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HIV Testing

Worried i have a std

So I found a condom that glows in the dark , unused in its package , the package was little bit damaged ( it had a small cut probably because people might have stepped on it , and the color of the package was faded as well ). The condom didn't have any fluids or what so ever, it was unused , just a little sand ( I live near the beach ) . So I wore it just to see how the condom looks . Is it possible that i have caught any STDs ? I am so worried. I want to do a blood test .
thanks in advance

Third generation detection

HAS HIV EVER BEEN detected in the first40-42 days with a third generation elisa??? I had a test after 40 days..I had unprotected sex with a girl...I am a male..i tested negative after 40 days...has it ever been detected that soon?

sexual health question?

I have a sexual health question. I've received oral sex a couple of times, the last time being about two years ago. I've only ever experienced it maybe four times with different people. But lately I've started getting paranoid about std's and HIV especially. Do you think i should get checked out?

worried sick

I received unprotected oral sex from a sex worker on the 4th of June..i wasn't worried and got tested for HIV (blood test) on the 10th of July (36 Days later) results came back negative..two days later i started experiencing Flu like symptoms, Headache, a fever five days later and sore throat...now i am extremely worried this be seroconversion..i hope i am wrong..and its winter time this side.


Dear Doctor,

first the all, I'm sorry for my English.

Two weeks ago I had had something like food poisoning (chills, 39C, diarrhea, sweating, dizziness, tiredness) I did all blood tests include HIV. The result is: HIV 1/2 - negative; Combo test - reactive. I did combo test again, and after one week got the result - non reactive.

Tell my please, is it Combo test true? Which one is true - first or second?
Best regards

High Risk, need help.

Hello, i am a male 22 years of age. I recently had a couple of high risk exposures, which being the last exposure was 5 months ago. i went to my pcp, worried i could of possibly contracted hiv. I got tested at 7 weeks of last exposure. It was the 4th generation test, and was negative. But i tested positive for hsv-1, and on my sheet my wbc was high, she didnt mention it to me. I felt relieved then started worrying again and got another test done at 80 days. Also negative and was 4th generation test. I wake up everyday and worry that i still some how contracted it... After about a month of the last test i found 6 brown circles on my stomach so i went to my pcp that day. i showed her and told her my left tonsil has been swollen for a couple weeks i just decided to tell her sense i was there already. She said it was ringworm, and said it can be from humid weather or excessive sweating, which makes sense because i was outside for a long time helping put a pool up in 90 degree weather and the next day is when i seen it. I still think its linked to hiv... She prescribed fungal cream and it was gone within a week and scheduled for a follow up appt on my tonsil in 3 weeks. After the rash went away i found i had a white tounge then found couple mouth ulcers in my mouth, which i get them on occasion, but never can remember getting one when the other is going away and also noticed a lump in the crease of my leg. I rubbed the other side and coudnt feel anything, it was only on that one side. I didnt go to the doctor for these 3 things, i was to scared thinking there all connected to hiv. by this time it was time for my follow up appt and everything was gone but i had a fever blister on lip and i told her about those other symptoms and showed her my lip, she didnt seem to concered and said the blister on my lip was from the hsv. Im so scared that for some reason all these things are due to hiv.

Hiv from touching eye

Please I need your answer!
I am a girl which I don`t know yet my status about hiv, I`m so worried and anxious that I get infected by hiv from the doctor in hospital when I went to do the hiv test before two an a half months. There was no hygiene, I saw in the desk used rapid test.
He touched a bottle with a pippete in top of her to draw my blood and to put it in the rapid test. She wasn`t as usually pippets that i saw in internet she had a body like bottle and a pippete in top of her. Pippete was new but her body or her bottle was the same for all patients. And I suspect that this bottle was infected with hiv from hiv parients who goes there and was not disinfected. He touched her before I went there for other patients, her winding paper(packing), with wet hands from cotton ball with solution and hiv blood on it you know what I mean ( soaked cotton ball in solution and hiv blood on it after he pierced patients finger).
I saw that this bottle which I think she was infected was set in a close box before he thouched her to use it to draw my blood where I think she couldn`t be dryed completely even if her winding paper was infected with hiv. After he touched her he touched my finger all around to look where to pierce him and then he pierced him so blood came out and came in contact with my skin finger where he touched her before, so I`m so anxious but I can`t do the hiv test here in my country before three months because here has no tests which could detect earlier.
So today my little sister accidently put her fingers in my eye( she touched my eye inside) and then immediately put her fingers in her mouth.
If I`m infected can I infect her in this way from my eye to her mouth?
Please I`m so anxious help me, and sorry for my english I hope you could understand me


Hi,need help i was in my pep medication but on the 25th day i had remain 3 days to finish my medication i slept with my wife unprotected could i have infected her I'm worried please help,thank you?


On may 29 2016 i had a one time protected vaginal sex with prostiture(female) in india(hyderabad).
1. On 19th day i had a pcr rna test,result was negative.
2. on 32 day i had p24 antigen test for HIV(1&2) and after next day i had hiv1&2 antibody test,reuslt was negative.
3. On 46 day i had HIV1&2 Elisa test the reulst was negaive.
Now i am confident that,hiv-1 can be eliminated by above test reports
Now i am worrying about hiv-2,is there any chance still hiv-2 hidden in my body.

tested for HIV my results came back active then negative

I recently had my annual check up & was tested for HIV my results came back active .
my doctor sent them back then they came back negative.
they told me not to worry about it due to the last results where negative.But for my safety to get tested again in 6 months .
i am freaking out should i go get tested again for a second opinion.


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