.
 It would be lying not to state that I have been living with extreme stress and anxiety for the past  5 weeks and that it has certainly be the saddest part of my life. I feel terrible for what I have done, since I got a girlfriend and that I have been lying and going to the hospital behind her back since then. 
My family tell me it’s just stress related but facts are there, I would like someone to share is thought on my situation and the resemblance of my symptoms to ARS, I am not able to foresee a future if I get tested positive.
Thanks for your help; you guys are doing a wonderful job and sorry for the long post. 

Please Guide Me !

Hi,Please do guide me further, i had posted this same question a week ago and no one has replied yet but i seriously hope to get a reply on this one . I had unprotected Vaginal intercourse with a Female on 26th August, 2013 and was under the fear of having HIV. Hence i went for an HIV antibody / P24 antigen test exactly after 4 weeks on the 27th , September , 2013. And the result came back as NON - REACTIVE with a index value of 0.12 . Can you please clarify the following questions :1) Is the above test i underwent a 4th Generation Duo test ? If yes, then should i just rely on the results of this test or should i go in for another test like the PCR RNA tests ?2) What are the chances of my negative turning to positive ( i have not had any risk exposure since the 26th of August,2013) ?3) Even though the results are coming back as negative and i am going to retest myself on the 6th week and the 12th week, do i need to show my doctor the results ( if they are non reactive or negative ) and stop further testing post 12 months ? And consider the results conclusive ?4) What are the chances of the results being a false negative ? And can i completely rely on this 4th Generation Duo test or just to conclude everything undergo another type of test ?5) And i have heard that the P24 antigen is discover-able only for the first few weeks and for a few days after the antibodies have developed , so can this lead to the test being a false negative ?All of you are doing a great job and this helpline is seriously very helpful. It is very impressive .Thanks and regards,Yash Agarwal(INDIA)


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