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HIV Testing

DUO (4th Generation) test

is HIV DUO test give conclusive result after 13 months with high risk exposure?

EIA detection

i had a 3rd generation EIA blood test performed at 5 months. would this detect both HIV 1 and 2?!?!?!


do all HIV EIA blood test look for both HIV 1 and 2?!?!?!


I posted a question yesterday and got a very comforting reply thank you.
I am from the USA and why does it seam to be that we can not get this kind of information on the HIV DNA PCR test.  I took it at 14 days but I can't get information on accuracy like this ....they only tell you to start taking at 21 days and it is most accurate at 28 days.  My 14 day test was Negative.  All i wanted was reassurance that my 14 day test was reliable.  I do plan on taking it again at 28 days but I needed something to help with my anxiety....but all they did was make it worse really.
I hope my 14 day test is reliable and it will not change at 28 days?

PEP affecting HIV duo test at 6 weeks

Hi. I experienced a significant HIV risk. I had intercourse with a Thai sex worker and when I withdrew I realized the condomn has broken. I went on PEP for 28 days. I see that the HIV duo test at 6 weeks is seen as conclusive. However, does PEP alter the accuracy of the result. What would you say is the accuracy after taking PEP?


I had a test at 14/15 days.....it was negative.  Can i trust this result.  I am getting all kinds of contradictory information.  I am planning on getting another one at 28 days...but my anxiety is through the roof.


I am a 35 year male and received unprotected oral sex from a commercial sex worker (CSW) few weeks back. This is the only encounter in my entire life. At 28 day mark I had a HIV DNA PCR test that became negative. Do I need further testing?

HIV test

hi ,
Will taking medicines like viagra or herbal medicines like musli power xtra for Erectile Dysfunction or premature ejaculation affect the window period for HIV and HIV tests? 


follow up to condom broke

 I do have a follow up question cause I think my earlier question did not have all details.
Situation - I had a encounter with a CSW. The entire time the condom was intact but it broke in the end at the tip. I realised it after about a min as I ejaculated.
Tests done :
At 14 days (DNA PCR + antibody) > result was negative.
At 31 days (DNA PCR + antibody) > result was negative.
How sure can one be of the DNA PCR result at 31 days? Of course as you suggest I shall do a antibody test at 84 days too.

symptoms but negative result

I have been feeling symptoms since 10 march 2011 ( 1 year ).
 My rapid HIV test at end of 6 months , end of 8 months, end of 10 months , end of 12 months recently,, and I did HIV DNA PCR. all are negative.
Am I negative or not?


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