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HIV Testing

Is it a condom failure?

Hi, several weeks ago I had an intercourse with a sexual worker. When I pulled out, a condom left stayed inside her. I also forgot pinch the tip.
I got tested for
p24 at 13 days
RNA PCR qual at 24 days
Finger prick test at 6 weeks.
The results came back negative. Could you please assess a risk of the encounter?

Fear of HIV - Have symptoms but tested negative using Oraquick

On 08/22/18 I gave unprotected oral sex to a man. He did not appear to ejaculate. We also tongue kissed. He had a recently chipped front tooth that appeared red where the tooth had been chipped. I do not believe I had any open cuts in my mouth, but my gums do bleed a little from brushing daily, so I don't know how high the risk is that I could contract HIV that way. 9 days after being with him on 08/31/18 I started experiencing severe stomach pains that felt like bloating or excess gas (GasX did not help), and vomiting, along with constipation (hard & very little stool daily). I have never experienced this type of stomach pain before, and had not vomited in years before that day. I purchased an Oraquick test kit today (09/09/18) which is now 18 days after being exposed and the result was negative. My stomach discomfort has mostly subsided, but I now have a strange nagging muscle/joint ache in my left hip area whenever I move that leg, along with constipation still. I do not know the status of the man I was with. Any info would be helpful. I am planning on having a Rapid HIV test done as soon as I hit the 4 week mark.

Will I catch HIV if I foreplay with a women?

Hii there,

I went to an erotic massage parlour last week. I was doing foreplay with her. I was only kissing her neck though. But I found few blisters or acne on her. So, I'm afraid anything would happen.

My question is how will I know if I catch some STI's or STD's or HIV for that matter? It has been 5 days since I went there. Please help. Thank you.


I had protected sex with a worker on March 31st and 2 weeks later I started having symptoms like breathlessness, diarrhea, night sweats, 5% weight loss, feverish feeling but no fever. I tested for HIV RNA PCR test, HIV 1 and 2 antibodies after 10 days, 1, 3 and 4 months of exposure and they were all negative but today even after 5 months I still feel the symptoms are not going away and every day I feel I have a new symptom for e.g., I have been having severe dry mouth, my body is always hot, my throat is always disturbing, cough, dizziness feeling, anus burning, pain in armpits. When I read up, all these are symptoms of HIV. Should I get tested again? I am unable to do anything else apart from worrying that why are my symptoms not going away and if my tests were negative then what do I do? Please suggest I am really concerned and I am struggling with my life everyday

HIV test results conclusive after 21 weeks?

I tested HIV negative after 21 weeks of unprotected sex. Were those results conclusive?

Marijuana & 4th Gen Test, Conclusive?


I was wondering if smoking weed few hours before an HIV test affect the result? I had exposures three years ago with CSWs and tested non reactive nine months ago via 4th generation

False Positive Tests?

I was tested 5 times by my RE. Each test reacted. I was tested Twice in June, September, November,December. My Re also ran 3 viral load tests along with the normal panel and it was fine, under 40,000 I think. I know I am HIV negative but it clearly is not an anomaly. Something is going on and no one seems to care. What specific auto immune diseases can cause consistent false positives?

I had unprotected oral sex; scared of getting HIV

One day ago since this question posted, I sucked a 20 years old gay man's penis for 3-4 seconds and immediately spat since I didn't like it. I am not sure if there was any precum or semen while I sucked but the penis seemed dry before I put it in my mouth and I didn't put his entire penis in my mouth. After that, I kissed that man passionately with tongue.
I met the man on dating app who says he is HIV negative and in past only had protected anal sex with men but has not gone through any HIV tests since he felt he wasn't needed same.
I'm virgin and have no prior sex experience. Now I'm scared of getting HIV virus. Can you please help me? What shall I do? Many thanks in advance.

Accuracy and Window Period of 4th Generation HIV Screening


I had exposure (mutual masturbation and titsex) with a sex worker two years ago. No oral, vaginal or anal sex took place. Oil was used on my penis and her breasts for lubricating. Half a year later I received a HIV screening (4th gen) along with my physical, which came back non-reactive. Should I retest due to possibility of false negative? I have read that in one case this person seroconvert after 4 years, although with obvious AIDS related symptoms

HIV transmission through a deep kiss with biting and blood


Could you please estimate the risk of my situation? When I first had (protected) sex with my partner, they told me they were recently screened and did not have any STI. We then had protected sex on multiple occasions. Turned out, my partner was not screened for HIV in a long time, those recent tests did not include it. Although we had protected sex, several times there was deep kissing and biting involved. The bites were quite strong and most likely had broken the skin inside the mouth for both of us. I remember the bites caused a bleeding in my mouth, I am not sure if my partner had any bleeding inside their mouth. Should I get tested for HIV?

Thank you


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