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HIV Transmission

Child touched toilet with open hand cut.

Hi, I am in a deep state of anxiety.
About a week ago, we were a the shopping mall and my 6 year old child had to use the restroom. My wife and I brought her into the family restroom. She had a 5 hour fresh cut on her hand and as much as we asked her not to touch the toilet seat, she did. I don't recall any blood on the toilet seat, but I have been deeply anxious thinking that she could have touched any other body fluids on the toilet. What if there was semen or other body fluids left by the person that used the restroom before we did. The information that I have found in the topic indicates that HIV dies almost immediately after exposed to oxygen and thus, it is unable to infect. But, does that apply to children, as their inmune system is still developing? Are they more vulnerable and thus can they be infected by weakened traces of the virus?

19 years

Around 19 years ago, I had a sexual encounter with another guy of unknown
status. No anal intercourse, just mutual masturbation and unprotected oral
sex. He cum on my face resulting some of his semen splashed on my lips and
mouth, which I spat. At the point I thought that any CBC would include hiv
test so I have been tested blood every two-three years since the incident,
all my White cell count and lymphocite cellcount have result in normal range
since them, all other parametres as well. After that encounter I always had
safer sex ( mutual masturbation and sometimes protected anal intercourse,
wirh me being the insertive). However, I can remebme that after few months of
that incident ( 3 or four months) I started feelings my lymph nodes become
enlarged ( That ist hereasonI tested the first time, I thought any blood test
would include hiv test). Obviosly on my CBC result a bout hiv, which did not
appeared so I asume It was negative ( mistake) and all parametres were in
range. After that I decided to get a CBC more frequently. All parametres has
been ok ,even my GP has congratulated my because all the results.
The point is that I realised few months ago that a simple CBC does not
include hiv test, and I rembember that a few months after the incident suffer
several lymh nodes in neck and armpit during almost one year.
As I have said after that I always practiced safer sex ( mutual masturbation
and occasionally protected insertive anal sex), so I guess my only risk
exposure was the one I related. It ispossible to be infected and asymptomatic
after almost that period oftime.

40 Day Test Considered Conclusive?

Good day. I had my blood tested on a Laboratory on the 40th day since exposure. These were the activities that had happened.

1. Tongue Kissing
2. He rimmed me.
3. He blowjobbed me.
4. He fingered me.
5. Rubbing tip of his penis on my anus (not sure if there was a pre cum or not)

Should i still get tested on my 3rd month?

Thank you.

for god sake please help me

In 2013, i did unprotected vaginal sex with a commercial sex worker.
After three months i got sick for 21 days it was all unexplained.
After 6 months, i got gastritis and still have it.
in Jan 2014 i got phyrengitis and still have it.
in 2015 i got facial parotid burning and still have it.
in Dec 2015 i got ear blockage problem and still have it
in 2016 my back got sensitive to air , its a burning kind of sensation and still have it and later in the same year i got chest pain issue and still have it, its one of my very bad symptoms which has disturbed my whole life.
in 2017 i used to get the cervical pain, when doctors did MRI, they showed something called up cervical lymphadenopathy and still have it..

i have had no other exposure after this incident other than my wife.

so all my issues i mentoined above phyrengitis, ear blockage, parotid heaviness and parotid burning, back burning, chest pain and cervical lymphadenopathy .. they all still persists and have disturbed the quality of my life.. specially my chest pain, cervical lymphadenopathy and parotid burning.

I did test for HIV via 4th gen Eclia test in 2013 - 3 months post exposure negative.
again HIV test via 4th gen Eclia test in 2013 - 8 month post exposure negative.
Tested 16 months in 2014 via Ehanced Chemlum - negative
Tested at somewhere in 2015 via Elisa - negative, my test range was 0.2453 , cutoff value 1.

in 2014 i got married and my wife has become so weak ever since after marrying me, she got the nails problem and After a year to our married she got measles and now she has got the kidney problem.

i have developed so many neurological problems now.. i swear i never used to go to the doctor or never got that much of sick and now whatever is problem is diagnosed, its becoming permanent ... doctors are unable to resolve. i never told my doctors about my HIV exposure to confuse them.

do i need any other test? to be honest i am so much afraid to go for the testing now..

Negative results but anxiety & symptoms

Hello ,
I had an exposure due to broken condom in Feb-2019.
I was tested several times negative - 1 week, 6 weeks, 10 weeks & 13 weeks after the exposure.
The test was 4th generation Duo test in the lab.

I have symptoms such as persistent sore throat , neck pain & burning sensation in the skin.
I never had these symptoms before the exposure.
No fever , my weight is stable.

Whenever, I get a symptom, my mind goes straight to HIV.
Should I still be concerned with HIV ?

please advice.

Blood in Pop Bottle

Yesterday, I was in line at work buying breakfast and a bottle of Pepsi. The guy ahead of me just bought food and no drink. When the cashier told him the price, he paid the money AND took not only his food, but my Pepsi bottle with him. He came back 10 seconds later and apologized for taking my bottle and returned it, but why would he do that to begin with? He knew he didn't buy Pepsi. It looked like the bottle's seal was still intact. A week before this incident, I tested negative for all STDs, including HIV. I hope this guy didn't try to contaminate my bottle somehow with HIV blood. Do I need to get tested for HIV again?

Cut on knee – risk of transmission? Would appreciate a response as soon as possible!

Hi there,

I went to my local gym recently and worked out. When I left I noticed I had a large cut on my knee that was bleeding. I am worried about this as I knelt on the floor many times and did various exercises where the cut would have come into contact with weights/surfaces and objects

I am worried about the risk of transmission from my bleeding cut touching things in the gym?

Please could you let me know as soon as possible – do I need to test myself?

Thank you very much

Hiv Scare


Thank you so much for the works you do.

I have been dating my girl friend for the last 2 months. Intially she had resisted going for an hiv test but last week we both visited a health facility to get tested. She turned out Positive while I was Negative.

I guarantee that I used a latex condom 100% in all the penetrative sexual intercourse I had with my girlfriend. The number of rounds were about 20 in a period of two months.

The earlier symptoms of joint and muscle arches, heel pains, lower back pain have reduced greatly.

Now I face new symptoms like a persistent headache, I feel heat in my armpits, a bit of night sweats and congested nostrils without any flu. My neck pains have persisted.

I took an HIV DNA PCR test this week and hoping to get my results in two weeks time. I will share. Y results with you immediately.

Kindly let me know what you think about my new symptoms? Can HIV go through an expired condom? (Am not saying I used one, am only asking)

I used a latex condom all the way through, I didn't see any of the condoms break, leak or slip. These symptoms are freaking me out.

Please be honest dnt sugarcoat anything give me the truth so I can get a remedy.

God Bless you for helping people like us.

Thank you
Best Regards


Dose masturbator transmit HIV?

Three weeks ago, I bought a masturbator and a warming device (like a plug) from a store. I found there are some dry white spots on the surface of the warming device. But I didn't clean them and used them 1 hour after I bought it. If there is some dry semen or vaginal fluid from an HIV carrier on the surface of the masturbator and the warming device, do I have any risk to be infected by HIV?

Dirty needle exposure!


I was injected with a dirty needle, ( was deceived about this too, had a very sick individual in my apt, unfortunately)10 weeks ago, I’ve developed candidiasis, and burning sensations in my arms.

However I have had 4th gen lab tests at 13,22,28,35,40,44 &56 days, all non reactive.

What gives? The ID specialist thinks I would have had a poz test by now if i was infected.



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