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High Risk


i had unprotected sex in February and i have been using alere hiv1/2 determine kit and today makes it 3 months and am negative. Does it mean am confirmed negative

Availability of HIV Duo test in Ontario or eleswhere

Good Day,
I’m a resident in Cambridge Ontario, and I had unprotected vaginal sex with a high risk partner approx. 4 weeks ago. I recently had a rapid test, which was negative, and I understand this test is unreliable prior to 12 week from exposure.

My question is, where can I go for the Duo test within my area or elsewhere even in the US? The stress of not knowing is wearing me down, and I’m prepared do whatever necessary to get tested with the Duo test. It would help to have some reassurance now, but I will also do a follow up test at 3 months.

Thank you your assistance is very much appreciated.


oral with chapped lips

hello I have been scared for a while now but me and my girlfriend had sex but we did oral as well i went to her first, however i have chapped/split lips, I did go deep and my tongue was inside, i am worried she might be prone to get something, please can you help us, we are both scared.

i am not prone to getting cold sores and neither is she just split/ chapped lips

i am worried i may have give her something STD/STI/HIV

please i need your help!!

thank you

Antibody test after 21 week is conclusive

I had unprotected sex with my neighbour and tested for HIV antibody test at 35th day ,73 rd day ,113th day and 147th day .All were negative.but I have skin rashes on my back. I am from india.The test which i taken is HIV 1&2 ELISA. I think this is standard elisa test. Please guide me .Am scared.

having on protected sex during pep but tested negative

i had sex with out condom with a female friend,after the sex the told me she had on protected sex with someone else 2 days ago so she went to the doctor to get tested but she was negative but was given pep ....i want to know if it's is possible i am infected with anything .
kindly respond to me asap so i can know what next


Hi, hiv has me scare to death. 8 months ago i had unprotected sex with a girl that i barely knew. Turns out she had a boyfriend so we had to stop seeing each other. That made me paranoid so fourty days later i went for an hiv test and full std test that came out all negative.....dr told me to come back in six months but after 3 1/2 months i started to feel sick..i felt headaches, body aches and weakness...now im scared to death and i cant get the courage to go back....it scares me because during that six month period i ended up getting a gf and we have always used condoms but one time she put the tip of my penis on her clit and rubbed then i put on a condom and had sex withh a condom...at one point the condom broke inside her but i inmidiately pulled out. I am afraid to give her something if i have it..I dont know how in the world i would face her if sometihng was wrong with me.. i never ejaculated inside her vagina or mouth...now eight months later i feel sick again..i feel extremely fatigue and weak...i dont know what to do.

still worried

hi,first i want to say thank you for answering my question last march,,but i have some worry regarding about the symptom that i felt,, last march, 15 moths after unprotected sex to a women, i went to oral hiv test the result is negative,but that time i`m wearing my false teeth covering my gums up and down, so after two weeks i went again for finger prick hiv test. the result is negative, but before the test done i have a slight fever for almost two weeks and the fever come back again after two week lasted for one week and this month had a rashes ( itchy ) on my hips and some of on my neck but not so many. also itchy.,my question are, is there a possibility of false negative of my test? or i considered the last test is conclusive..thank you,,

am very anixety

i had sex with sex workers two time one is on November and other on January 17 on both times there was a breakage first one continued nearly 3 to 5 min and second one 3 min then i stopped on 19th Jan i noted a small red dots on my head of pennis and on evening two more on 19 i taken 4th generation elisa which was negative and 22 jan p24 antigen on 25th i went to skin clinic they gave me a cream within two days all the thing in pennis has cleared and from 19th jan i was fatigue and light pains in joints in skin clinic they advised me for diabetes test and after 6 weeks from jan 17 i taken 4th generation elisa it is also negative and on 12th week result also 4th generation elisa that too negative is that accurate result

had sex yesterday

i have sex lesser than 24 hours ago , she had gave me oral and we had sex for like 3 mins but i didn't cum in her but your pussy was every wet , and her juicys where on my penis .i have a feels i might gotting aids

6 week negative HIV test.

24M bisexual here. In a commited relationship with a female..
Anyways, on Mar 16th I made the biggest mistake of my life and hooked up with another male I met on a hookup site. He told me he was clean, and negative. I topped. The sex lasted about 3 minutes and I pulled out. About a week later I had what I believe was an HPV outbreak (my first) and thats when I started to get concerned.

I got my first HIV antibody test done at 20 days : Results were negative.
I started reading about the window period, and decided to get an antibody/antigen combo test done at 6 weeks (44 days post exposure) and the result to that test was negative also.

At this point, I was feeling pretty comforted with the negative results. But then my significant other started showing signs of ARS, 2 weeks to the day after the last time we had intercourse. She's having night sweats, diarrhea, slight fever.

What are the risks of me catching HIV as a top from a one time exposure? and what are the chances that my 6 week negative HIV test will actually turn positive at the 3 month mark?

I'm terrified that not only I am sick, but my significant other to.


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