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HIV Testing


Dear Doctors,
First of all apologize for my English it is not my first language.
- I am a male and three months back I had unprotected vaginal sex in West Africa
- After 20 days I received unprotected oral sex, again in West Africa
- Two weeks after first event I was diagnosed with chlamydia.
Upon one week of the last incident noticed red blisters, a couple on hands, legs and stomach. I visited the Doctor who told me that it was possible reaction to three different types of antibiotics that I took against chlamydia or insect bites me.
Total 5 times I was tested on HIV and the two last tests were 4te generation - HIV duo test, first 6 weeks and second 8 weeks after last incident.
On the internet I read almost everything written about HIV and came to the conclusion that HIV is still mystery, or that some people purposely bringing panic to desperate people like I am now.
Please be so kind and answer a few questions that I could not find an answer:
1. Red rashes alone without fever, diarrhea, vomiting, headaches and nausea ... symptom of HIV or not ?
2. During acute infection people become HIV+?
3. Is it possible that after one month of the first symptoms of the patient HIV duo test is still negative?
4. Why some people develop antibodies to the period of 3-6 months? Those people are with weakened immune systems or people suffering from other diseases?
5. I will definitely take another tested after 3 months from the last incident, but I'm definitely interested in your opinion on the reliability of HIV duo test at 6 and 8 weeks?
6. Do you agree with UK HIV test guidelines for year 2008 where the HIV 4th generation test is conclusive after 6 weeks. If you do not agree please state reasons for disagreement?
7. Any other type of HIV beside 1 and 2?
God bless you!

window period

hi there..i had 5 times test with elisa,vidas duo ultra,cmia 12 months 10 days after post exposure..all is non reactive. but many doctors in lab where i test told me that window period can more than 12 monts,is it true??

hiv test.

The results of my test after unprotected intercourse. After 26 days of, anti-HIV 1/2 neg. 35 days after the, elisa neg. (3 gn.) 40 days later, the duo hiv ag / ab neg. 48 days later, the elisa neg. (3 gn.) 62 days later, the elisa neg. (3 gn.) 73 days later, the elisa neg. (3 gn.) What is the risk that I get. Please comment.

plz help on hiv test

i had unprotected sex with woman( only 3 min maybe) i do not know any about her health condition
and i had many test
1- p24 combo ag ab at 14 day(2week)>>>NEG>>
2-p24 combo ag ab at 34 day (4week)>>>NEG>>
3-elisa ab at 44 day (6week)>>>>>>>>>>NEG>>
4-p24 combo ag ab at 48 day(6week)>>>>NEG>>
5-p24 combo ag ab at 54 day(7week)>>>>NEG>>
6-p24 combo ag ab at 70 day(10week)>>>NEG>>
my Q is
1- is that conclusiv results???
2- do i need any further test??
godbless you

hiv pcr test vancouver

just wondering we can get a hiv PCR test in vancouver ?

Possibly HIV?

Hello, I recently (end of October) had a high risk encounter unprotected oral/protected vaginal sex with a woman from the Philippines and am concerned about a possible infection. Although a condom was worn, it slipped off at some point during intercourse and as I was intoxicated, I didn't even realize. Intercourse was between 10-15 mins. We had sex again a few hours after the first time but this time the condom remained on. Within 24-36 hours I began to have a burning feeling in the genital area and developed some small flu like symptom, had sore throat for a couple days, had a sore spot on the roof of my mouth, one sore lymph node in neck but no swollen. Therefore after a week visited the doctor. After visual inspection he didn't suspect anything so he just had me tested for chlamidiya/gonnorhea and gave me some pills to help with a burning urethra (not when I urinate though). Both came back negative and the burning had pretty much disappeared. I thought I may have gotten lucky then (mid november) I had unprotected oral/unprotected vaginal sex with a woman whom was not high risk. 24 hours after that the burning was back and a pain in the prostate area was present. Also leg pain had started to bother me quite a bit. Suspicious of HSV2 I went to be tested (HSV Type 2 Specific ELISA) and that came back negative, (this test was at the 5 and 1/2 week mark after the high risk encounter). The pain persisted and upon return to Canada I had a blood test for everything (HIV, Hep-B, Syphillis, Hep-B Immunity) and Chlamidiya/Gonnorhea again. All results once again came back negative (This was at the 8 week mark after the high risk encounter). I am going for more tests shortly (15 week mark after high risk encounter) and still have persistent pain in my legs around the knees and up in my thighs. I sometimes get small headaches as well. How conclusive would my first HIV test have been at 8 weeks? How conclusive will the coming 15 week test be? What are the odds that I contracted HIV? Also if it is not HIV what are some other possibilities as to what could be causing this pain? Sorry for the length, your answer would be much appreciated..

marriage and hiv pls help me

hi sir i had high risk exposure with sex worker after that i did lot of test like 15 rapid test 3 elisa and 2 pcr rna test and pcr dna test all are negative in 1 year now i did hiv duo test after 13 months the result is negative, but i have toung pain from 13 months and phelgum and also weekness pls tell me am i infected or not? can i gets marriage or not pls help me

Oral Rapid Swab Test

Hello. I am from the US. I had 2 oral swab HIV test after a risky encounter--- vaginal sex with a man with unknown status, fairly certain a condom was used but I was under the influence. I was had a full STD work-up at 5 months, which included a blood test HIV test (EIA i believe). Everything was negative. This continued to bother me so I had two oral swab test done at about 6 months and 12 months, but of which were negative. The results were given within 30-40 minutes I believe. Can I believe these results??? Do rapid HIV test need to be followed up with a Western Blot, because my negative results weren't.. can I be sure they are true? Are oral swab test reliable??? I am getting married and this incident happened before I started seeing my fiancé, and I want to be sure I can give myself to him 100% without infecting him. Can I free myself from this incident and believe the 3 negative test, 2 of which were oral swab test (given within 30-40 minutes)???
Also, the reason i went back at 12 months, is because i was scared the first oral swab was done wrong at 6 months. The lady at the testing site had we swab myself, and i accidentally swabbed my check first, until she re-directed me to my gum line. Would this have affected my results? Can I be sure enough my my cells were on the testing stick during my 6 month and 12 month test? Would the test have told them if it wasn't done right? Sorry this is so long! THANKS FOR YOUR HELP!

Still Worried

Hello, I got tested for hiv around 2 months after exposure. My results came back negative. Since then I have still been having symptoms which have kept me worrying. It has now been almost 5 months since exposure and i was wondering what kind of symptoms would I be experiencing after 5 months or if I would be experiencing any at all? I keep getting white patched on the inside of my cheeks but sometimes I will wake up and they will be gone and other days they will re-appear - is this oral thrush/related to hiv? I also have feelings of nausea and recently started having body aches and pains and a headache. My main worry is about the legions in my mouth as I have read this is one main symptom of hiv. Thank you for your time.

Dentist in panic

Hi there! I am a dentist, and was inserting a metalic matrix in between two teeth. I had to push real firmly the matrix with the pulp of one of my fingers. In the middle of the procedure, and with the gloves full of blood, I noticed a break (tear) in one of the fingers of the glove. I removed the glove, put on a new one and continued to work. When I was done, I noticed that one of my fingers, the same corresponding to where the glove tore, had a cut similarly to a paper cut. I squeezed as much as I could, and it did not bleed. I opened it as much as I could, and could see just a slightly deep area, but no bleeding. I cleaned with 70% ethanol, and felt anything. Scrubbed with detergent, and after 2 hours, I decided to open the cut and remove the edges so I could check if any bleeding had occurred more deeply that could not be seen otherwise. I did all the procedure with a lot of ethanol and detergent soap. Again, no bleeding, just an increased sensibility to touch as part of the epidermis had been removed. I squeezed as much as I could again, and no bleeding. However, I am still concerned that microscopic access to the bloodstream might have occurred. In such a case, would I feel the stinging with the ethanol? The patient was my boss´s husband, and she said to me that he had no disease. But who knows? Would you recommend PEP in a case like this? Thanks a lot!!!


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