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HIV Testing


I had relationship with a girl on DEC 13 and I am afraid that I am having AIDS what do you recommend?

Scared I have HIV

During the summer i had unprotected sex. Since then I have been worrying sick. I was tested about 10 weeks after exposure and my results came back negative. In December i noticed white legions on the inside of my cheeks. This terrified me as i assumed it was oral thrush and heard that people with HIV have this. Since then it has subsided but i still have white dots and areas on my cheek. I went to the doctor and he said it looks like it could be oral thrush or leukoplakia. He took swabs to see. Does having oral thrush or leukoplakia give me a good change of having HIV and should i go get re-tested?


i had a sex with a girl i have dought weather m infected to HIV are not so i take test after 3 months the result is inreactive and again i take a test after 1 month 21 days n the result is same does any chances to be positive when i take the test again after 1months 15 days plz ans me for this

my test after unprotected sex

my test : p24 combo at 14 day p24 combo at 34 day h1&h2 ab at 44 day p24 combo at 48 day all was negtive is that accuracy?? do i need any more test?


I had unprotected vaginal sex with a Thai bargirl on Nov 25. So far I have had 2 tests. First was a combo at 25 days ( negative) and Western Blot on the 10 Jan ,just over 6 weeks.Also negative. Last week I felt my lymph node on left collarbone about the size of a small pea, It can move but not sore. Also had the burning pins feeling over various parts of the body at different times. Had the usual sore throat and stress related issues as well( churning gut, lack of appetite and lost weight, 7kgs from 85 kgs.I realise the need to retest after 3 months, but was wondering your thoughts on accuracy of aformentioned tests at these times.
Thanks alot

Seroconversion time for HIV

If I got tested 5 weeks after possible exposure, and my results were negative, what are my chances of being in the clear, what is the percentage of this results being accurate?
thank you

Risk of transmission and other questions

Hello ,
I am Rodrigo. I write you because I have inquiries about risks of transmission of HIV, and also other questions. By October 31th, 2011, I had receptive and protected anal sex ( we used condom which did not break) with a guy whom has HIV (I realized of that the next morning of the intercourse). Also, I did fellatio to him (without condom), but there were not ejaculation, and when we were kissing ( eating a chocolate), I accidentaly bit his lip so I guess there was some infected blood that came into my mouth. I did not have any cut in my oral mucosa, but I was receiving treatment for peptic ulcers because of Helicobacter Pylori infection. He was diagnosed by June 20th, 2011 ( when his viral load was 76,500 copies/ml). Since that time, he is receiving HAART with lamivudine-zidovudine-Nevirapine twice daily, but he told me that there are some days ( at maximun 3) that he does not take the pills.
When I realized of him diagnosis, I went to a doctor who gave me profilaxis about 18 hours post-exposure with lamivudine-zidovudine, at 24 hours I received Efavirenz, and at 36 hours I received Lopinavir-Ritonavir. My question is : What is my overall risk of acquiring HIV, taking in consideration all that I have described above?.
I got an EIA 4th Generation at 33 days post-exposure, and 63 days post exposure ( 33 days post-PEP), both came back negative. How accurate are my results?. Do I need more testing?. I am planning to get another test within 1 month, What is the likelihood that my results would change?.
Thank you very much in advance.

Provissionally reactive for HIV 1

Here is the report for a lady sexually inactive for last 2 years taken today.
| |
| Final Result Provisionally Reactive for HIV 1 |
Method 1: HIV 1 / 2 & P 24 COMBO TEST
| Index Value 624.80 |
| Result: Provisionally Reactive |
|Interpretation: |
| Index Value < 1.00 Non Reactive |
| >= 1.00 Provisionally Reactive |
Result HIV 1 Reactive
HIV 2 Non Reactive
As per NACO guidelines on HIV testing, Strategy III has been adopted
to report on HIV test samples. The patient sample is tested for HIV
antibodies using 3 different methods namely CMIA,Immunochromatography
& Flow through Immunofiltration.Patient sera found reactive on all 3
tests is considered as Provisionally Reactive.
PROVISIONALLY REACTIVE final result implies that antibodies to
HIV 1 have been detected in the sample. Supplemental assays like
Western Blot for HIV 1 and 2 are recommended.
The Question is
the report does not say that she is hiv positive or negative are there chances for false negative or positive?
there is no risk behaviour of any kind in the last 2 years and no symptoms apart from malaria and loose motions in 2 years
please reply soon

rapid test

Hello Dr. My Name its norbert,from hungary.I would like ask for you,if i was two rapid test(first was the 121.days,Hiv insti test from biolytical,the second was 183.days,was Vikia rapid test)All two test antibody test,3Th generation.All two test was negativ,but i allways worried.Need more test the future? Thank you for your help best regards norbi

3rd generation test

I was wondering about the Canadian standard for tests.
I had an HIV test done in Halifax 9.5 weeks after exposure which was reported negative. I don't know if a Western Blot was required to rule out the infection or not.
My question is, does anywhere in Canada still use a 2nd generation test, or is it required for ALL health care facilities to use a 3rd generation test now?
I had many symptoms, which all left after 2 weeks but the swollen lymph node remains. I am going back to test at 12 weeks.
Thank you.


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