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HIV Transmission

Scared I have hiv been having headaches

Hello about 3 weeks ago now I had sex with an Asian escort which I now regret.. we both had herpes so I wasn’t worried about getting that again but I am now worried I have hiv. I used a condom the whole time however I read that you can get hiv through herpes sores? But have I been put at risk I used a condom. Been having headaches and small red spots on arm.



I recently met a guy. We mostly did orals (69) and I rubbed my dick over his ass. The tip of my dick may have entered for 2-3 seconds into the guy's anus - no absolute penetration occurred. I might have been pre-cuming. What are the chances of being exposed to HIV? I'm unsure of his status.

Wound after giving blood


Today, I gave blood for a HIV test. Fortunately, it came out negative. But after 3 hours, one of my friend who is HIV+ sneezed and coughed in front of me. My wound from needlestick were still there, not bleeding but still red. I'm worrying about if he has blood on his mouth and sneezed/coughed in front of me, if it contacts with my wound from giving blood, does it lead transmission?

Also, after 2-3 hours is needle wound still an 'open wound' ?

hiv by hand to genitl

i did sex with sex worker.i weared condom and intercourse for 10 mintues.after some time we stoped sex and i removed condom . after thet she started handjob.
but i noticed next day she was touching my penis to get into her vagina with finger tips. with that fingers(hand) she gave me handjob.after finish i wash my penis 4.5. times with soap.
i got tridot test on 27th day it was non reactive.
do i need another retest.
now please tell me what is my risk.

HIV Risk of "Docking" with a Large Amount of "Pre-cum"

I recently had a sexual encounter with a cisgender man (I am also a cisgender man) of unknown HIV status. I am negative and not on prep currently. We did NOT have anal intercourse. However, we did engage in "docking." Both uncircumsized. There was a large amount of precum from him and he was also using this as lubricant as he was rubbing/jerking off both penises together during the non-docking/mutual masturbation. Just wondering about the potential risk for HIV transmission if said individual was positive and not with an undetectable viral load--the reason I ask is because of the amount of precum and wondering about my urethra and whether any could get in and potentially pass on HIV. New to this activity and likely won't do it again with guys and thanks for your help. His penis was also quite large and I was wondering whether this fact--including the penis going into the throat--carries a greater risk for oral sex without a condom.

Please Respond, So Depressed

Had french kiss with sex worker. Was there any risk? I have red gums.

Blood Splattered into my Eye

I was doing a pap test when all of a sudden there is some bleeding, and it splashes into my left eye. I don't know the status of the patient, but what are my chances if this person is HIV - vs HIV +? Is it possible to contract HIV this way? I'm thinking that the mucous membrane of my eye is a entry point.

Thank you.

Can I get HIV from an object?


I've more than one questions but they are related to each other.

1) I had a friend who is HIV+. He gave me a key chain as a present. The problem is: He has multiple wounds in his fingers and some places around his hand. So there may be blood in this key chain when he gave me. Anyway, I put this key chain into my pocket and then after 1 month I touched it to clean and rubbed all my fingers and hand on it because it was dirty. After 1-2 minutes, I masturbated without washing my hand. So the question is; if there were a blood drop in this key chain and I touched it after 1 month, does blood survive enough to transmit HIV? I know intact skin is a barrier but as I mentioned above I masturbated after I touch. Maximum 1 minutes later.

2) He has some sores in his hand. One day, we touched hand to hand for a while and after we left (approx 2-3 minutes) I touched my mouth in order to check something. I have mild gingvintis. My gum immediately started to bleed after I touch. So, the second question is: If he dropped his blood on my hand after we touched each other's hands, can I get HIV by touching and bleeding my gums?

Thank you for your answers.

Contamination from Knife cut to an Open Wound in Mouth

My friend cut himself with a knife we were using to cut a cheesecake. I used the knife immediately after to cut myself a piece, which I ate right away. I bite my lips and the inside of my mouth a lot. Assuming that I have an open wound in my mouth and assuming that he is HIV positive, what is my risk of infection?

I Pray We'll Be Ready

i fingered a girl and forgot i had a blister on my finger


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