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HIV Testing

tested for hiv

possible exposure on july 11 tested negative on october 12 is this accurate

HIV testing

Hi there,
I was wondering how long after my sexual encounter should I wait before I get an HIV test? What's the safest amount of time I should wait, but also the best time to go to make sure I get 100% accurate results?


Received oral sex with condom and received rimming. What is the risk? Do I needed to get tested? Thank you

Confusing Messages

I am confused over testing information provided to the public. I read on one of your posts that no HIV test is 100% accurate even after 3-6months on the other side the message is sent that testing after 3 months is not necessary providing no further exposures. Is there a slight chance that someone testing using antibody tests after 6 months may still test positive later on from the same possible exposure?
I have tested negative up to 7.5 months after a series of tests from one month after my last possible risk. I do not know the other person's status, however a month after the encounter I experienced some symptoms. Since then I have not put myself at risk. I experienced symptoms similar to what is described on many sites as early HIV symptoms, including weight loss,oral thrush,fatigue,mouth ulcers,and to date severe lower back pain. I really would appreciate clarification on the topic. I had one 4th generation test at the 6 month mark and all others were rapid tests, the last one at 7.5 months. Given the fact so many other people on this site experience similar conditions,is it possible that some individuals can actually take a longer time to sero-convert or are there strains of the virus that are not detectable with standard antibody tests? People need to be educated if this is possible in order to help stop the spread of the disease. Can a couple accept the information that a 3 month negative test is conclusive and enter a relationship after they both have a 3 month negative test, would this put them in the clear for HIV?
Thanks for your guidance.

Abtibiotics affects Hiv Combo test?

I have a negative Combo test (Abbott Architect Hiv Ag/Ab) at 14 days and 27 days after a suspecious intercourse. (Condom remained inside of a friend of mine. I had protected several intercourses during last 5-6 months with her. I know that she has some other partners).
I had an Uritria at 19 days, and recovered after 7 days of using antibiotics. When using the antibiotics there were some itching and redness in my groin area recovered with pomade. She claims that she does not have any symptom like uretria. I did not ask for her hiv status, but if she had infected, she would inform me. She may not know her hiv status if she is really infected.
That uritria and the other symptoms (lack of appetite, 2 kg loss in 2 weeks, night sweats) makes me crazy. I do not have any single minute not to think about hiv.
Today is 34th days. My question is how conclusive my tests are? Is there any possiblity for a false negative result because of antibiotics or window period.
Thank you.

hiv chance?

i had unprotected sex 9 months ago recently i fell illness like hiv symptoms ..then i did hiv dna pcr which was not detected.. am i infected and is hiv dna test is enough?

hcv positive came negative

i had intercourse 1 year and 6 months before.
after 8 months of my post exposure i did hcv and hiv test.
i got hcv positive. and hcv rna pcr valve was less then 15 range. doctor told me there is a chance for me to cure automatically by my immune system because 15 to 25% of the people their immune systme cures hcv..
by luckly last 4 months i got hcv negative and also my hiv test is negative.
1. now 1 year and 6 months completed.there is any chance for late seroconversion for hiv?
2. will there is any chance for hcv to reproduce??
please help iam totally confused.

i am hiv neagtive ?

i checked HIV western blot method after six months and I checked HIV western blot 2 time ,two report result is non reactive ,but now i know that western blot test is all positive people cases confirmed by western blot test but i checked western blot my tension is ,what i am safe my W/B result is accurate after six months? i am non reactive ?what i do the need to go for elisa test to check the my HIV status yes /no. sir /madam please give me ans i am waiting for your ans my western blot result is correct after window period i am safe yes /no .i am not sleeping few months. i read that elisa test method is best cross the window period but but i don't know this test so i checked HIV W/B method test after six months from the exposure ,W/B METHOD test two time check and two report ans is non reactive. i am safe,i am HIV negative please ans...........please help ,please help please help ,sorry my English is very weak......?

Sharps Container

Thank you so much for your work! I would just like to ask one question. I recently got a rapid HIV test done. At the end, the nurse threw away the contents of the test (lancet, unit membrane, her rubber gloves) into the sharps container with her bare hands. She then gave me a bandaid for the spot on my finger where she drew the blood. I am worried about the fact that the sharps container contained the parts of other people's tests (this was a point-of-care setting where people came in to get their tests within fifteen minute time slots) that might have had HIV-positive blood on them. Is it possible for that blood to somehow get into my bloodstream from the bandaid (that the nurse touched) through the open prick from the lancet? Am I worrying needlessly?
Thank you very much!

HIV dna pcr

i did HIV dna pcr after 9 months of expouser which was not detected.. is it accurate at 9 months...?


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