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HIV Transmission

HIV from toilet bowl rim


So I am pregnant and my OCD has peaked big time. Yesterday I was in a rush to use the restroom and then noticed when I got up that there was blood on the rim of the toilet bowl (top part). Since the toilet seat is one that splits and doesn't completely close like a circle, I am worried that my vagina brushed up against the blood and somehow got inside. I keep reading conflicting information stating that blood can live on surfaces like countertops and toilets for several days and then information that says it's not possible. I don't know what's true and what's not and it worries me. Would someone be able to offer me some honest and true information?

fall off the bicycle

If me and infected person both fall off the bicycle and both got peeled off the skin on hand or leg and our wounds will touch it would be risk when wounds are activity bleeeding?

Masturbation in the public toilet

Hi, my question is this: I have been masturbating in the public toilet. My penis was slightly irritated (a little bit red, but no blood and no pain). What if during masturbation a did small cuts and those cuts could HIV get into the bloodstream. And what if when I opened the door I got some infected fluids on my hands. What is the risk?

I am scared to have infected my ex-girlfriend

I have had unprotected sex with someone I now believe to be HIV-positive and the day after I had unprotected sex with an ex-girlfriend. I tested myself the day after I had sex with my ex-girlfriend and the test has shown up negative. I do know it can take a long time for HIV to show up on a test. But I need to know: Is there a possibility I infected my ex-girlfriend with HIV even though I tested negative the day after?


Hi, what is the HIV risk when I fingering a male with my cut on my finger (cut was 1 day ago and dried blood on the cut), when it is contacted with rectal fluid?

Cut on hand, using keypad and doorknob


Several days ago I went my local gym. To get in you need to enter a pin on a keypad and also press several elevator buttons. When I arrived in the gym, I noticed I had cut my finger and there was fresh blood all over my hand. My question is: is there a possible risk of transmission from entering the pin on the keypad and pushing the elevator buttons using the same hand that had blood all over it?

Blood contact on broken skin

Hi, yesterday i cut my hand and it was bleeding, then few seconds later i had handshake with someone i didnt know who also had open cut on his hand, is there a risk of HIV and do i need testing over this?

please help

i am worried and living in fear last three months. not able to concentrate and live peacefully. please help me by analyzing my situation. i am living in a feeling of guilt as this is my first time of such behavior. will never repeat this.
my situation is like this.
1. girl may be csw came to my room and get naked. i hugged her from back and played with her breast. then i also got naked and lay naked on the bed. she sat on my legs holding my penis in her hands and started jerking.
she asked me for protected oral which i denied because of the fear of infection. then she asked me for protected sex again i denied for the same reason. so no oral and no sex happened between us. but she was sitting naked on my legs and was pressing her vegina on my legs. once i made her sleep on the bed and touched her vagina superficially for few secs ( 5 to 10). no finger penetration in the vagina. she then strated giving me handjob. with the massage oil. later she asked me to cum on her tummy which i did my self.
this is all that happened. now my worry is
1. if she is hiv positive ( i dont know her status) and have acquired hiv only few days/ weeks before then she must be on high viral load. what is the possibility that i might get infection from what happened between us.?
2. the above act is considered high risk or what type?
3. should i get tested for hiv . i went to doctor ( hiv /std specialist) who checked me manually and said i am free from STD, No need to worry. he checked my whole body by taking off my cloths.

please advise me what to do and save me

Can there be an HIV and Gonorrhea transmission at the same time through saliva?

Hello and good day!

I had an unprotected insertive oral sex with a man whom I didn't know the HIV status. After 2 days, I noticed a discharge being secreted by my penis. I immediately went to my doctor and he said that I probably got this through unprotected insertive oral sex. At the moment, I am not in my medication for my discharge. He also recommended to have my HIV test after 6 weeks. Here are my questions and hoping that you'll consider anwering them.

1. Is it possible to acquire HIV through saliva and insertive oral sex?

2. Can the gonorrhea bacteria and HIV virus combine at the same time that I may possibly also be infected by both?

Thank you very much for considering my inquiry. I am looking forward to hearing from you.

Hiv from saliva

I live in a shelter and a woman who was sleeping next to me who has HIV/AIDS was caughing and her spit landed on my finger that had openings from a nickle infection from fake rings when her spit landed on my finger i felt stinging cause the wound is open from nickle infection can i catch her HIV/AIDS from her


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