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HIV Testing

Massage Transmission?

I went to a massage parlor, I am a gay guy 25 years old.
When I had a massage, the masseur tries to insert the massage oil bottle inside my anus but it just touch the opening.
1. What is my risk of contracting HIV from massage oil bottle. I dont know if its contaminated.
2. Could I be infected with HIV from wet surfaces like the sperm from previous costumers etc.
3. Could I be infected if I have skin rash and the masseur massage it?
4. Do I need testing from these exposures?
thank you

husband attacked and had wounds

my husband was attacked by thieves!they didnt use knives BUT he had wounds all over and wa stitched up?can it be possible he contacted HIV during the attack?

lancent needles

the lancet needles which is used to perform a rapid hiv test in ontario, is it reusable?? is it possible a nurse could use a needle on someone which was already used?

Really worried...please please answer

I had a risky exposure with a sex worker more than 3 months back.
My antibody HIV test done at 90th day post exposure came out negative.
I was advised to get a Hepatitis B test done because of my high risk exposure.
I got a HBSAg test done by the Chemiluminsence method after 110 days of exposure and the report read non-reactive with a reading of 0.05
1) Does Hepatitis C and Hepatitis B infection (be it chronic or acute) affect the window period of 3 months (12 weeks, 90 days) of HIV testing. I have heard that co-infection of HIV and HCV effects the window period of 12 weeks of HIV.
2) Is HBSAg a standard test for detection of Hepatatis B infection and what is the window period for it?
3) Also how common is it for HCV / HBV to pass through sexual exposure and do I need to test for HCV?
Please note I haven't had any exposure post the one mentioned in the first line.
I will greatly be obliged and grateful to you if you answer this.

Acute HIV skin rash

How long do these rashes last for and do they come and go? I had a rash on back of my neck/shoulders 3 weeks after a possible exposure that resembled folliculitis (maybe 6 papules in total), it lasted for a few weeks. After another few weeks it started again on my shoulders and chest which lasted for about 2 weeks also. Then about 2 weeks after I had another rash that was scattered over my torso, neck and arms that resembles folliculitis and lasted for about another 2 weeks. During these 4 months, I never suspected it being nothing more than my eczema that I had since I was a kid. My question is, is it possible for the Acute HIV skin rash to come and go within 4 months after possible exposure? I was tested at the 16 week mark for HIV and it came back negative. Should I go for a re-test taking into account the rash I've been experiencing?

What does this mean?

Hi, i read that a dry mouth is a symptoms of HIV/AIDS and for over a week now i have had a dry feeling in my mouth. I had unprotected sex around 16 weeks ago and am now worried this is a sign of hiv. I have also had a dry cough.

Reliable Information

How reliable is your information concerning the window period for HIV? Your site is bent on a 3 month window period,but is this really accurate and applies to all individuals?
I tested negative up to 7.5 months after breaking off a relationship with a female partner whose status I don't know. My last encounter with her was in March 2011 and I tested during the period April to October.I became worried after losing weight,experiencing diarrhea,white tongue and a couple other symptoms suggestive of HIV. To date I get the flu like symptoms recurring which is not normal prior to the relationship. I had night sweats on at least 3 occasions and severe muscular pain during this period.I have been experiencing severe lower back pain for the past 4 months. I have since regained my weight and normal appetite. I did visit my doctor last year who also dismissed HIV as 3 months had passed. I have not had any further sexual encounters but really and would like to know if it is possible for HIV servo-conversion to happen past 6 months. Is it that sites such as this one are cautious about making people scared or is 3 months really sufficient for conclusive testing results? A couple private labs suggested testing for at least 12 months whilst the public clinic advised that 3 months was enough.I seek your honest facts on HIV testing period as the information across the globe is very conflicting.Also did anyone ever come back to your site to say they tested positive after a negative 3 month or 6 month test?
Thanks HT

autoimmune diseases

Hi Team,
Any autoimmune diseases will affect the hiv window period or seroconversion?how long?

Should I still be worried?

Hi, August of 2011 I had sex and the condom slipped off and once I realized it i replaced i with another one. I had got a rapid blood test done almost 2 weeks ago. It was negative although I have been having some terrible symptoms. I also believe now that I was infected with mono but I am going to test forit next week since most of the symtoms I had was some of the same symptoms of mono. Should I still be worried about this encounter that happen over 4 months ago? Also if I test positive for mono will this affect my test results for HIV?

Acute HIV skin rash

There are many articles on the internet concerning this topic, however, I couldn't find anything regarding the possibility of this rash recurring during the acute phase of HIV. In short, all I found was the acute symptoms occurring 2 to 6 weeks after infection and lasting for 1 to 2 weeks. If you can shed some light on this topic, that will be much appreciated.


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