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HIV Testing

Rapid Test Results..Still worried

Hi, I recently had a very low risk exposure. I received oral sex from an escort as well as mutual masturbation and frottage. I didn't feel the need to test. Yet I still was worried I might have had some penetration (i think it was my mind playing tricks on me because this idea came to my head as time went on). I decided to get tested at 7 weeks. Would a negative UniGold Recombigen be conclusive at 7 weeks considering it was so low risk? My fear is that it was a false negative. (Maybe it was too soon or the lab guy messed up). Help me please :(


Where is the lab in Richmond BC Canada?

finger prick test

this may sound stupid, but i have been so paranoid about hiv. I recently took a hiv rapid test, it was a finger ***** blood rapid test. I dont know what kind of needles are used in ontario. Can those automatic i guess single used be accidentally used again? Can I get infected this way? . Please help me I went there to get peace of mind now i am even more worried are there any risks? can the applicator be infected?what kind of needles that are used??is there a possible by mistake a nurse used an old needle (it was in blue or green color). if an old one was used what are the chances of getting hiv??Everything was prepared when i got there i cant go again sleeples nights for another 3 months i cant take this fear ..also my test was negative and i was told i had a v v v low risk, it was un protected oral...

Am I HIV neg?

I've always used anal protection in my life. I recently went down to MIAMI oct 28-31 ... I've performed UNPROTECTED oral sex only throughout my trip there twice & got rimmed. All those encounters were less than 10 min each. I got tested dec 5 with a 3rd chemiluminescence hiv test. Some sites say antibodies react after 28 days but now Im living in fear in feb when i have to retest 3 months later ... scared it will be positive

40 hiv duo 62 elisa test, TURKEY

After a suspicious intercourse, the results of my test.
40 days after the HIV DUO, ab-ag, negative.
62 days after, ELISA negatif..
Suspicious woman, tests. His test results.
After 38 days, a negative ELISA.
48 days after the duo hiv negative.
After 48 days, a negative ELISA.
What is my risk that
Do I need to take another test?

HIV Testing

In short, I was exposed to vaginal secretions for roughly 5 seconds before putting on a condom. So I decided to take a HIV test. I'm pretty confused at the moment. I had a HIV test at week 16 through LifeLabs which came back negative. As I was reading the archives on this site, some of the moderators are suggestion a Western Blot to be 100% sure I'm not HIV +.
According to CPHA, Western Blot is only used as a confirmation test if the ELISA test came back reactive. So can I consider myself HIV negative or?
Also, as recommended by the site, I was also screened for the more common STD's which all came back negative. Thanks in advance.

Massage Transmission?

I went to a massage parlor, I am a gay guy 25 years old.
When I had a massage, the masseur tries to insert the massage oil bottle inside my anus but it just touch the opening.
1. What is my risk of contracting HIV from massage oil bottle. I dont know if its contaminated.
2. Could I be infected with HIV from wet surfaces like the sperm from previous costumers etc.
3. Could I be infected if I have skin rash and the masseur massage it?
4. Do I need testing from these exposures?
thank you

husband attacked and had wounds

my husband was attacked by thieves!they didnt use knives BUT he had wounds all over and wa stitched up?can it be possible he contacted HIV during the attack?

lancent needles

the lancet needles which is used to perform a rapid hiv test in ontario, is it reusable?? is it possible a nurse could use a needle on someone which was already used?

Really worried...please please answer

I had a risky exposure with a sex worker more than 3 months back.
My antibody HIV test done at 90th day post exposure came out negative.
I was advised to get a Hepatitis B test done because of my high risk exposure.
I got a HBSAg test done by the Chemiluminsence method after 110 days of exposure and the report read non-reactive with a reading of 0.05
1) Does Hepatitis C and Hepatitis B infection (be it chronic or acute) affect the window period of 3 months (12 weeks, 90 days) of HIV testing. I have heard that co-infection of HIV and HCV effects the window period of 12 weeks of HIV.
2) Is HBSAg a standard test for detection of Hepatatis B infection and what is the window period for it?
3) Also how common is it for HCV / HBV to pass through sexual exposure and do I need to test for HCV?
Please note I haven't had any exposure post the one mentioned in the first line.
I will greatly be obliged and grateful to you if you answer this.


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