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HIV Transmission

Oral and fingering risk

Before sex and after sex, I brushed my teeth a bit too hard, and I could taste my own blood. I performed oral sex on a girl with unknown status, and I also deep fingered her. The day before, I cut my nails too deep and it bleed a little. I am WSW, but she had a few male and female partner before. Not too sure if relevant, but she also always brush her teeth after and before sex. Around two weeks after, I feel muscle ache that lasted for a day, and I got persistent sore throat that lasted almost a month.Should I get tested?

Infection during baby childcare

Is there any risk of HIV Transmission when during dressing up a baby my hand touch baby ass/anus? How is case that I had some scratches, injures or egcema on hands?

I need the help

I had hiv obsessions, so I caught a mosquito, then killed it and sucked blood into the needle. then I clean the blood at the tip of the needle and the needle of the mosquito by sucking my saliva in. If so, if the blood contaminated with HIV from mosquitoes in the needle with saliva will it survive? and if I suck more of my blood into the needle, the blood of the mosquitoes that live in needles will continue to multiply. I was really nervous because during what I described I got stabbed in the skin by the needle and it seemed like there was some water in the needle sticking into my skin. Please give me 1 helpful advice.
Thank sợ much!

Fleshlight and HIV

Hello. I entered my penis a fleshlight that my friend used after he has just ejaculated into it (There was no other sexual activity involved). Unfortunately, I do not know whether he is HIV positive, and due to my tight foreskin, I was unable to enter fully. However, I am not sure whether I will be HIV positive as:
1. My penis technically touched my friend's pre cum
2. the fact that my penis struggled to pull down means that the penis could be teared off (small leaks on the foreskin that hiv can enter my body through his premium)
3. I am not sure whether the HIV virus is dead as the semen and pre cum are technically out of his body (inside the flashlight) after ejaculation.

Based on my information, am I highly in risk for HIV? Hope to hear from you, Thanks!

Are activities in which both people bleed on each other considered "No Risk" for the transmission of HIV?

My friend, who was a HIV care provider, claims explicitly that "no one has ever transmitted HIV through wound to wound contact" and that therefore there is no significant risk to hockey players transmitting HIV in a fight like this, presuming one of them carried the disease.
Is it true that wound to wound contact, poses no significant risk?

Please help a worrisome new mom Continue, Toilet nightmare

Dear Vancouver volunteer, Thanks for answering my previous post. After I post my question, I realized that I forgot one scenario. I know toilet problem has been asked again and again. I just have one more special case want to double check on your opinion.

I once used a airpot public toilet. It is a busy hour so people used that spot one by one in queue. I may sit too front while pee. My urine hit the toilet bowl surface, the porcelain part and flash back on my annal area. I did not see obvious blood at that area. But not sure about other body fluid like vagina discharge etc. What if there is some body fluid from the previous lady who just left the spot before I entering in and it come to my annal area with my backsplash urine, am I at risk? I did not get chance to wash my under immediately. Just use paper to wipe the wet part. I don't have any bleeding cuts around my annal area but I have tiny annal fissure a week ago, that may not been totally healed. And since I just delivered a baby not a long time ago, my immune system may not be as strong as normal people. Thanks

Handjob with Oil

Hi, I received a handjob from a sex worker, she put some oil on my penis -- could this oil have been mixed with her blood and then put on my penis/urethra? In a way to pass the HIV virus to me?

Bottle of water

Hello, I bought a closed plastic bottle of water from a store and after I opened and drank some of the water, I noticed that it was leaking.
I tried to find the source of the leak and it looks like a needle hole. It doesn't leak when I don't squeeze the bottle, that's why it is not easy to notice it.
What if someone injected something into the bottle, I am concerned.
Is there a risk for HIV if there is no air contact of the virus as the bottle was sealed closed?
Thanks in advance for the help.

unprotected fellatio

Dear Doctor, I'm a male from Romania and I'm 52 years old.
About one month ago I had got a fellatio from a prostitute.
I had some inflamation on my penis and the oral was about 30 seconds.
She had some signs on her back.
After 11 days I had a sore throat which it hasn't even passed now.
What should I do? I think a have HIV.
Please answer me.


i had a deep kiss with a woman about 3 w/ago.( very mild and with brief tongue touch).she also suck my finger and it results to i see no blood on my fingers (it is mean there is no blood on her mouth!! i dont know).I have a lot of anxiety.Do I need to test؟ please answer me.please.
thank you


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