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HIV Transmission

Are these symptems? Do I need to take the test?

I had sex with a woman (I don't know about her sex background/diseases she may have) 14 days ago. She brought a condom and covered my penis, but sex last only few minutes (she was up first and we quickly changed our positions). I was nervous as I haven;t has sex for a long time so didn't check the condom after but I don't think it was broken and she removed it for me and I washed myself quickly right after that. After 7 days I got flue (mild fever for about 2 days, stuffy and runny nose and throat, severe cough (due to sinus stuff came into my throat, my body getting warm and sweating and then it become normal, and lost my appetite). I went to doctor and he checked the nodes under my chin, my mouth, and my ears and said it's a flu and will get healed soon. It's been 6 days now and I feel but still stuff coming from my sinus and nose to my throat which causing coughs and my body still getting warm and normal, and still don't have that much appetite). Could you please advise if it's possible to get the HIV symptoms in 7 days after exposure and if I have to test for HIV?

Was there a risk for me ? {I}F I put my hand into syringe drop box ?

This question might be quite weird to you!

But you know I'm the one who pick up things restlessly! So I'm {n}ot quite sure as to whether this scenario was happen to me in fact!

I do remember that around 7 years and 4 months ago in an airplane toilet I saw syringe drop box that was situated on the console of the toilet but I can't remember exactly whether I put my hand into that syringe drop box or not ????? Maybe it was just located there but I didn't do anything with it (I really hope I didn't!)

But what if I did ? Would there be any risk to me ?

Ps. I did some research on the internet that there's no one report for someone who was infected by HIV by pricking oneself with discarded syringe in US, Canada< UK or even Australia ????? Whether this will apply to my case or not ?


Dear Mr/Ms,

Yesterday, I received oral sex from my gay friend (with HIV positive status), during that I released sperm on his mouth. He has been taking ARV drugs and HIV is below detection threshold. So Is there any HIV risk for me from this action? Will I need a test for this particular situation?

Thanks in advanced for your support!

(Lee from Vietnam)

HIV through toe sucking of dried semen

Hi I am really worried and not able to sleep properly. Please help me. Recently i visited the sex worker for the first time in life. She did a blow job with condom on and i dint go for penetration. But foolishly being foot fetishist i licked and sucker her feet for 10 minutes. Now i am worried whether if her feet had any dried blood or semen/sperm which i might have sucked. I serched through the site and others but could not get the answer to the specific scenario like mine. So can you please please help me know my chances of getting HIV through the activity ?

Deep tongue kissing and frothing (penis head touched my anus)

m4m interaction, i had deep kissing with lots of tongue exposure and he rimmed my ass for a while and place his cock on my anus (entry way) i was clenching my anal muscles so that no penetration could take place. i never bottomed and don't know how a cock feels when having anal intercourse. I am just worried that if this situation puts me at any risk ? will i know if he inserted his penis head in me ? Even though i was preventing him from doing so by not relaxing my anus. i am extremely worried. i travel a lot and the only test i can have is after 4 weeks and then i travel again. will this 4 weeks test which i will perform next month after this exposure due to time constraints, will it be a good indication of my status ? based on my exposures (it will be a 4th generation test). i know you guys says 6 weeks is conclusive but in my case ? Thank you for this great service.

Sex with CSW

i had sex with csw , used condom , but blood was on my figures while removing condom , i did regular tests , antibody test and they came negative , i did antigen antibody p24 test on 91 day it was negative , i did antibody 1 and 2 test 98 and 101 day it was non reactive, are my test conclusive
1. can negative only antibody test are conclusive
2. can negative at 101 day become positive later
3. should i get tested at 6 month mark

please reply
waiting for a reply from past 3 months


If my dog licked something which had dried hiv blood on it, could he be keeping it in his mouth? How quickly does the virus die? Also, how does hiv die in air exposed blood?

cut finger

hi, a person i work with bites her nails a lot, and when we were talking i noticed that there was blood around her nail. I'm not sure if it was dry or wet, but if we had contact or if i had contact with an object that she had touched with that finger, could i be at risk of being infected? Like if we shook hands and i touched it and then went to the bathroom? (i'm a female)
Thanks for aswering

HIV-2 Window Period


I had one unprotected vaginal sexual exposure with a girl. Next day after exposure, we went to a clinic to test. I knew my results won't be accurate but I just wanted to know her HIV status. Clinicians used Alere Determine HIV1/2 Ag/Ab test and she was negative. I also tested with Alere after 50 days and with 4th generation lab test after 60 days. Both were negative.

What I'm worried is, she said she had relationships with African people nearly 2-3 years ago. I know that some African people has HIV-2 type of virus, different than HIV-1. I wonder if she was HIV-2 positive, does this means a prolonged window period? Basically, does HIV-2 has different window period than HIV-1? I searched some articles but I couldn't find exact reports. Alere Determine doesn't have any HIV-2 spesific antigen detection so there needs to be established HIV-2 infection to detect antibodies. But I do not know what is the maximum window period to establish HIV-2 antibodies. I'd be so glad If you can help me.

Thank you!

HIV Risk from a stripper ?

Good afternoon

I (man), have been in a table dance. A stripper was naked on me, I was dressed. I touched her on the body and on her breasts, not on her vagina. I was so excited that I have briefly masturbated my penis in my pants. Unfortunately, I did not look at my hand with whom i masturbating me. If blood from a wound from the body of the stripper had stuck to my hand and was transferred to my penis through my hand, could there be an HIV risk for me if the lady were HIV positive ???

Thanks for your assessment


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