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HIV Transmission

Do I place in the risk?

Hello The HIV Helpline,

Please, answer this question.. I am very concerned about my scenario.. So, I can not sleep every day... I am from other country and went to the strip club 3 weeks ago. I got a lap dance at the club as I was wearing short pants and long sleeve t-shirts. While she was dancing, Her pussy touched my knee twice for seconds. Fortunately, I did not have any cuts of blooding on my knee and she put her nipple into my mouse only once. But, my below lip was cracked (like a blood clot Not blooding) with applying chapstick.. Just in case, I tested Oraquick 2 days ago (after 20days) which was negative.. But, I am still concerned about the scenario... Do I place in the risk?
Please, answer my question.. Thank you for reading my answer.

Best Regards.

Help Please

hi, i was sleeping with a man who hide his hiv from me. we had sex with condoms but also oral (both). when i found out and confronted he said he is on medication. i checked for hiv a month a go and came out clean but still very worried. i found out about it only today. please help. what are chances of me getting it and what should i do?

Hiv from money eating

Can you get Hiv from eating after touching money if you forget to wash your hands please tell

Blood oaths, blood transfusions, syringes with infected blood

Hello friends,

I have a few theoritical questions about HIV blood transmission.

1. You probably know the common practice of high-school blood oaths, where a grop of people cut their palms or their wrist arteries with a razor and then perform contact or handshake with deep wounds. My question is - In this situation will PEP will needed (and testing respectively)

2. A person decides to donate blood and it happens to be in his/hers WINDOW PEROD. Is there a possibility the medical staff not to detect the virus and then to be transmitted to other people?

3. As a final of my inquiery I would like to ask you about the famous myth "synergy filled with hiv blood". For how long it is possible the virus in the blood to survive there.

Thanks in advance fo your help and answers

Thanks in advance for the answers

anxious and symptomps

thanks for your good site and your helps.
sorry for my poor english.
i am male and 14 month ago i had protected vaginal and unprotected oral sex with 3 sex workers,
after 1 month and 4 month and 7 month my elisa antibody tests was negative also in 10th month finger prick rapid test was negative. but i have some symptomps that i had not before,like (mouth ulcer ,diarrhea,and Lymph nodes).
please tell me can i trust my test results?
is there any cases that their tests turn to postivie after one year?
thanks a lot

touching surface with bloody finger

Hello helpline aidsvancouver! yesterday i pricked my finger by clean lancet for diabet testing. it was bleeding. after that i touched surface with bloody finger. if there was some body fluids on the surface, is there any risk to get hiv?

best regards

Should I be worried, I am feeling very anxious.

Hi there,
Thank you all so much for all that you do!

I am feeling extremely anxious. I have a relative that my mom sees sometimes, I'm not very close with them so I don't. He is HIV positive and I can't help but worry for my mom every time she is around him. I know that she obviously won't be having intercourse with him (as they are family) and they both are not drug users - so that is out of the question. However, I keep scaring myself with hypothetical situations that she will somehow become infected through casually hanging out occasionally. I have a baby and now I am scaring myself that she may have HIV, which will in turn give it to my baby (her grandson). Please help, is there any way that mom can get HIV from casually being around her family member and then pass it on to my baby? What if he had a cute that was bleeding and my mom had a cut or scratch.

Thank you so much in advance for your help.


Dear Team,

I had a brief kissing incident in December where my lower lip was slightly bitten by the girl. I wrote to this helpline and my exposure was deemed no risk. I also consulted a doctor who told me that there was no risk as I was only exposed to saliva and not blood. I am very sure there was no blood in her mouth (I pray there wasn't). I am now worried as the girl was having symptoms consistent with ARS at the time of the kiss.

1. Is saliva an infectious body fluid if a person is undergoing ARS? Because I have read that the viral load at this point is at its peak but does that apply to blood and not to saliva?

2. What about if the saliva of an infected person gets into a small cut is that a risk?

Thank you for your help

hiv from spray

Please get emergency help.
I go to the toilet and have a habit of using a spray on the anus. If there is blood on the spray holes, I risk hiv infection
Many thanks

Scary of benn infected with hiv or other std?

Last week i had protected vaginal sex with a massage girl who was from asia.Few hours later i had pain and burning in urination.Lower abdomen pain,light fever and sweating in forehead only.Alsa i had white tounge and itching all over the body..penis and anus.I saw a urologist and urine test came back negative.But what caused me this symptoms?They gave me medication for chlamydia,gonorrea and trichomoniasis in case i was infected with this std.Also they gave me a cours of antibiotics but my symptoms are not getting any better.Do you think i got infected with any std from this exposure.What about Hiv or HTLV?Please help me iam loosing my mind.Please answer asap because iam so ,scary.I asked you yesterday but didnt get an answer.


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