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High Risk

Less than 10 seconds unprotected vaginal intercourse

Well, I feel very embarassed writing this, even in an anonymous forum such as this, but I know I made a mistake and hope that the ramifications will not be great. To be brief, I had unprotected vaginal sex with a call-girl for no more than 7-8 seconds (likely even less than that..) We were done with some very passionate foreplay and I don't know what I (and she) were thinking.. She said it's ok, that she is healthy and gets regularly tested and has few clients etc..But after the incident I am just paralysed with the fear of contracting HIV.. There were no wounds, sores on my penis and she seemed quite healthy-for whatever that's worth..I actually talked with a friend who is a doctor-not on this particular field-and he said that the risk is virtually non-existent (statistically speaking) but I am not reassured. He said that any preventive treatment would be meaningless. Do you agree with this assesment? Any advice welcome! Thank you!

HIV Risk?

Okay, so here it goes...

Timeline of events:

Partner one (confirmed HIV/STI Free) - Regular Partner
April 8th - Unprotected sex
April 17th - Unprotected sex

Partner 2 (New partner, STI status unknown)
April 7th - Oral (some pre-cum, but no ejaculation)
April 14th - Protected intercourse, with condom (condom slid off during intercourse) also more oral, but no ejaculation
April 18 - Oral with ejaculation, Unprotected Intercourse

By 4/20 - Partner one began to feel ill (congested, night sweats, cold chills, diarrhea, coughing) Multiple people have been sick with Strep, and other congestion in the household.
By 4/21 I had painful urination, went to doctor - UTI (by 4/22, after taking Cipro antibiotic feeling nauseous)

Besides being worried for my well-being, I am worried that I may infected partner one. What is the possibility/likelhood, etc ...

Side note: Both partners are male and I am female.

Needle stick through flip flops

Thank you for taking my question. I was visiting San Francisco and walking through the downtown area. Plenty of homeless people, which is a problem in sf. I was wearing flip flops when I though I stepped on a rock or a bottle cap. I looked down and a syringe needle had gone through my flip flops ( they were think, not the thick type) and poked me. I didn't see blood on my foot but the area was kinda red. I don't know how long that syringe was there for but I would assume some homeless may be drug users. Please give me your opinion. Thank you

Flu like sysmtoms after 5 weeks of unprotected single encounter

Hi, I am 42 years old male. Had just one encounter of 'unprotected' vaginal sex with a sex worker in India and it lasted only for a minutes. No signs of bruise or blood (though I'm uncircumcized). Nothing much happened in first 5 weeks other than mild fatigue, But just now in 6th week, I am having soar through and cold/flu like symptoms. But no fever at all. Some small dark spots on chest but I suspect that those were there before the encounter as well. Shall I be worried of being infected with HIV? On the websites it says odds of getting HIV from a single exposure are very low! Is it worrying that I am having this flu/cold like symptom 'after' 5 weeks? (no fever). Thanks

having sex within window period

I was having sex with a sex worker on Nov. 8, 2015. 1st round of our sex we used condom the second time around we didn't use condom anymore. And because of my anxiety that not knowing her HIV status, I took a rapid blood test (sd bioline HIV 1/2 3.0) on Dec. 16, 2015 (4 weeks & 4 days) and came out non reactive (negative). The counsellor told me that i have to go back for another test after 3 months so that the result will be conclusive. and she told me if possible not to do sex within 3 mothns, and if ever I couldn't resist she told me to use condom. But on Feb 7, 2016 me and my girlfriend having sex without using condom. On April 20, 2016 i took another rapid test (sd bioline HIV 1/2 3.0) and it was still non reactive (negative).

And here is my question: Was this result conclusive? or should i wait for couple of months and take the test again?

broken condom during sex

HI, the other day i was having sex with my bf..i am a girl, his condom broke while inside me and i think he gave me three pumps and then he pulled out...he was not in there really long....we stopped having sex after this happen..does that present a high risk for hiv? he did not ejaculate or anyhting

shaving bumps

good day, i have an important question and at this point i am quite nervous hoping you guys can be of assistance. i had sex with a call girl last week. however two weeks ago i shaved and i saw some small pimples with white heads maybe a few of them on the lower button half of my penis. they're not bleeding nor i have any cuts or puncture wounds on my penis or balls. am i at risk of getting hiv if the girl cum touches those shaving bumps on my testicles?

HIV Infection

Hi There,

I have been to a lady a month back. I am little worried of myself now. What I did is I rubbed my penis on her vagina and while rubbing I inserted the tip of my penis and suddenly i realized and took off. Wore condom that had sex. But m still worried if I can get HIV transmitted. Since she was an unknown lady i am not sure of her. status. Please advice me. Thanks

western blot after 10 weeks

sir i had a protected sex with lady prostitute . during sex she has used coconut oil as a lubricant .I was not getting why she is doing so after sex i have checked condom it was not broken . after some weeks molluscum contagiousm devloped in my genital area . i visited skin specilist he suggested to test for HIV 1 & HIV 2 also vdrl after 6 weeks of possible exposure . then for confirmation i did western blot test that test also come negative after 10 weeks
1) Is western blot is is conclusive after 10 weeks
2) even though there is no condom broken am i risk of getting HIV ?
3) can use of coconut oil weak the condom that can pass HIV virus .

Scared of Possible Transmission

Okay, so, this is probably just going to sound like another kid who messed around without thinking and now he's freaking out because of it. I'm 18 and my girlfriend and I messed around (unprotected anal sex) about 7 or so weeks ago. I ejaculated outside of her. About a month ago, we did it again but this time used protection. I did not ejaculate, although we went at it much longer and her anus remained "open" after I pulled out. I didn't see any blood. Anyhow, about two weeks ago I came down with some pretty nasty flu-like symptoms- low grade fever, sore throat, cough, dry mouth. I decided to research if that could have anything to do with what we did, and lo and behold, the internet decided I had HIV. Soon after, I developed some pretty nasty diarrhea (only in the morning) and vomited once. I visited a walk in clinic, but the doctor said I'm fine without even a test, and that I just gave her a cold.At six weeks post-unprotected sex, despite the doctor's recommendation, I took an Oraquick test. It was negative. A few days later, I had her take one as well- again, negative (I understand they're not conclusive until three months, but I've also read that they're 95% accurate at six weeks). Her and I are both virgins, and neither of us have ever used any intravenous drugs outside of a hospital. She did used to self-harm, but she claims that she was "sterile" about it, and wouldn't use a bloody blade or razor. Now, 7 weeks post-possible exposure, my symptoms have subsided. She got something similar (without any digestive issues... that was probably caused by my anxiety), but her symptoms too subsided. My mind is still freaking out though, and it's annoying her really bad as I'm accusing her of having HIV.
Anyhow, my questions go as follows:
1. As virgins, how remote is the chance that either of us would have HIV?
2. How hard would it be for HIV to spread through self-harm (without another person around)?
3. If both of us came up negative at 6 weeks, is it safe to assume we're both safe?
4. Should I still go get a blood test at three months, or is the Oraquick's negative conclusive that I've never been exposed to HIV before we had sex?
5. Am I needlessly freaking out?


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