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HIV Testing

4th generation/duo test available in Toronto

I don't mean to repeat this same question again as I know you had replied to someone and also provided with a number to get accurate information. 1-800-668-2437 The hotline do tell me that the 4th generation test is available in labs, and asked me to get further information from clinics. ( They're refering to the Hassel Free Clinic.) However, the clinic hardly answered my question about the 4 generation test, they even told me rapid testing they are always doing is the 4 generation. Frome my knowledg it's not likely what they said is right. I have also called other clinics that do not even know what the meaning of 4th generation lab test. I respect their professional knowledge, can you make a call to the clinic so as to find out if any 4 generation testing truly available in Toronto, please? The number is 416-922-0566. Sorry for bothering. Thank you so much!!

Non Reactive value difference in two HIV DUO 4th Gen Tests

I had a HIV DUO 4th Generation test done on 30th August 2011 which showed the result as NON Reactive with value 0.21 (Non reactive range is 0.0 to 1.0) Again I did the same HIV DUO test on 30th January 2012 and the result was NON Reactive but this time the value rised to 0.28 which is 0.07 increase in previous resulted value. My question is, why is the NON Reactive value increasing? Does it mean that the HIV virus have multiplied in past 6 months? Will it reach to the Reactive value after 12 months? I didn't have sex, but my friend carrying HIV had bitten my thumb. If you could please answer my question at your earliest convenience? Thank you in advance.

A series of dangerous sexual contacts

Hi expert, I highly appreciate your knowledge and dedication, you helped people get rid of paranoid dilemma enormous times. Last week, I encountered a very "turn-off" experience that still keeps making me feel guilty and repentant. I went to an escorts service, but I was not aware that she was transgendered until we finished and she told me. ( I am used to avoiding touching ladies' genitals when using an escort service.) Anyway, What I'm concerned with is my risk of HIV infection.(Let's assume she is HIV+, since I checked out the website where a client of her strongly claimed that she is HIV+. But, she persistently told me she is HIV-, and showed me her HIV result. However, I'm still very suspicous of her. The result was handwritten and signed by a doctor.) The sexual contacts during this encounter were as follows: 1. We did not have sex. 2. She performed protected oral sex on me, and also I did not notice any damage or failure on condom. 3. I licked her nipple for couple of times. 4. She spent most of time jerking off for me during this session. 5. I kissed on her lips less than 10 seconds, quite gentle not like french kiss. ( I know saliva does not transmit the virus). I did not notice any blood. 6. I touched her face with my penis for seconds, I'm quite concerned if the pimples on her face will carry any risk. 7** What makes my really paranoid is that I was on the top performing frottaged on her for about 10 seconds, that my penis might have rubbed somewhere closed to her vagina where I believe it is a risky area. Hopefully she had her underwear on during the session, but I can't remember if I have a condom on during this frottage. Those were all of my sexual contacts with her, I was very worried if any vagina fluid on her underwear will put me into trouble in terms of the infection, assuming I wasn't wearing condom during frottage. I know all of my activities are actually quite safe, but I greatly need to be reassured by your professional knowledge and comments. Does this very unpleasant encounter carry any risk of HIV infection? Do I need to have a HIV testing for this experience only due to medical reason? I highly appreciate you have read my odd experience. Thank you very much!! Looking forward to your reply!

Insti rapid test effectiveness of hiv 2

Hi experts,
I had an Insti rapid test some time ago, but I noticed that on the package of the device that only indicates it is a hiv 1 antibody test. On the other hand, I read some information from Internet saying that Insti rapid test is aimed to screen both hiv1 and hiv 2 virus, but due to license issue, it's only allowed to print hiv 1 on the package before July 2011. So, Can you provide me with any insights regarding its effectiveness of hiv 2 and also hiv 1 O group testing?
Thank you very much!!


i had protected anal sex and had got a blow job without condom....i got hiv duo test after 26 days..its negative and i wil get another test in 60 dayz i wana to know how accurate is 25 dayz hiv dua test 4th generation...plz help

Autoimmune diseases

I've been wondering if eczema is considered an autoimmune disease. I couldn't find any concrete information concerning this issue. I know my eczema is mostly caused by my allergies (hay fever, dust, etc) but I'm wondering if it would cause an issue with my HIV test done at week 16 from a possible exposure which came back negative. Other than my eczema, I'm an extremely healthy individual in my early 20's. The last time I was sick with a flu (bad cough, fever) was in 2007. Thanks in advance for the help.

HIV risk

I had protected sex with a masseuse in Bangkok on 28 Jan. She had been giving me an oil massage on my back and legs, then she went and showered and came back and we had intercourse. She helped me put on the condom and pinched the tip. I am worried abou whether she could have got oil on her hands during foreplay by touching me and if it could have got onto the condom and damaged it.
I also had brief uncovered oral during foreplay.
I was rubbing her pubic mound and clitors and felt some wetness. I had slightly injured the nail of the finger I was using, while opening a can two days previously and there was a small bruise under the fingernail (not bleeding however) and the nail was a little looser because of the damage but healing. Is there any possibility of her vaginal fluid having got under my fingernail. I don't think it did but can't be sure.
As it is only three days so far I haven't got tested but am planning to get a PCR test after 10 days. I have also started PEP (after about 65 hours after exposure).

Step on hiv needle.

Hi guys. I looked in your archive and couldn't find anything that fits my worries. I walked outside today without shoes on and remember feeling like a stepped on something like a stone. When I got in I couldn't find anything on my feet like blood or a wound of any kind. But I'm still struggling to shake the worry that I could have stepped on a broken bit of needle or something. Is this worth worrying about? Any responses would be great!


Please, I need your help. I had sex with a sex worker and I had two little scratches in the basis of my penis and maybe they were not covered by condom. I tested 6 weeks after the fact. The test was negative. I read in this Forum that if the test is 4th generation, the odds of HIV infection at this time is too low. But I don't know if my test is a 4th generation one. I ask in the clinic but they don't know and don't allow me to talk to the responsible person for the test. I live in Brasil. I'm gonna try to translate my test below. Antibody Anti-Hiv 1 and 2 Test Results - Nonreactive - 0.18 Method - Chemiluminescence Reference: Nonreactive: less than 1.0 Indeterminate: between 1.0 - 5.0 Reactive: more than 5.0 Lot 08559LI00 Validity march 2012 In case of suspicion of HIV infection, a new sample should be collected 30 days after the date of sample collection. According to the informations I gave you, could you know if the test I did looks for p24 antigen? Thank you very much

Rapid Test Results..Still worried

Hi, I recently had a very low risk exposure. I received oral sex from an escort as well as mutual masturbation and frottage. I didn't feel the need to test. Yet I still was worried I might have had some penetration (i think it was my mind playing tricks on me because this idea came to my head as time went on). I decided to get tested at 7 weeks. Would a negative UniGold Recombigen be conclusive at 7 weeks considering it was so low risk? My fear is that it was a false negative. (Maybe it was too soon or the lab guy messed up). Help me please :(


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