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HIV Testing

hiv testing and clarification

Known HIV positive person during the intercourse condom broken, after 10 days, HIV RNA PCR test not detected and 12 WEEKS after hiv 4th generation test with CMIA method non reactive index value is 0.07 after 7 months HIV test with ELISA method non reactive i.e index value is 0.45. all test are performed at laboratory .can I safe are further any tests required? If required after how many days after and which Test is required? and my tests index value is rising from 0.07 to 0.45 the index value rising any problem?

4th Generation Antigens/Antibody Test at 9 Days Post Exposure

I had the 4th generation test exactly 9 days post exposure. I had the test after symptoms started. Fatigue, other flu symptoms, 99.6 fever. I’ve read that the antigens part of the test is effective at 10-14 days post exposure. My test was negative, but I don’t know if it means anything. Will the 4th generation test detect antigens at 9 days if there are symptoms? I went to my regular doctor and had blood drawn for the RNA/viral load test yesterday, but it will probably be next Friday when I get the results. I’m still having the symptoms. This is the 7th day. My exposure was unprotected oral and protected anal (both receiving). Thank you for answering my questions.

Combo Ag/Ab Test After 72 Days

I had a protected sexual encounter with a sex worker in Turkey.I had gone through fourth generation Duo Ultra tests after 15 25 30 42 days, Hiv1 RNA PCR after 15 days, Than i had combo test after 35, 56, 63 and 72 days and values for all the tests came back as negative.Do i need more tests as i had taken all the tests at appropriate times.

Risk of HIV/AIDS in one-time gay sex

pre-cum was on my anus and I discovered irritation that started to bleed

Negative but high risk and red flag symptoms

Please help me !
Two years ago 2017 (april - may) I had four times short unprotected intercourse with a women who died after 2 months due to AIDS. After knowing she was dead due to TB and AIDS I tested in immunochromatography (2 months), result was non-reactive. Again tested on 5 months (same test), result was unchanged. After more than a year 2018 october I tested on Alere 3rd gen rapid test at home. Result was negative. But now today 2019 august 28, I am infected with flu or common cold which has became very common after that threatening event. The thing that is haunting me is that I have developed small thrush at the corner of the left lip and I can gurantee it. I have also the fear of developing pneumonia due to the frequent resperitory infection. And last, one month ago I developed warts on penis meatus.
My question is that should I go for checkup and testing. Or should I wait for recovery of myself of both infection. Anexity has striked me again with the thrush.
Waiting for your suggestion.

Risk of HIV infection or hep C after contact with dried blood?


I visited a wax bar for the first time a couple days ago and they provided vaginal wipes to freshen up before waxing. The wipes are individually packaged and the one I got had brown stains on the package. I didn't think much of it at first, thinking it's coffee/tea stains. Anyway, I opened the package and used the wipe. After waxing, I bled a little and was told it can happen. Once I got home, it crossed my mind that the brown stain may have been dried blood. I don't think the wipe touched the packaging but I am quite worried and concerned since I did use the wipe on myself. Is there any risk of HIV infection or hepatitis C in this case? Do I need to get tested? I've been really anxious about this and would really appreciate any advice you can give.

hiv testing 123

After my risky explosure with CSW my HIV RNA PCR at 9 days not detected and 32 & 85 after HIV test wit CMIA method Non reactive i.e index value is 0.07 and 0.09 after 212 days my HIV 1 and 2 test with elisa method negitive i.e index value is 0.24, and hepatatis B and C negitive. my problem is enlarged lumph node 32 days after the exposed 1.5 cm length still existing. the lumph node related to any STD ? can i take which type STD test? my tests are rule out HIV?

needle prick on the street

Yesterday my ankle was pricked by a needle on the street - it didn't bleed. The emergency ward at St. Paul's gave me the 3 PEP medications to take for the first 5 days, telling me I'd feel sick and my liver and kidneys could be affected. I've got 2 hours to decide whether or not to take them (in the first 24 hours). Aids Vancouver would have helped with my decision, but they're closed today. I'm quite healthy and don't want to be sick for the next 5 days or ruin my liver or kidneys, but don't know what the chances are for HIV or how long it would take for it to manifest. I need help to make this decision.

Feeling infected after visiting massage parlour

I visited a massage parlor 11days before and post massage, therapist asked me that i need a HJ but i denied it. Then i started suspecting the place, like if the therapist is infected with HIV/possible semen/blood could have present over bed which i ad laid down.

Also, i have few pimples on my back with dry state/black colored state could allowed virus to get inside.

So, i started thinking like what if therapist could have previous client semen/blood in her hand/oil used might capable of hosting a virus.'

I also suspect the therapist could intentionally infected through her saliva/vaginal/blood from her hand cut(assuming as when i turn on other side) pouring on my shoulder because im not trusting the place that i visited since they offering HJ service.

Symtoms i have:
1.After two days started feeling fever and continued for three days
2.My HIV fear begins on fifth day then on sixth day i wnt to clinic to check my BP was high and no fever its within body temperature 98.6f however i started feeling hot flashes on same day and next two days.
3.on fifth day, i started feeling gum/cheek pain on right side
However i started feeling hot flashes on same day and next two days.
3.on fifth day, i started feel mouth gum/cheek pain on right side and loosen mental stability upon observing these symptoms.
4.from 7th day onwards am having difficulty in GL(bowl moement as am no abe to free my stomach)
5.had three night sweats but not severe
6.lost weight upto 3.5kg
its been 12days, m unable to come out of the stress and weight loss making me so sad.
These symptoms mostly related to HIV infection.
Please advise is there any caase similar to mine/ should i be worried??

Since i have not done any sexual activities but still am suffering from symptoms.

feel like my life is gone and sometimes feel good when i see comments about raw vaginal/anus intercourse/mother to child can infection occur. But not sure about current infections.

Bite Tongue After Oral Sex

I had anal oral sex about 3 weeks ago. After I finished I washed my mouth out with peroxide like I normally do. This time I accidentally bite my tongue causing it to bleed after I washed my mouth out. I'm worried because i'm not sure all the germs escaped my mouth. This was like 15 minutes after oral sex. I'm not sure how long anal mucus remained in my mouth or if the peroxide washed it away. I would hate to hear that someone's anal mucus was able to get in the sore from the tongue bite. Not sure how all that works. Since then I've been having post nasal drip mild flu symptoms like sore throat.


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