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HIV Testing

do i require more test?

i had a possible exposure about 31/2 yrs ago, that was the ONLY TIME and i'm not sure if even something happened, so long story short, these are my test:
-2 and half years: 4th gen ELISA (private lab): Negative both HIV 1&2
- 3 years: Rapid Test (advance quality brand at public hiv center) : Negative
-Syphilis rapid test (same site as above): Negative
-3 years, after rapid test: 3rd Gen ELISA (private lab): Negative
-Jan 4 2012: 4th GEN ELISA (private lab): Negative
they were all done were i live in mexico, but i'm still feeling nervous, since i asked to one association here in my country and they told me i need a WB test to get a conclusive and final result, that because of recurrent health issues i've been having.
I just want to know if with your expertise and knowledge would you recommend a western blot test? i don't care if i HAVE to do it, i just want to feel tranquil and safe again or take care of whatever is going on.
I know you are going to be sincere and tell me the truth i feel so scared since i read and article on aidsmap were some people kept testing negative for hiv but were positive, after more than 10 years!!! by that time i would like to have a child so, i just want to put an end to this.
Thank you

Test results conclusive?

Hi, I had a high risk exposure with a sex worker more than 3 months back. I got myself tested on the 90th day post exposure using the Chemiluminescence HIV test in a hospital in Mumbai, India. The report gives the following information about the test: -The test was performed on an Immunodiagnostic Vitros ECiQ Analyser and is used for the invitro qualitative detection of antibodies to HIV1 and HIV 2. -The vitros anti-HIV 1+2 assay uses 4 recombinant antigens such as HIV-1 env13, HIV-1 env10, HIV-1 p24 (core) and HIV-2 env AL. -My report reads Non reactive with a reading of 0.05. -The report says anything above 1.00 is considered reactive. The following are my questions: 1) Is the Chemiluminscence HIV test a reliable and an accurate one for HIV testing post 90 days of exposure. 2) I asked the hospital to perform an Elisa test but for some reason they did the Chemiluminscence HIV test despite having an Elisa test available with them. Is there any difference between the two tests and if so which of the one is an accurate one? 3) Do I need any further testing post this after 6 months, the reason being I was diagnosed with kidney stones during the 3 month window period, so was just wondering if that would have any effect on my HIV result. Also I read in many places on the internet that tests are not accurate till 6 months of exposure. 4) Which generation of the test is Chemiluminescence HIV test and what is its window period? Kindly let me know the answers to the above questions, I would be really grateful to you. Many thanks in advance.


I got tested for HIV at 2 months and 2 weeks. A month later i developed what looks to be thrush or leukoplakia and have had this for a month. Does this mean i have HIV!?

HIV risk

I made a stupid error. I had unprotected vaginal sex with a sex worker in Germany. After a week I had pain in the thighs for 2 days. Then I got to 1.5 weeks and abdominal pain after 2 weeks, a weak bladder. Physician visit was negative. Normal blood count. urine normal values. No bacteria. Had abdominal pain and bladder problems to the 4th Week. After 5 weeks, I got a sore throat but had gone back after 1 week. After 7 weeks with a sore throat and tonsillitis geschollenen lymph nodes. Was at the doctor yesterday and got HIV test done. Conclusion reached Monday.
Is that the same course of an acute HIV infection? Have enormous fear and do not know how I can stand until Monday

combo test

first of all here is my risk...
i had sex with a sex worker the oral was without condom,she licked my balls also my anal part. and i used condom for verginal sex....in next round again oral was unprotected, and i used condom for anal..i only inserted my penis in her *** for a min, i did not discharge, i pulled it out and change the condom...i put new condom on for verginal sex, i again didnot dischange, then she took the condom off and she dischaged me by giving oral and hand job....
now my sysmtoms..
a week after this, i started having flue like symptoms,,,almost 9 dayz after i started feeling sick, extreme diearea and vomiting..... then few weeks later i have a sour throat, few red tiny dots kind pimples on my stomach that hurt. i m getting stiff neck and pain in throat....
i read on the internet the condom are not always 100% for hiv, is it true,,,i used a lubricated condom which was not expired,
also can hiv trasmit thoguh oral, i recevied oral withour condom....
i m so worried...
now the tests..
the test i did was "a anti hiv is a chemiluminescent mictroparticle immunoassay for the simultaneous qualitative detection of HIV p24 antigen and antibodies to human immunodeficiency virus type 1 and/or type 2 in human serum.""elisa methoad was used/..
i have done 4of these test so far,,,
1st right after the sex, results, non-reactive, and viral load is 0.8
2nd 5 days after results non-reactive and viral load is 0.9
3rd 2 weeks after results non reactive and viral rate is 0.10
last 23 days after, results non reactive and viral rate is 0.12
thank you

Understanding the condition

Hi Monica Greetings of the day First of all let me brief you about the history:- My wife got tested for HIV in October 2008 - Result Negative I got tested for HIV in August 2011 - Result Negative I got tested for HIV on 8th October 2011 - Result Negative - the Doctor said he has used Elisa Technology, however I am not sure whether he used Rapid or Elisa. Because it was done by my Employer for the employment. I got tested for HIV on 10th January 2012 - Result Negative - Rapid I got tested for HIV on 15th January 2012 - Result Negative - Rapid I was vaccinated for Hepatitis B on 28/02/2009, 24/03/2009 and 26/08/2009 and for H1N1 I was vaccinated on 20/04/2011. And I do not have sex with anybody apart from my wife. Also the last time we had sex was in mid of November 2011. Right now Iam in the middleeast and waiting for my medical (blood test) to be through. They have taken my blood thrice, on 3rd January 2012, on 8th January 2012 and on 15th January 2012. The first time they said probably the sample might have lost, the second time when I say the blood test repot it mentioned HIV 1, 2 - some value of 1.74 and thereafter written reactive. Iam totally confused and worried. Can you please help me out in undestanding. Does my Vaccination has anything to do with it. Best Regards XYZ


I had relationship with a girl on DEC 13 and I am afraid that I am having AIDS what do you recommend?

Scared I have HIV

During the summer i had unprotected sex. Since then I have been worrying sick. I was tested about 10 weeks after exposure and my results came back negative. In December i noticed white legions on the inside of my cheeks. This terrified me as i assumed it was oral thrush and heard that people with HIV have this. Since then it has subsided but i still have white dots and areas on my cheek. I went to the doctor and he said it looks like it could be oral thrush or leukoplakia. He took swabs to see. Does having oral thrush or leukoplakia give me a good change of having HIV and should i go get re-tested?


i had a sex with a girl i have dought weather m infected to HIV are not so i take test after 3 months the result is inreactive and again i take a test after 1 month 21 days n the result is same does any chances to be positive when i take the test again after 1months 15 days plz ans me for this

my test after unprotected sex

my test : p24 combo at 14 day p24 combo at 34 day h1&h2 ab at 44 day p24 combo at 48 day all was negtive is that accuracy?? do i need any more test?


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