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HIV Testing

Conclusiveness of HIV Test ?

Hello!I did hiv test after 60 days of exposure to low risk , on the result gave to me is Non reactive for kit 1 and kit 2 And kit used was determine, I just want to know accuracy of this kit,and if the test is conclusive .And also what generation is this test kit.

HIV Insti rapid test

Hi and thanks for the informative forum and services. A few months ago I had intercourse with several sex workers. I used condoms protection to be safe. As I am now entering a new relationship with a new partner I thought it would be smart to get checked for every STD and HIV before engaging in sexual intercourse. All STDs were negative and I did a Insti HIV test at an HIV testing checkpoint near my home. The rapid test was done by a trained HIV counsellor and I got the results in one minute which were negative. I did the test exactly 86 days since my last encounter with a sex worker. As I know absolutely nothing about testing and noticed you often refer to this rapid test I thought I would ask you, if this test can be considered final and I can go in this relationship fully reassured?
I look forward to your response!!
Warm regards :)

Unprotected fellatio...fully protected vaginal sex....Latex condom being intact..

Sir , I had sex with one female ( unknown status of HIV) 9 days ago , unprotected oral sex by me lending penis and she giving mouth i.e. penile mouth oral sex ...I am HIV -..... did not ejaculate ( she appeared not to have any mouth sores, also when kissed , I could not taste any blood or any bad breath or any abnormality /abrasion - but I am not 100% confident about gum disease, if any she had).. we kissed not very deep and not dry either for 10-12 seconds max....
Then I had fully protected vaginal sex and the condom being fully intact ( I am sure as I have checked it two times during the activity and also checked by putting it under tap water - it did not leaked ) hence I am fully confirm to have it intact....no ejaculation and ejected the penis while more or less straight... No condom sleep off ....
Now she had no lesions/rashes on her entire body / skin / face/ mouth ....appeared hyegenic...
But now I am freaking out for the fear of HIV....
How about my chances of contracting it ....?
Please reply to it...

I am very anxious....

Very stupid situation

I had an unprotected sex with a HIV+ girl 3 months ago and i made a stupid decision, I started to take unprescribed HAART med from day 1
Now it’s been 2 months I’m suffering from armpit, neck and groin lymphopathy
Tested negative ELISA and NAAT both out of window periods(day 80-85)
What have I done? Am I gonna die?
I think I would never seroconvert like this since the med is keeping viral load blew detectable line so the immune system won’t produce enough antibodies. The virus is replicating in my lymph nodes and eats up my CD4s continuously
What’s next?

Need Some Guidance Please

Hi , I am a guy from India , I did domething stupid . Got very drunk and had sex with a call Girl . Let me elaborate that bit here . She put a condom on me . I think it was okay . She got on top and gave 10-12 thrusts post which I got on her and gave 4-5 thrusts . There was no semen which was out . I was too drunk and not interested to do it so she gave me a hand job . That did not do the trick so I got the condom off and mastrubated myself . At the time I think the condom was intact . It did not seem broken or torn . I have no idea about her HIV status let alone viral load . This happened 3 days back and now I am scared . I have read all I could online , which has reassured me that chances of HIV with Condom are very less unless the condom tears .One thing to mention here is that I think her virgina was dry ( On account of her not being emotionally attached and everything ) . I will get the 28 day HIV 1 and 2 Antibody done but every second is killing me . All I want to know is that what are my odds .

symptoms for 2 months, do I have HIV?

I had protected sex 2 month ago and I know its protected and hiv can't be passed this way but during the intercourse I heard the condom pop but after ejaculation when I took out I couldn't see it break but since then after 10 days I had fatigue and diarrhea which lasted 1 month and swollen lymph nodes on my neck which lasted about 5 weeks and my main problem is some mouth lesions or ulcers inside my mouth in the area between the wisdom tooth and the tongue and I get sore throat till now that come and go and also night sweats now I know I used a condom but these symptoms have no other explanation I made cbc which was normal t3,t4 were normal also negative for epv and mono and negative at 27 days for syphlis and gnorrhea.

I went for an hiv antibody test at 27 days after the exposure which came back negative but I don't know what generation it is but its name is hiv 1,2 antibody test
and also tested negative at 47 days using the same test they took blood from the vein not finger prick
so what are my chances that I am hiv positive and are these mouth problems an ars symptoms that stay for this long?

Recreational drug use affecting HIV testing?


I had my last unprotected exposures 2 years ago. I tested negatvie one year later, 3 days ago via Oraquick negative and today received 4th gen negative result. I am a chronic marijuana smoker (3,4 times a week) and I am wondering if my weed smoking habits can cause false negative results? I have smoked marijuana the day before my last HIV test (10 hours before test). I was told by my doctor that he thinks it does not impact HIV test results.


HIV infection from home based test


A few days ago I bought a HIV kit. there is a needle in the pack. I pierced my finger with that needle and put my blood in the kit. I'm afraid the needle was infected with the virus. Is it possible to get HIV and hepatitis with needle?

Accuracy of Point of Care HIV Test

How accurate is a rapid antibody test at 24 days post exposure? Also, what are the chances of a negative rapid antibody result at 24 days changing at 90 days or 12 weeks assuming no further exposure to HIV.

i can not consider my status

briefly :(after exposure)
- since day 21: had very painful and slightly swollen armpits, chest and groins lymph nodes
- since day 46: had all HIV symptoms like chronic fever, sore throat, joint and muscle pain, bruises, fatigue, white coated tongue
- a negative PCR by day 31
- negative 4th gen ELISA at days 24, 40, 53, 60, 69 and ELFA by day 73

virologist is confused seems there is no other condition with all HIV symptoms together
what should I do now?


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