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HIV Testing

Deep french kiss

i deeply french kissed a girl before 9 months, and i got card test of hiv after 60 days and that come negative, 8 months after i felt mild fever and cold so i am worried and take one more test of hiv (serum anibodeis agianst hiv 1 and 2 ) i didnott heared about the test and that was also non reactive, bt the problem is now a days i have a 2 painful nodes on ma back and while pressing it is suppressing, some time i have felt mild fever .
now 9 months has gone bt i am still worring ..is there any chance of hiv..want i take one more test ,and how much reliable serum antibodes

tooth extraction and drink sharing

hello. please, i accidentally drunk from a glass of my friend, on the same day as i had tooth extraction (three stitches and still bit bleeding). it was not like from hand to hand, it was "sitting" on a table for a while, but very short - seconds to minutes, i just made a mistake and took hers instead of mine. I think hiv would die in water and if it is on the glass, then it would be only tiny amount and also would be incactive, but as there is real wound in my mouth, i would like to hear your opinion. I would not bother, but actually we did talk about our dental problems at that time - and about bleeding gums (i suppose gums usually bleed only when being washed by toothbrush, but... I am afraid.

Can I get HIV by only one time unprotected anal sex with HIV positive partner

Dear Sir or Madam

I'm 29 and homosexual and circumcised. Last 13th May 2016 I had experienced unprotected sex with male partner. I had two times intercourse with this partner and the first time (at night) I used condom and gel correctly but in second time (at early morning) I had intercourse again and I used lubricant and condom at initial stage, then I removed condom at middle stage and I think after just 5 minutes I made ejaculation. One month later after happening it, I've known that my partner is HIV positive. So, I went to clinic and tested HIV with ELISA Test at 6 weeks (41 days) exactly. Fortunately, my result was negative but I can't happy till now and I'm worrying about HIV. Can I transmit HIV by only one time anal sex and my testing with HIV result after 6 weeks can reliable. What can I do for my so much and continuous concern? Please give me your opinion upon my event.
Thank you so much for your help.

HIV Testing


Due to a low risk event I was given PEP for 28 days. Event was happened last week of April. Below are my test dates and Results :

1 day after PEP - 4th gen combo Test - Negative
4 weeks after PEP - 4th gen combo Test - Negative
8 weeks of PEP(12 weeks after exposure) - Rapid Oraquick Test - Negative

I would like to know

1.These results are assuring?
2.Is Oraquick antibody test is good enough?
3.Did you see anyone turn positive after 8 weeks negative test?


I am scared pls help

I went to massage parlour. Girl and my self were naked. We rubbed each other. Their was a 5 seconds of contact with her Vagina and some pre cum in my penis. Is their chance for hiv ?

4th Generation HIV Rapid Test done at 14 days after exposure


I went to a regulated brothel which performs monthly medical checkup on their workers and enforces a usage of condom on 9th July.
I had an oral and vaginal sex with a condom but I kissed the worker and she gave me a handjob after sex but I did not ejaculate in the whole activity. Due to increasing concerns, I did a 4th generation HIV rapid test on 23rd July (exactly 14 days after exposure) and I had a negative result.

May I know the accuracy of the test at that moment?
May I know my risk levels of getting infected?


Pep started 48hrs but having all ARS symptoms from day 1

From 16 days I'm struggling with fever between 98.3 - 99.5F, night sweating. Seems like I'm infected with HIV or other STD disease.
I used 1 condom for oral and vaginal with CSW, my bad as this was my first time and at the end it was loose.
After 2days I consulted a doctor and did complete blood work. He prescribed me to take Truvada 1tab and Raltegravir 2tabs daily as PEP safer side because of my anxiety.

Fever 98.3 - 99.5
Tounge taste changed
Exess Saliva
Night Sweating

Blood test results after 2 days of exposure :-
HSV 1 IGG AB HERPSELECT ---> 0.15 Negative
HSV 2 IGG AB HERPSELECT ---> 0.05 Negative
HSV 1/2 AB (IGM) W/RFL(S) --->Negative
HIV 1/2 AG/AB, 4th Gen RFL ---> Nonreactive

C. Trachomatiis RNA, TMA --> Not detected
N. Gonorrhoeae RNA, TMA --> Not Detected
RPR (Monitor) W/REFL Titer --> Nonreactive

I'm now waiting for my blood culture results. But do you guys think that PEP is working in my case?


Dear sir four month ago i have a sex with HIV infected girl and she suck my penis and in my penis i found rashes
is there any chances of HIV transmition.

HIV infection in healthcare setup

I had went to lab for blood test 7 months ago. After drawing the blood lab assistant put a pre used cotton ball on my elbow from where blood is spilling out. The cotton he used contains blood from the person who might has visited earlier. I know the cotton contains blood because I noticed red spot on it but I don't know why I have not reacted at that time.

I had a joint pain that occurs after 2 weeks of a possible exposure. I had pain in my Knee, elbow and fingers joints at regular intervals(5 to 15 minutes). My joins pains for 10-30 seconds and stops suddenly and next pain attack comes some where after 5 to 15 minutes. There was no swelling or redness in any of my joints. This pain lasts somewhere between 1 to 1.5 months. I do not experience any other symptom.

I had ignored that symptom considering various articles on internet suggesting transmission does not occur that way. But recently I come across the news that scientist has discovered that HIV can live long enough out of human body in blood and can cause infection. Which makes me concern about the indecent after 7 months. Can you please let me know am I at risk. Which test should I opt for considering 7 months has already passed to the indecent.

Dried blood on watch

I work in a lab where I routinely draw blood. I am usually very careful and notice if there is any blood on my gloves or lab coat after drawing a patients. The same day after drawing an hiv positive patient I noticed dry blood in the the crevice of my watch. Though I routinely wash or sanitize my hands, I am worried that I could have infected myself. I routinely touch my watch during the day and even while eating. I also had a couple of small cuts on my hand that I am worried could have had secondary transfer. What are my odds of being infected? I had a rapid test 72 hours afterwards that said negative but I keep seeing symptoms that look like early acute infection.


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