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HIV Testing


I had a test at 14/15 days.....it was negative.  Can i trust this result.  I am getting all kinds of contradictory information.  I am planning on getting another one at 28 days...but my anxiety is through the roof.


I am a 35 year male and received unprotected oral sex from a commercial sex worker (CSW) few weeks back. This is the only encounter in my entire life. At 28 day mark I had a HIV DNA PCR test that became negative. Do I need further testing?

HIV test

hi ,
Will taking medicines like viagra or herbal medicines like musli power xtra for Erectile Dysfunction or premature ejaculation affect the window period for HIV and HIV tests? 


follow up to condom broke

 I do have a follow up question cause I think my earlier question did not have all details.
Situation - I had a encounter with a CSW. The entire time the condom was intact but it broke in the end at the tip. I realised it after about a min as I ejaculated.
Tests done :
At 14 days (DNA PCR + antibody) > result was negative.
At 31 days (DNA PCR + antibody) > result was negative.
How sure can one be of the DNA PCR result at 31 days? Of course as you suggest I shall do a antibody test at 84 days too.

symptoms but negative result

I have been feeling symptoms since 10 march 2011 ( 1 year ).
 My rapid HIV test at end of 6 months , end of 8 months, end of 10 months , end of 12 months recently,, and I did HIV DNA PCR. all are negative.
Am I negative or not?

worried sick

On November 28th I had protected vaginal sex, but the condom broke. From that experience I acquired HSV2 from the partner and asked him if he had anything else I should be aware of. I later found out that he had injected drugs in the past, to what extent I do not know. He also said he had tested negative for HIV in the past, but I have lost all trust for him since this experience.
I became really sick after being diagnosed with HSV2 and knew that the possibilities of acquiring HIV were increased. I tested negative at two weeks post exposure, although I know it was in the window period. After 11 weeks post exposure I experienced a mouth infection, was on antibiotics and also experienced oral thrush, some mouth sores, woke up with night sweats, and from the anxiety and stress could not eat nor sleep. I lost a few pounds, but nothing too drastic. I have had an ongoing swollen lymph node and earache on my left side, and just today noticed the right groin was swollen. I went to the clinic 82 days post-exposure and received a negative antibody result, and the rest of my blood was to be sent to a laboratory, where the counselor said they  test for the actual virus itself, and would only call me if the result was positive. I never received a call after two weeks. However, I am afraid I may have tested too early because the symptoms occurred at 11 weeks and I tested at 82 days, despite the actual test for the virus. Although, the counselor told me to relax as I was only 2 days short of the window period, I feel as if I had a false negative result. I don't know what to do and feel like symptoms keep popping up. A rash on my back, swollen lymph nodes, peripheral neuropathy. I'm just very scared and need some sort of advice or clarification on further testing or if coinfection can affect the progression of ARS.

Is these signs of HIV infection

Hi there Thanks for advance this is a great site..Here is my problem..
7 weeks ago i had protected sex for about 35 min with a lady i don't know ha status...I was so drunk and out of it..i wasn't really feeling the sex @ all but in that 35 min i decided to stop only to find out the condom had broken..I don't know for how long was i inside her for without protection but m guessing 15 min max..There was virginal fluids were all over my penis after realizing this i asked her if she knew her status then she said she was negative just after our little chat i went outside and wiped the fluids away and went to sleep...
I waited 6 weeks and went for an HIV i guess u can call it Eliza cause the doctor took a hole lot of my blood for a lab test which came negative..She also went to get tested cause she might have the same fears as me and she came out negative as well but for some reason i don't trust her...
Now it's been 7 weeks after the exposure and i have this kind of flu like symptom it feels like m about to catch a cold but i don't i usually sneeze a lot..No fever no night sweat..slightly headaches nothing major though..a Bid of rash that i am used to reason i say used to is because i happen to be Diabetic and the rash is something that always comes out...
Are these the beginning symptoms of HIV or is these anxiety symptoms of thinking to much about it cause really i am freaking out...
Sorry for my Broken English it's not my mother tongue.



Condom broke

Help please! I had a encounter with a csw. entire time the condom was intact but it broke in the end at the tip. I realised it after about a min as I ejaculated. She told me that she is not infected. However i did a test after 14 days and then also at 31 days (DNA PCR + antibody). Both came negative. How assured can I be that I am not at a risk now?

Change of STD status?

Hi there,First of all, thank you so much for this online helpline! I had unprotected sex and got tested for HIV and STD's 2 months after exposure. All came back negative and i have been tested again for HIV past the 3 month window period. The only thing i am still concerned about is the 3 month testing window for Syphilis. It is now about 5 months since my last exposure and recently i have developed a headache, loss of appetite, and although my throat glands don't appear to be or feel to be extremely swollen when i feel them they are a bit tender. I have read these are al symptoms of Syphilis. I would like to know if this test at 2 months is somewhat conclusive? Is there a good chance if i test again that my results will change to positive? I am very nervous about this.


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