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HIV Testing

Western Blot/ELISA Conclusive Testing

Am 32 years male I did unprotected sex with one lady so many times( more then 100 times) later on I identified that she is hiv positive. Then after my last exposer I went western blot on 84th day, tridot on 120th day, ELISA on 135th day all are came negative. Is it enough to rule out hiv? Is any other test is required? Window period is 3 months or 6 months? please help me.

I did 2 HIV test, 1st test after exposure of 5 months and 2nd after 1 year of 1st test. Both were negative. Are these results conclusive?

Hello Sir, i had a girlfriend, who was HIV positive, and after our break up she told me that she is HIV positive. We had sex alot of times but most of time i used Condoms. But still i tested myself on sep 2016, it was an Antibody and antigen p24 test. The report was nonreactive. Again after 1 year i tested myself cause i was abit confused due to having a wart near my genital ... test was same Antibody and antigen p24 test. Again the report was nonreactive. can i rely on these reports or again i should go for a HIV test?

Healthcare Worker Needle Exposure

I fell and split my knee open and went to the ER. I had a terrible experience at the ER because I had to wait so long to be stitched up and I like to have needles and anything being used on me opened up in front of me, but because I had to wait so long I went to use the bathroom and when I got back the Physician Assistant was already opening up my needle and syringe she was using to inject lidocaine to numb my knee before stitching. I'm going to be honest with you I have a very serious hiv phobia where I think people would reuse needles or do something to infect me in not only healthcare settings but every day settings. Regardless it did not help the fact that I told the person with the needle I was scared of the needle but she didnt know about my hiv phobia she just assumed I was afraid because it was a big needle. She injected me with the needle I did not get to see opened and prepared in front of me and then asked me if I was numb. For some odd reason she told me that it should feel like a slight tapping and with the same needle she injected me with she was demonstrating a light tapping on the top of her bare hand. Literally tapping the needle that was in me on top of her ungloved hand. I think she had one glove on one off and I dont know why. Is it possible she had one on and one off because its easier to stitch with an ungloved hand? I am freaking out because she touched her bare hand with my needle that she put back in my knee to inject medicine in the other side of my knee. So just so it's clear she injected me, asked if it was numb then told me it should feel very light on my skin and demonstrated by tapping the tip of my needle on her bare hand on the top of her hand then decided to inject my knee with more lidocaine all before she stitched me up. I went to my doctors the next day freaking out and was concerned about hiv risk even though I didnt see her putting the needle in her hand or any blood, but why she was tapping her hand and then put it back in my knee I am beyond horrified. I am worried that she has HIV and when I was in the bathroom when she was preparing my needle how do I know she didnt use the needle on herself to contaminate it with HIV and inject it into me. For all I know she could have used a dirty needle on me or poked herself on purpose with it to infect me because I'm worried she waited for me to go into the bathroom to do that so I wouldnt see her. My doctor said that is very unlikely and did not think I needed to be concerned but said if I would feel better I could do an hiv test in 3 months. I took one now and it was negative and am planning to take one 3 months after exposure. It happened on July 8 and my appointment to retake is 10/23 or 24th because I wanted a week or so after 3 months because should I really trust a result at 3 months? My doctor and another doctor i talked to and everyone else said that they would not be concerned about hiv from this and did say yeah it was odd what she did but they would have thought nothing of it regarding hiv and that I'm being extremely worried over nothing. Can u please tell me if I am worrying for nothing and if it sounds like I am at risk? This was a Physician Assistant and I think she is married to a woman because I researched her to see if I could find out anything about her and I believe shes a lesbian. I'm not trying to stereotype but those are all the facts. Do you think I am being extreme that I'm worried she was poking herself with my needle while I was in the bathroom to get the needle dirty to infect me or do you think it's my hiv phobia that is making me think that way? The way I think is why would she touch the tip of my needle on her bare hand and re insert the needle back in me if she wasnt trying to infect me? Clearly she isn't protecting herself so it makes me think she already has hiv and now I'm worried what else she was doing with my needle when I was in the bathroom. PLEASE HELP ME and tell me the truth of what you think. Should I be worried about hiv? I am so upset. Also should I trust the result when I retake the test and is 10/23 sufficient time to wait? Would u be worried If this? Also, I already know I can report anything I want to the Department of Health and I did but they told me I would have to tell them my name and I am uncomfortable with that because I do not want the Physician Assistant knowing I reported her but also feel a little bit silly because I do have irrational thoughts. My doctor and another doctor I saw both do not think I have anything to worry about and let me test just for my own piece of mind and I told a few friends and my mom and they all did not think anything of it and think I am being ridiculous. I want to know if I really am being irrational/ridiculous by a professional opinion. I am scared to do my retest I am worried the lady infected me with a dirty syringe either one that was already dirty or perhaps maybe she used herself and then on me. I have no way of knowing what happened while I was in the bathroom because like I said she already opened the needle and filled the syringe with lidocaine. I guess the whole scary thoughts started because I already dont trust people with needles, relate needles to hiv and the FACT that she was trying to I dont know comfort me?? by showing me how it should feel by tapping the needle that was already in me on the top part of her BARE hand, then decided she was going to give more lidocaine injects in my knee. I am really freaking out please help me and tell me if you think this is an actual concern!

Did I acquire hiv?

I had less cold feeling at the beginning of this story.

23 july - I had unprotected sex. did oral and annal sex. I'm not sure about the partner.
26 july - I drank a cool drink
27 july - I got cold and nose blocked feeling
29 july - I went to doctor and get medical treatments for cold
02 aug - I didnt cure and went to another doctor to get treatments. this time I had little fever.
04 aug - I feel little bit better and I god another problem. my penis was swollen little bit and I was getting a burning feel
when uring passing. Also my penis head looks very seedy and turns to more dark. (I'm asian and normally
my penis head is little dark in colour.)
05aug - I occasionally gets mild fever and did hiv test. results was negative.
06 aug - I got swollen Lymph nodes in my leg area and I get fever in night and night sweating.
07aug - went to doctor and test urine test and checked my penis. according to the reports I had infection and doctor
gave me medicine for it.
08 aug - still I have mild muscles and joints pain at the moment.


01) Is this relates to hiv problem?
02) when I should test hiv again? (hiv p24)


Reusing Condoms

My penis became in full contact during masturbation with the external side of an anally used condom of an HIV+ person, After the anal coitus, the condom was exposed briefly to the air (less than 10 seconds), before i started to masturbate with it, i kept masturbating and came with the condom around my penis (uncircumsided), without thinking in the risk. can you tell me how real of a risk it was?

HIV Test, Conclusive?


I had protected sex with call girl 25 days back and do not know about her HIV status.Also she lost weight and have cough also in recent months.i got loose motion,itching,feverish in second week and consult with a doctor also.He said it is related to food poison and asked me to check HIV status also.Then I took test on 15th day and the results for P24 combo test is negative.Then i went for annual health checkup and doctor advised to test HIV again. Lab test done through HIV rapid test (23 days) and result is non reactive.But still my mind is not relaxed due to itching in the body and throat infection for last 2 days.Could you tell me,is this result is sufficient to know the HIV status or I need to do again HIV test.If that case ,when should i need to do it ?

Thanks & Regards,

4th Generation EIA "DUO" Test, Conclusive?

Hello Doctor, I am sincerely hoping you can give me a sense of relief because the past 2 months have been a complete NIGHTMARE for me. Let me start by giving you the full story. On May 5 I had unprotected oral sex with a guy that lasted for about 2- 3 minutes. he did not ejaculate but I am unsure ofthe pre-semen. He then penetrated me unprotected for about 1-2 minutes in which I stopped him and made him put on a condom. After we were done, he removed the condom and cleaned himself up he and then penetrated me again for about 1-2 minutes.Which I again stopped him because he did not have on a condom. I am unsure if any semen or pre-semen entered my body which has me going nuts! about 3 weeks later I had diarrhea. I am lactose intolerant so I sort of thought it could be from that so I did not worry about it. On June 4th The day before my birthday, I noticed I had a sore throat and dry cough with a very low temp. I immediately scheduled a visit with my doctor as I was really nervous. I had a slight fever and asked my doctor to perform an STD test. When I got my results back I tested Syphilis - Negative HEP B - Negative Hep C = Negative HIV = Negative HSV 1 Negative HSV 2 Positive Although I tested positive for HSV 2, I thought I was okay as for the HIV results, however, I read that there was a window period and I would need to retest. As time went on I started to have a very upset stomach gassy bloated and diarrhea. It went away for awhile but occasionally comes back. I went to the dentist because of infected wisdom tooth and they prescribed me Clindamycin which I developed thrush and more diarrhea I was told that this was possibly due to the meds. I also have had dry mouth which I also heard could be from the meds as well. My Period for this month is noticeably lighter than normal which I am freaking out about. I never got a rash or anything or that I have noticed. About a week ago my husband (Yes I am married which I feel HORRIBLE About)started having diarrhea with an upset stomach. I noticed a rash on his knee which looked more like a bruise than a rash it was red and purple with no bumps and very small. He works as a contractor and is always on his knees so he could be from that and his hands are dry which made me worry as well, but he has had no other symptoms. I also noticed that I had a small swollen parotid lymph node (Or so I think)which has since become very very small, almost unnoticeable. I got nervous and decided to go back to the doctor so that she could test for HIV again. The results were still negative. My mouth is dry not and in my opinion not producing any saliva which is a major concern for me. I continuously chew gum to remedy this. I am on Klonopin to help with my anxiety. I have taken many tests to try and ease my mind but I am still unsure. Here is a clear timeline of each test EXPOSURE DATE- May 5 June 6th Lab-4th generation Duo Test Results = Negative June 23rd Lab-4th generation Duo Test Results = Negative June 29th Oraquick Home test Results = Negative July 9th Oraquick Home test Results = Negative July 12th Lab-4th generation Duo Results = Negative Husband took a test as well July 2nd Lab-4th generation Duo Results = Negative The other guy took a test as well July 1st Oraquick Home test Results = Negative, however, I wasn't the when he took it so I dont know the accuracy. less than br/ greater than Doctor, I am truly a nervous wreck at this point because I have been feeling very tired lately as well. Which could be due to the Klonopin but this just as on to my feelings of Anxiety. Can you please please please post and respond??? Sincerely Extreme Panic Attack

HIV testing

I am worried about my HIV result . i was tested negative after four months for HIV. Howeve 2 months before getting tested i had pilonodial cyst surgery. Can that cause a false result or in any way could it affect the HIV result ? So do i have to test again ? . Do i need to worry about it ?


Please allow me to raise some questions/concerns related to HIV topic.
1. On the result of my serology test, it is indicated as follows:
Dépistage par électrochimiluminescence sur COBAS Elecsys 411
VIH 1/2 et Ag p24 (HIV Combi PT Cobas / ROCHE) : Négatif
According to the above information, could you please tell/confirm wether it is of the forth-generation assay?
2. After the exposure, I did take the PEP.
Is the PEP able to delay the conclusiveness of the serology test assay (even with the forth generation)?
First test at 31 days after the exposure (1 day after I finished the PEP); VIH 1/2 et Ag p24 (HIV Combi PT Cobas/Roche) : Négatif
Second test at 45 days after the exposure (15 days after I finished the PEP): VIH 1/2 et Ag p24 (HIV Combi PT Cobas/Roche): Négatif
For reassurance, at the 45th day post-exposure, I also requested to perform the Viral Load HIV test.
Conclusion: HIV-1 RNA non detected.
In most articles I have found, it is recommended to have a confirmatory test at 3 months post-exposure.
Waiting for the next test is still very stressful and anxious for me.
Thank you in advance for your answer.

Symptoms after testing HIV negative at 7 weeks

I had unprotected oral sex 9 weeks ago. I used a condom for vaginal sex but it broke, and I stopped immediately when I noticed. I'm a 21 year old straight male. At 7 weeks, I tested negative for HIV, syphilis, gonorrhea, and chlamydia. I did however have some bumps on my penis which the doctor said was molluscum. She froze them off.
2 days after getting tested, I had a very mild headache for a few seconds. The same thing happened a few times last week and has increased to every few hours in the past few days. I'm also experiencing a lot of tiredness and fatigue all day. I just checked and I am running a very, very mild fever (less than half a degree F). What could be the problem? Should I trust the HIV test I got after 7 weeks? I'm very stressed, nervous and paranoid. I just can't get this out of my head. I am going to see a doctor tomorrow.


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