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HIV Testing

Can tonsillitis affect the HIV test?


I had tonsillitis in May but never went to a doctor to get it checked because it didn't really bother me and I thought I would just let it settle. 2 months later, I did a blood test for HIV and here are the results.

HIV1/2 Ag/Ab Combo - Reactive
HIV1 p24 Antigen - non-reactive
HIV1 Western blot - Negative
HIV final interpretation - No HIV p24 antigen detected; Inconclusive for HIV1/HIV2 antibodies

If my tonsillitis was due to a virus (maybe mono), could this have affected the combo test and show as reactive? I would consider myself as low risk individual (protected sex, no drugs using needle) but the test result is causing a lot of distress. I will have to do another blood test in 4 weeks but I'm scared the combo test will show reactive again because of my recent tonsillitis.

hiv test results

hi i did an hiv screening test in which the p24 antibody index was more than one . it was 2.18.

after that all hell broke lose , and i did viral load test from dr dang and western blot from dr pathlabs. both the results were negative.

time of test : 3 months after unprotected sex

please help

thanks and regards

used condom masturbation

I am a male. Last month i went to camping to hills with my friends I got drunk and i had sex with a guy of that area.
he used thin condoms both times.
I gave him oral twice in both intervals.
Firstly He tried to penetrate without condom then i insisted to use condom. he could not enter due to lack of lubricant. is this a risk? then he used condom.
secondly we slept in the tent and the weather was cold and rainy (not snowy). In the early morning i masturbated with the "used condom on my penis".
Any risk ?

please help.

How can I be sure Im HIV negative?

Around November, I had unprotected oral sex. Im pretty sure he didnt cum or anything but three months later i started feeling flu like symptoms. I would feel this tingle on my lips for a few months, a few weeks ago i brushed my teeth with an old toothbrush that I switched after I had oral sex after my tongue started tingle/burning. Then i started having diaherra and i threw up twice and the second time it was because i put my finger in my throat and threw up water.. I didnt eat much that day so after i threw up that water i started to feel chills and pain through my whole body. after that everytime i ate or drank water i would just poo and pee it out. i felt really constipated. so i went to the doctors he said i was hiv negative but i told him i feel like this pin and needles but he said its been awhile since sexual contact. i found out i have hemorrhoids but i feel like this crawling sensation in my body.. is that hiv cd4 crawling inmy body? am i infected???

18 weeks negative but still symptoms

I have been constantly worried about my HIV status - it has now been 18 weeks since I had unprotected vaginal intercourse (lasted around 30seconds) with someone who I do not trust. I did a rapid test at 17,5 weeks and it came back negative, but my throat hurts a lot (my glands send waves of pain, I produce too much and too thick saliva and my ears and head hurt quite often - I have fever on and off). I have seen a number of doctors who have not been able to help me. My partner has been feeling a sore throat for the past three weeks, which makes me even more worried that I might have passed something onto him.
I would be really thankful if you could tell me what to do and how high the risk of my status turning positive still is.

Thank you very much.

Apparently very low risk but ALL symptoms

Hello, I'll try to make long story short as much as possible.
On April 18th I've had unprotected oral sex exposure with unknown guy. The exposure was including both fellatio and cunnilingus and while performing fellatio he never ejaculated in my mouth. The whole process lasted for less than 20 minutes and It wasn't any of my concern until six weeks post this exposure. I started getting very sore throat with enlarged lymph nodes in my neck and armpits followed by muscle and joints pain. I also had white patches on the back of my throat that are still present today (12 weeks post exposure). I checked up with my family doctor who prescribed me penicillin for throat but It never helped and my throat is still present. Exactly six weeks post exposure I went to take tests for STD's including HIV and all results came back negative. The nurse told me because of my risk I shouldn't be concerned anymore about HIV infection and she even told me It's not necessary to get retested again but If I want just to give myself peace in mind I can get another test 12 weeks after possible exposure. I tried to listen to her advice and move on with my life but I started getting even more symptoms such as very itchy skin rash on my arms and chest as well as genital yeast infection. Dry cough was also present for a short time but now it seems to be returning. All these symptoms don't seem to go away and they are occurring over and over again so I decided to went for the second test after 12 weeks and currently I'm waiting for results.

I'm very scared and don't know what to think because I'm driving myself crazing by googling symptoms and although the nurse is convincing me my risk is almost negligible and even if there was risk Hiv test done at 6 weeks would in 95% of the cases picked up infecton by then. I'm going trough a lot and I'm not sure how will I handle this please give me your opinion of what are my chances of being contracted with HIV.

Transmission from tooth explorers

I once noticed my roommate use my explorer that i use to remove plaque. i stopped using it but i recently got to know that he is HIV positive. I got scared and took a rapid test that showed negative. I am scared. Please help.

I am a little freaked out right now

So I met this girl on OK cupid and we hit it off right away. We had unprotected sex the second time we hung out. I had said, I don't have condoms, to which she replied "don't worry, I'm on birth control." We had unprotected sex for the past three weeks (probably 4-5 times), and she's given me head as well on every occasion we saw each other. This past week, I've been having a sore throat, but no fevers or anything like that. I went to the doctor, and they said it wasnt strep. The sore throat isn't going away. I'm afraid it's acute HIV syndrome. What is the likelihood of me acquiring HIV from my behavior. And, how do I discuss this with her, im terms of wearing protection, and / or asking her whether she's been tested? I don't wanna come off rude and scare her off, because im paranoid. Thanks for the help

3 times asked never reply. I beg your help please.

I had made a very bad mistake. I am a heterosexual man 31 years old who just got sexually experience with another male.

here is what we did.

I unpackage a condom and put it on the night stand.
He started masturbating me without condom, his hand back and forth to his pene.
then, i started masturbating him without condom, my hands back and forth as well.

after 5 min doing all i mentioned above. He grabbed the condom i unpackaged from the night stand and put it on the head of my pene. then i help to unrolled it down to the base of my pene.

after that He started sucking my pene for about 3 min.
I also put a condom on his pene and sucked him for about 2 min.
i did not feel pre cum since he was wearing a condom that i myself opened it.

after that we he wanted me to penetrate him, so he tryied to sit down on my pene
but it did not enter to his anus (maybe very very very!! little dipped in it but still the condom was on my pene)

I attempted to penetrate him 4 times with not success, because my pene became a little bit soft
and i was having anxiety due to this new experience i was having. There was not eyaculation while i was doing it.
after we gave up, i decided to masturbate myself, pull out the condom, saved it in my pocked to later water test it. and i finished myself. He never finished so i did not even touch his semen but pre cum yeah.

based on the risk i had. what is the chance for me to get HIV from him?
Do you think as a nurse or have you ever heard of someone contracting hiv this manner?
from your point of view do you think i have to go and get tested for hiv?

please answer my question you would be helping two life my wife and mine.

HIV transmission with ARS

Good day. I had an awkward night with a sex worker last September. We had French kiss ( I had a cavity in my teeth and I do not remember whether there was obvious blood or not in her mouth) , rubbing my penis (unprotected) on her vagina without inserting and 3 times protected vaginal sex with her as long as I remember the condoms were intact. Starting point of awful days was at 29 days after exposure by getting a cold-like and maddening anxiety. Day by day, I was finding new symptoms (as I thought). I felt fluctuation pains inside of arm’s muscles. Moreover, I was a little bit feeling cool on my both hand until I wore a jacket which somehow disappeared them from days of 42 to 48. At 42 days after my risky action when I thought I was HIV positive, my 4th Gen HIV Elisa test came out Non-Reactive. I could not believe the test result. I assumed that something goes wrong on my body not to produce enough antibody in order to be diagnosis by test. Further, I went to the same Lab (a private lab in Iran) to retest at 12 weeks mark which again was Non-Reactive through 4th Gen Elisa. After that, I started thinking that definitely the Lab's Technician was not master to conduct the test although he told me he was experienced about 2-3 years in immunology diagnosis departments. I could not help thinking myself until 200 days when I went to another lab to retest because of my killer anxiety regarding unreliability of last couple tests. The new Lab uses ECL method which is fully automated diagnosis screening method. Again came out non-Reactive. I just got calmed down for a while. After one month, again anxieties came into my mind that may be they did something wrong. Of course, most probably my worries are somehow due to obsessions. Now, I would like you to assure me whether my exposure was risky? Was my teeth made French kissing risky action for HIV transmission? Were my ARS related to HIV or not. Thanks a lot


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