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HIV Testing

HIV and syphilis rapid tests

I'm planning on getting tested for HIV and syphilis. I believe there are rapid HIV tests offered in most testing sites in Vancouver. However, I was wondering if there are testing sites that offer syphilis rapid test as well. I am planning on going to the Bute Street clinic for the tests. Do they offer both rapid HIV test and rapid syphilis test? If not, is there any other anonymous testing sites in Vancouver offer both rapid tests? Thanks a lot.

Please Guide me I'm so worried

I had almost a zero risk incident at a licensed massage parlour with vaginal fluids on possible body cuts. Alright I'll structure my problem and express. Incident :My exposure was in an erotic massage parlor with body slides oral (was wearing condoms all the time during my stay). The only risky situation was when she started rubbing her clit which I stopped forcibly in few seconds and she started rubbing her fingers from chest all the way down near my groin (had my chest shaven and must have had small cuts and she rubbed excessively with high friction). Regarding Symptoms From first week Generall fatigue ,flu like symptoms from the first week,body aches, muscle twitching,mild low grade fever, change of taste inside mouth Second week Development of neck gland pains and soreness, mild swollen gland only in neck which came on and off and still lasts after 8 weeks. mild fungus near anus and groin area which got cured but reappeared in groin at the 5th week and disappeared after 7 weeks. Third week While other symptoms remained, nausea started getting with ocassional diahrrea or lose stools almost once in two days, blurry eyes with problems with my far eyesight which still persists. Fourth Week Started Persistent night sweating almost every day,muscle burning and weight loss.Mild lung pains with slight dry cough which disappeared. Fifth week More of the Same but less diarrhea. Neck Gland swells got reduced Sixth Week Vert strange bowel movements giving weird noises at night and in daytime after meals, still persisted with night sweats. Masturbated after a long time (5 weeks) and after an ejaculation the inflammation in scrotum and maybe in prostate.Which still appears when I go through an erection. Ocassional Diarrhea! Seventh Week Reduced night sweats but day time excessive sweating particularly on my palms, Throat gland infection feeling persists. Saw some mild red blotches on my forearms but they disappear in few seconds/ minutes. Last symptom to develop was an ulcer underneath my tongue probably after consuming a fluid that lot of citrates, chlorides.Mild sore throat and gland swelling only in throat remains.Persisting Diarrhea for 2 days. Eighth Week (Current) Muscle twitching, gland pain general fatigue still prevails with lose bowel movements with mild night sweating. Red blotches in palms and arms which disappear in few seconds. Sweating on palms is another one. These symptoms terrify me. Now Tests I had: 3rd Week: HepA,B,C,FBE, Hiv Ag/Ab Combo,syphillis,U-CTPCR,U-NGPCR, Chlamydia,Mono All Negative 4th Week at 25 Days repeated Hiv Ag/Ab Combo Negative 5th week after 33 Days Repeated Hiv Ag/Ab Combo Negative 6th Week After 39 Days Repeated Hiv Ag/Ab Combo Negative along with a FBE Report which shows abnormalities in White Cells, Neutrophils with increments above the range. Lymphosites have increased a bit as well but within the range. 7.3 Weeks after 51 Days Hiiv Ag/Ab Negative Possible Distractions to reduce the accuracy of results: Consumed a Herbal drink which you prepare by boiling some traditional 5 herbs in water. This is something I consume when I'm generally unwell for flu,cold etc. Herbs are renowned to possess antibacterial,antiviral and antifungal elements. Period of Consumption: A Couple of days of the first week then repeated for numerous days during 3rd and 4th weeks irregularly. Last time I consumed was around 4-4.2 weeks period.I wonder if this had some impact on my results. Has someone experienced this sort of close symptoms to ARS and turned out negative? My GP doesn't let me test for HIV again saying I've had a cluster of tests and doesn't want to repeat it for a considerable time. All doctors and experts hav been saying this is a non-hiv situation, but how on earth these symptoms remain? Any feedback will be thoroughly appreciated!

hiv question

i got my hiv test resulting non reactive(.07)stilll after 2.5 year bt i am a regular drinker so pls verify me .thnx

Touching people in crowds

Hello. Id firstly like to say, thank you for providing this service. I can see you are helping many people cope with difficulties related to HIV. My question is as follows - I was in a crowd and a person brushed past me. I felt something wet on my arm but it was a bit dark so I was unable to see exactly what it was. It didnt look dark (like blood). I touched it with my hand (wiped my arm off) and I had a few dry cuts on my hand. I wasnt able to wash my hands, so whatever the substance was (blood, sweat, water, etc), stayed on my hands for a while. What is the possibility of transmission if it was indeed blood? A second question i have is... if 2 people have cuts on their hands that are not bleeding, but are recent and still look slightly raw, is transmission possible if the cuts make contact?The reason i ask is because i had a cut on my hand (not bleeding) and i shook hands with a person who had a very red but not bleeding sore on his hand. Thanks again.

HIV tests

Hi from Turkey;
after the exposure i've taken some tests. At 20th day p24 antigen test was negative. At 86th day Hiv 1/2 Ab/Ag Test was negative. And finally 205th day Hiv 1/2 Ab/Ag test was negative.I guess second and third are duo tests. I am still worrying about hiv. I know these tests are enough to believe that i am not HIV positive but i can not :( is there any chance that my negative results turn to positive? or any possibility about my test results are false negative?


Dear Doctors,
First of all apologize for my English it is not my first language.
- I am a male and three months back I had unprotected vaginal sex in West Africa
- After 20 days I received unprotected oral sex, again in West Africa
- Two weeks after first event I was diagnosed with chlamydia.
Upon one week of the last incident noticed red blisters, a couple on hands, legs and stomach. I visited the Doctor who told me that it was possible reaction to three different types of antibiotics that I took against chlamydia or insect bites me.
Total 5 times I was tested on HIV and the two last tests were 4te generation - HIV duo test, first 6 weeks and second 8 weeks after last incident.
On the internet I read almost everything written about HIV and came to the conclusion that HIV is still mystery, or that some people purposely bringing panic to desperate people like I am now.
Please be so kind and answer a few questions that I could not find an answer:
1. Red rashes alone without fever, diarrhea, vomiting, headaches and nausea ... symptom of HIV or not ?
2. During acute infection people become HIV+?
3. Is it possible that after one month of the first symptoms of the patient HIV duo test is still negative?
4. Why some people develop antibodies to the period of 3-6 months? Those people are with weakened immune systems or people suffering from other diseases?
5. I will definitely take another tested after 3 months from the last incident, but I'm definitely interested in your opinion on the reliability of HIV duo test at 6 and 8 weeks?
6. Do you agree with UK HIV test guidelines for year 2008 where the HIV 4th generation test is conclusive after 6 weeks. If you do not agree please state reasons for disagreement?
7. Any other type of HIV beside 1 and 2?
God bless you!

window period

hi there..i had 5 times test with elisa,vidas duo ultra,cmia 12 months 10 days after post exposure..all is non reactive. but many doctors in lab where i test told me that window period can more than 12 monts,is it true??

hiv test.

The results of my test after unprotected intercourse. After 26 days of, anti-HIV 1/2 neg. 35 days after the, elisa neg. (3 gn.) 40 days later, the duo hiv ag / ab neg. 48 days later, the elisa neg. (3 gn.) 62 days later, the elisa neg. (3 gn.) 73 days later, the elisa neg. (3 gn.) What is the risk that I get. Please comment.

plz help on hiv test

i had unprotected sex with woman( only 3 min maybe) i do not know any about her health condition
and i had many test
1- p24 combo ag ab at 14 day(2week)>>>NEG>>
2-p24 combo ag ab at 34 day (4week)>>>NEG>>
3-elisa ab at 44 day (6week)>>>>>>>>>>NEG>>
4-p24 combo ag ab at 48 day(6week)>>>>NEG>>
5-p24 combo ag ab at 54 day(7week)>>>>NEG>>
6-p24 combo ag ab at 70 day(10week)>>>NEG>>
my Q is
1- is that conclusiv results???
2- do i need any further test??
godbless you

hiv pcr test vancouver

just wondering we can get a hiv PCR test in vancouver ?


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