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HIV Testing

HIV query

Sir, I recently had an unprotected sex with a sex trade worker on 4/12/2012.After that I had Rashes, Headache, Dry Cough, Weight loss and Loss of Apetite. I went for a H1 , H2 antibody & P24 antigen test (4th generation test)on 24th, 62nd and 88th day in a private laboratory and all came back non-reactive.. So what is the accuracy level of the test on 88th day ? My physician is insisting me on going for a government hiv lab test and according to him my tests are only 95 % accurate.So what should I do now??? thanks.

symptoms with negative result?

hello i had viral infection on 10 march 2011. i was involving sexual activity.. then i took hiv rapid test end of 6 months , end of 8 months, end of 10 months, end of 12 months,, i did Hiv dna Detector test end of 8 months. all are negative.. still i am feeling symptoms like white tounge ,feel warm in palm and body.throat in fection and nose.. since 10 march 2011...Am i negative still..?


i want to know is Electrochemiluminescence is reliable?

Microparticle Enzyme Immuno-Assay / Electrochemiluminescence

i took after 6 months HIV-1&2 ANTIBODIES, SERUM  by  Microparticle Enzyme Immuno-Assay / Electrochemiluminescence test ..which was non reactive.. what kind of this test. is it raliable..?

Itchy Bumps

3 days ago i noticed I had a red raised legion on my neck.
The next day it had a very tiny white head. I have also gotten very itchy bumps on my arms, knees, and recently just got one on my pubic area (vagina). The bumps on my arm, knee, and pubic area are itchy.
I had unprotected sex 5-6 months ago.
I also had swollen lymph nodes last week that lasted for about 7- 10 days.
Could these be symptoms of STI's? If so, which ones?
I am very worried. 

HIV Testing

I need to undergo HIV testing as I believe recently I have exposed myself to possible HIV transmission risk.May I know:-
1) Is the testing free of charge at any of the AIDS Vancouver testing sites?2) Is the testing discreet or will any other party be notified in the event of a positive result?
Please advise.Thank you.

HIV or any other STD

I am 40 year male and had possible unprotected expose to a prostitute (due to condom slipped at the end) for about a couple minutes on 012/04/2011. Following are the test results:Test Value Range Result Test Date Results DateChlamydia Negative Negative Negative 01/03/2012 01/07/2012HIV-1 Antibody <1.00 <1.00 Negative 01/03/2012 01/06/2012HIV 1/O/2 Abs, Qual Non Reactive Non Reactive Negative 01/03/2012 01/06/2012HIV-1 DNA Negative - Negative 01/03/2012 01/07/2012Hepatitis B Negative Negative Negative 01/03/2012 01/04/2012Hepatitis C <0.1 0.0-0.9 Negative 01/03/2012 01/04/2012Gonorrhea Negative Negative Negative 01/03/2012 01/07/2012Herpes Simplex Virus Type I <0.91 0.00-0.90 Negative 01/03/2012 01/06/2012Herpes Simplex Virus Type II <0.91 0.00-0.90 Negative 01/03/2012 01/06/2012Syphilis Non Reactive Non Reactive Negative 01/03/2012 01/04/2012
40 day RNA HIV and other STD tests came back negative.
Following are the symptoms I faced:1) Started (12/23) with eye irritation / infection (Went off after a week by using drops prescribed by eye doctor)2) Taste buds started turning white (12/23) with light white coating on the tongue (Still persist) no pain3) Slight head ache4) Slight cold5) No sour throat6)small dots on upper lip (Skin specialist says it normal)7) Feels like fever but no temperature. Body pains, unable to sleep (It's gone after 2 weeks)8) Tongue has swollen little bit for almost 30 days now. No pain9) Penile became small all of a sudden with painless small dots (could be due to anxiety) One doctor told that I developed hernia and other mentioned I have low TestosteroneI developed white spots on tongue after 3 weeks a0nd light grey rashes on penis after 4 weeks.
Now I only have following symptoms:1) Early stage of "Hairy" leukoplakia (Skin specialist and ENT is not able to tell anything)2) Fungus on penis (Skin specialist thinks normal)3) Male hormone imbalance. (low Testosterone5) occasional slight neck pain and ear pull6) occasional gas and back pain
Are these symptoms of HIV or any other STD?


I had an unprtected vaginal sex . I had 4th generation a test 92 days after exposure and a PCR RNA (20 copies/ml undetectable is it enough?thnaks

HIV-1 RNA PCR @ 25 day

Dear Sir, 
I tested for HIV PCR RNA (Blood Sample given after 25 day of exposure) and below is details. 
Test: Qualitative detection of HIV-I RNA by end point PCR method 
Clinical Indication: - 
Method: Conventional PCR-Gel method 
Can i have to test further or this result is conclusive in my case. 
How accurate PCR test results in my case?
Please reply. 
Thanks in Advance. 

I beg please help ????

I posted this message yesterday also. But that was incomplete... Please help??
I went to an erotic massage parlor yesterday. The women sat nude on my penis. We rubbed each other bodies penis with vagina (little bit) I felt some vaginal fluid on my penis and after that she took my penis in her mouth and sucked me (blow job). At that time both saliva and vaginal fluid was on my penis.So chances are both saliva and vaginal fluid from the penis may have gone through penis hole to the urethra while she was sucking. I also sucked her nipple also but for only few seconds. I cum on her hand after that. I am very tense. Am I prone to HIV? Should I get tested? Please please help me out.


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