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HIV Testing

Acute HIV skin rash

How long do these rashes last for and do they come and go? I had a rash on back of my neck/shoulders 3 weeks after a possible exposure that resembled folliculitis (maybe 6 papules in total), it lasted for a few weeks. After another few weeks it started again on my shoulders and chest which lasted for about 2 weeks also. Then about 2 weeks after I had another rash that was scattered over my torso, neck and arms that resembles folliculitis and lasted for about another 2 weeks. During these 4 months, I never suspected it being nothing more than my eczema that I had since I was a kid. My question is, is it possible for the Acute HIV skin rash to come and go within 4 months after possible exposure? I was tested at the 16 week mark for HIV and it came back negative. Should I go for a re-test taking into account the rash I've been experiencing?

What does this mean?

Hi, i read that a dry mouth is a symptoms of HIV/AIDS and for over a week now i have had a dry feeling in my mouth. I had unprotected sex around 16 weeks ago and am now worried this is a sign of hiv. I have also had a dry cough.

Reliable Information

How reliable is your information concerning the window period for HIV? Your site is bent on a 3 month window period,but is this really accurate and applies to all individuals?
I tested negative up to 7.5 months after breaking off a relationship with a female partner whose status I don't know. My last encounter with her was in March 2011 and I tested during the period April to October.I became worried after losing weight,experiencing diarrhea,white tongue and a couple other symptoms suggestive of HIV. To date I get the flu like symptoms recurring which is not normal prior to the relationship. I had night sweats on at least 3 occasions and severe muscular pain during this period.I have been experiencing severe lower back pain for the past 4 months. I have since regained my weight and normal appetite. I did visit my doctor last year who also dismissed HIV as 3 months had passed. I have not had any further sexual encounters but really and would like to know if it is possible for HIV servo-conversion to happen past 6 months. Is it that sites such as this one are cautious about making people scared or is 3 months really sufficient for conclusive testing results? A couple private labs suggested testing for at least 12 months whilst the public clinic advised that 3 months was enough.I seek your honest facts on HIV testing period as the information across the globe is very conflicting.Also did anyone ever come back to your site to say they tested positive after a negative 3 month or 6 month test?
Thanks HT

autoimmune diseases

Hi Team,
Any autoimmune diseases will affect the hiv window period or seroconversion?how long?

Should I still be worried?

Hi, August of 2011 I had sex and the condom slipped off and once I realized it i replaced i with another one. I had got a rapid blood test done almost 2 weeks ago. It was negative although I have been having some terrible symptoms. I also believe now that I was infected with mono but I am going to test forit next week since most of the symtoms I had was some of the same symptoms of mono. Should I still be worried about this encounter that happen over 4 months ago? Also if I test positive for mono will this affect my test results for HIV?

Acute HIV skin rash

There are many articles on the internet concerning this topic, however, I couldn't find anything regarding the possibility of this rash recurring during the acute phase of HIV. In short, all I found was the acute symptoms occurring 2 to 6 weeks after infection and lasting for 1 to 2 weeks. If you can shed some light on this topic, that will be much appreciated.

rapid testing

hi, i just tested at a halton region health clinic, it was a rapid hiv test, finger prick test…it was negative… now i m worried that the nurse might had used an old needle to drew my blood, is it possible. the thing she used was in blue colour, she put it on the finger n then pressed it…. are those needles reusable? how soon the virus dies? if the virus dies soon after outside the body then y is it dangerous for shared needles? isn't it the same thing?? thanks


Hello, I had unprotected sex about 4 months ago. I got tested for hiv around the 10 week mark and it came back negative. For the past month i have had a ongoing dry cough. I have read that this is a symptom of HIV and it has gotten me worried. Do you think this would indicate HIV. I also tend to have a low immune system and i read this could mean you would only show up positive in later tests. What should i do?


I was wondering if nausea is a symptom of hiv? i had unprotected sex 3 months ago and have felt nauseas mostly every day since.

Question regarding conclusiveness of tests

Hi, I had unprotected sex with a girl last october. After 4 weeks I did my first duo test 4th generation, after 6 weeks I did another duo test 4th generation and a PCR RNA test, after 10,5 weeks another duo test 4th generation and after 14 weeks my last duo test 4th generation, all of them were negative! my question is, are my results conclusive or do I have to keep on testing until 6 months or even 12 months. There are so many different statements on the internet regarding window period and I would just like to let go and relax again, however I do not know what is the right thing to do? Thank you!


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