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HIV Testing

highly required ur help ..............worried and lost

I did sex with a call girl (whose hiv status was unknown) on 18th june 2015. its started with fingering, kissing,sucking(with condom on ) & then sex twice with condom on. As it was my first time i forgot to check the status of condom.but i only remember both time when she release the condom,seamen were in the condom. i was very worried that time bcoz after 1 month i had heavy body itching with red small dots like pimple n little bit body ache. i consult with doctor and he said that was safe sex and i had urticeria/hives. i started take medicine and slowly it reduce.
on 4th october (108 days after that incident) i test hiv. and my hiv1 & hiv 2 antibody screening test, serum (screening by immunofiltration) result come as non-reactive.

but till date i suffer from that itching with red small dots like pimple on whole body.i consult with diff doctors some treat it as mites attacked, some r as pimple.but no one cure it. it become worsen on someday with heavy itching , red bump, nose blockage with sometimes heavy acidity with lower abdomen pain. m completely lost..dont knw wht to do???

1. may fingering or kissing are hiv risk?
2.may my test is conclusive or may i do another hiv test??
3..may all this symbol indicate towards hiv or some STI??
4.can i have any chance to test positive???

Pre-semen on Breasts

Hi, 50 days back I met a shemale. I just kissed her on her breasts, neck, and stomach, and I also sucked and licked her nipples and breasts. What I am worried about is that she used her hands to rub her penis, and then she used her hands to press her nipples and breasts. So, I think she maybe had pre-semen on her hands from her rubbing penis, and her pre-semen would be on her nipples and breasts because she used her hands to press them. And then, I sucked and licked her nipples and breasts, and I would get her pre-semen in my mouth (note: I did not see any fluids on her nipples and breasts, but in case it could have). So, can I get HIV from what I mentioned? And, thanks so much for your helps.


My Wife had our baby while on ART's and the baby was born healthy and tested negative at birth. After 9 months we did an Elisa test and it tested positive, but did a Rapid test a month later and it tested negative. Is this normal?

Possible HIV? 07/13/2016

Please help!

I performed oral sex on guy who, without asking, ejaculated in my mouth. A couple days later I had IBS and heat burning sensation in my hands, bottom of my feet, legs and back and some uncolored rashes that comes and goes within a day or two. Not knowing if these symptoms were related to anxiety (me checking my body in the mirror and worrying too much) or if I contracted STD ...at 11 days post "possible" exposure I took Lab Corp HIV RNA Qualitative blood test and come out NEGATIVE. Then, at 32 days post "possible" exposure I took Lab Corp HIV 4th Generation wRfx which also came out NO REACTIVE on on both - P24 & Antibodies, and if my anxiety was not enough at "40" days post "possible" exposure I took another HIV AG/AB, 4TH GEN with Quest laboratory which also came out both as NO-REACTIVE. I stilll feel burning sensation on my hands, legs and body but my doctor says it s nerves due to too my stress. With these tests done - I know everyone says after 12 weeks is conclusive BUT Can I be really sure I don't have HIV virus ?? Is it possible to get p24 gen NO-REACTIVE and Antibodies NO-REACTIVE at the same time after 32 and 40 days post exposure?? Please help

hiv test results

HI , i am from india. my cmia index came to be 2.18(weakly reactive). but western blot and quantitative RNA are both negatives. test is done 3 omnths after exposure. Please advise.


I did unprotected sex with a young girl (which, as she said she is not a CSW) on 18 April 2016. Let me call this incident as ‘A-Incident.' I licked her vagina, did vaginal encounter without condom (which, as she said she is very rare do a sex without condom before) and ejaculates in outside of her vagina. We did sex twice. After that, on 21 May 2016, ‘B-Incident’, I did sex with a CSW. I received blowjob service from her without a condom but when do vaginal encounter I wore a condom. On 7 June 2016, there were four ulcers on my left arm, I’ve got a cough and burp. And also a bit sore throat. I am fasting. There is no diarrhea, no swollen lymph nodes, no fever and no sprue. I started to think about HIV. Therefore I decided to check for HIV using CMIA method on 9 June 2016 (52 days from ‘A-incident’ and 19 days from ‘B-incident’) and got the result non-reactive 0,12. But I am still worried, then I took another test(also using CMIA method) on 25 June 2016 (68 days from ‘A-incident’ and 35 days from ‘B-incident’), and the result non-reactive 0,06. Last CMIA test was yesterday (12 July 2016, which 12 weeks+1 day/85 days after ‘A-incident’ and 52 days after ‘B-incident’). I did VDRL test as well, which the result was negative. My questions are: do I need another test? Does the last test is conclusive? Thank you before and sorry for my bad English.

(only antigen or both antigen and antibody) HIV 1 & 2 WITH p24 Antigen - Method - CMIA

My exposure was protected vaginal sex ( possible expired condom & slipped off), with receiving unprotected oral sex, I tested Negative with Hiv Duo test ( 10th,13th, 25th, 28th, 42nd day) however from where i stay guidelines advise me to take a test post period of 6 months, so i took a test after 8th Month mark, the test name was - HIV 1 & 2 WITH p24 Antigen - Method - CMIA , the test results came back negative. i'm worried if this test check for both antibody and antigen since the report read - ( HIV 1 & 2 with P24 Antigen - CMIA Method), Kindly help

Condom probably inside vagina

Hi, doctors, I had sex with a sex worker, I used condom. However, when I finished, I did not remember removing it, so maybe, it was stuck inside her I don't know. I also did not have ejaculation. Did I have some risk of getting HIV or other STDs? Please help me, I'm very worried about this

I am from Romania, 3 months ELISA Combo 1+2 negative and 4 months and 1 week Eclia Duo Negative. Please.....


I am from Romania, please let me know I am so so stressed and anxious...Please please.. 3 months ELISA Combo 1+2 negative and 4 months and 1 week ECLIA Duo Negative, no other medical problems, I am 100% negative because here in my country they tell about 6 months, no other medical problems.....why wait 6 months....please help..

The test is Hiv Elisa 1+2 Combo P24 4th generation. Negative at 3 months after vaginal sex. Please help me, it is conclusive after 3 months?

And after 4 months and 1 week I did another test ECLIA Combi also Negative. I am 100% hiv negative or I need to wait 6 months and repet?

Thank you

Difference between 84 days and 90 days

Hi there, i just want to ask, is there any difference between 84 days and 90 days ? İ had standart anti-hiv test exactly at 84 (12 weeks) days after exposure.İs it conclusive ? Thanks for answer and time.


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