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HIV Transmission

Bite Tongue After Oral Sex

I had anal oral sex about 3 weeks ago. After I finished I washed my mouth out with peroxide like I normally do. This time I accidentally bite my tongue causing it to bleed after I washed my mouth out. I'm worried because i'm not sure all the germs escaped my mouth. This was like 15 minutes after oral sex. I'm not sure how long anal mucus remained in my mouth or if the peroxide washed it away. I would hate to hear that someone's anal mucus was able to get in the sore from the tongue bite. Not sure how all that works. Since then I've been having post nasal drip mild flu symptoms like sore throat.

same fingers

Today i had visited a massage parlor and things happened so quickly the lady fingered her vagina for 5 minutes and came later she put the same fingers in my anus and today i noticed blood from my anus and my anus was hurting when water touched it i had conctipation for 4 days and when i was pooping in the morning o had blood and tonight this happened
I am really worry and want to commit suicide
Can i get hiv with this?

Blood on condom after sex, any HIV risk?


Last week I had sex with a woman and wore a condom the entire time. When we finished and I pulled out, there was blood on the condom. She later today me she thought she was done w/ her period but evidently not.

I carefully took off the condom and there was no blood on my skin, penis nor base. I get a bit paranoid with this stuff. Is there any chance I could have contracted any disease?

Thank you.

blood mixed with lignocaine splash onto eye from hiv+ who is on ART

I am recently exposed to a hiv 1 patient during tooth extraction via blood mixed with about 1 ml of lignocaine in a syringe, I felt a resistance during pushing the piston of the syringe. Suddenly the blood mixed lignocaine leaked and splashed to my eyes. I washed my eyes immediately with water and asked the patient about any disease history and he told that he is hiv positive and on ART SINCE last 5 years. I told our chief MO about the incident and he suggested me to Start PEP.. I STARTED PEP within 2 hours TL and LR( tenofovir with lamivudin and lopinavir with ritonavir) and also checked my recent hiv status which came out negative... The ICTC CENTER also informed me that the source patient is on ART his recent cd4 count was nearly 560 and pt is well controlled.. My last information is I washed the syringe to remove the major blood from the transparent portion with water before drawing 2nd time lignocaine.and the retained blood from needle and hub was then mixed with 1 ml of lignocane... how much risk in this situation ? please enlighten me... i am from India



6 days ago I fingered a prostitute and engaged in vaginal sex (with a condom).

For the last 4 days in the mornings I have felt OK, but after noon getting a bit tired (at work I want to take a break quite often, very hard to focus on work because of my worrying) and falling asleep early (at around 9 PM, but sleeping well). I feel good in the mornings, but as the day progresses, I start getting fluctuating visual problems (it is sometimes a bit harder to sharpen focus with my sight), but it all goes back to normal very quickly and then appears mildly again. My eyes look OK. But the visual problems make me worry the most. Throughout this whole time I am super nervous and thinking about having possibly contracted HIV all of the time.

Can visual problems be a sign of early HIV?

HIV semen in the shampoo

I am extremely scared of HIV blood ,semen and etc, and my roommate seems to be a gay.I am so afraid that he will do some masturbate in the bathroom we share together and put his semen into my shampoo.Yesterday I used the shampoo and some water and foam flows into my eyes.Please tell me how long could the HIV seamen be alive in the shampoo and what kind of risk I am experiencing.Thank you

Fellatio with condom on a man

Hi, i've been searching all over your forum, but i got mixed answers so i'll ask it directly. Is it performing fellatio (giving head) with a condom to a man, low risk or negligible?

thank you

Tattoo and Debilitating HIV Concern


First of all, I'd like to thank you for your work here - you've certainly helped a lot of people.

I had a few concerns and I wanted to know if you could possible relieve some of my anxiety.

I got a tattoo on the 17th of June, 2018, and following that, I spiraled into severe anxiety about contracting HIV although there was no obvious risk. The country I got the tattoo in is unregulated - however, I made sure to go to a parlor that maintains strict sterilization processes - including having an autoclave. Despite all this, I was anxious and got tested twice - both tests turned out negative.

Just last month, I got another tattoo - and the same thing started happening. Once again, I did choose a parlor that maintains strict sterilization processes - as per the employees. The country is, once again, unregulated. However, the parlor does use disposable needles, ink cartridges and ink pots. In addition to that, they say they sterilize all non-disposable equipment (tattoo grip) in a chemical solution and then in special packages in an autoclave. They've mentioned all this on their instagram page.

I have a couple of questions that have been plaguing me.

1. I wasn't paying attention when the tattoo artist set up her station, although she did it in front of me. I did see her setting up the tattoo machine. However, I didn't pay attention as to whether she opened a new needle or not. Although they assured me they always use new needles and would never risk their shop's reputation. If a used needle was used, what are the risks? I believe I was her first customer of the day - and if not, it took her at least an hour to draw and set up. If there were any blood present, would it still be able to infect? I know that tattoo needles aren't a major concern since they are not attached to a barrel.

2. When she was working on my tattoo, the ink ran out and she had to grab the ink bottle to refill the ink pot. I know that you cannot get HIV from surfaces. However, I also know that tattoo artists shouldn't touch anything that isn't wrapped, etc. So, that has sent me into so many "what ifs" - like what if she used used needles. I mean she did touch an unwrapped bottle and then touched my skin.

3. I didn't see any visible blood. So, my question is, can one get infected from microscopic amounts of blood?

4. I know that being tattooed using non-sterilized equipment is low risk - but why is that? If there were blood on a used needle, wouldn't it have been exposed to air before touching my skin?

5. Tattoo needles are solid - as we all know - however, some tattoo needles are actually made up of several smaller needles. Do those pose a higher risk due to blood being held in those spaces?

6. How risky is getting tattooed in terms of HIV infection - I mean, I have a couple of tattoos - and I have never seen any visible blood. Not sure if this is relevant.

Lastly, I would like to apologize for all my questions. However, I won't be able to get tested (for my peace of mind) for the next 2 months - and the country I live in deports you if you are infected with HIV. The tattoo parlor I went to (second tattoo - last month) seems extremely reputable and has at 8,000 followers on instagram and the person who did my tattoo owned the shop. Is it naive to think that she wouldn't risk her shop's reputation and therefore, would always use disposables?

I also want to state that I do live with anxiety and possibly an anxiety disorder - and I do tend to have paranoid thoughts although they have never been this intense and these intense thoughts only seem to revolve around HIV. I know that HIV is not diagnosed based on symptoms, but I am now associating any physical ailment I have with HIV.

I have even reached a point where I looked up the prevalence of HIV in that country. (It's 0.1% by the way)

Thank you so much and once again, I apologize for writing out such a long message, I just didn't want to miss anything and I'm looking forward to hearing your reply. I hope you can alleviate some of my concerns.

Showering in contaminated water.

I was wonder that,lets hypothetically say, i showered in water which contained bodily fluids which could transmit HIV and that water comes from a small tank. Is there a risk of transmission? Im paranoid because ive directly exposed the water to my anus and i understand thats one route of transmission.

Will HIV Spread from Handjob?

Dear All,

Few days before i visited the massage parlor for the first time in my life and took full body massage for 30 Mins. Post which i got the special service like Body to Body (Not full nude by massage therapist. She was waring the pant) and hand-job as well.

I am very much worried will it spread the HIV to me as i am not sure about the towel, Massage oil, Therapist hand(As her hand was rough and not sure about the open wound or cut in her hand) , Hygiene and the dress which they gave me during and after massage can spread the HIV.

Please do help me on the same.



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