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HIV Transmission

sharing toothbrush when bleeding gums

Could you let me know if this is a risk when I used toothbrush just few minutes after somebody and my gums start bleeding during cleaning? I did not see any visible strains of blood but I can not exclude that this person has bleeding gums too. I applied toothpaste before cleaning.

hiv risk, vaginal fluid come to contact with location of herpes outbreak

Hi. last year I contracted herpes at the base of the shaft of the penis where it is not covered by condom(lower bladder area).
I abstain from sex when outbreaks happen and I always use condom.
how ever last month I had a protected sex with a female sex worker, I noticed that her vaginal fluid come to contact with the location where my herpes outbreaks always happen(no active lesion at that time).
I read online that having herpes increases risk of hiv transmission even if the active lesions are not present.
I wanted to know my risk from the above mentioned event.


needle sharing vs wound to wound

If open wound came in contact with an HIV-positive athlete who is bleeding, the odds of transmission would be less than 0.3 percent so it is the same as for needle sharing. So why many of needle sharing cases were confirmed as route of HIV transmission and never any case when wound came in contact with a HIV positive blood?

Hygeine After Sex

Is it necessary to wash your hands after taking off a condom during sex? I did not wash my hands and there was no semen. Are you more susceptible to sickness that way?

I got my own semen into my eye

Hello there I accidentally got my own semen into my eye while masturbating alone in the shower. Is there a possibility of getting hiv ot hepatits through what I've mentioned.
I really appreciate you for your advice and invaluable response.

HIV/STD risk from handjob

[HIV Transmission Equation ](www.aidswindsor.org/healthy-me/hiv-transmission/)Hi, I appreciate your hard works guys, I'm a 21y old male, and I went to a massage parlor, which ended by him (yes a male) giving me a handjob, he was fully clothed, no other sexual activity, the problem is I live in a country where they have hiv/std stigma so that's why I'm really afraid, can you guys help me and relieve some of my concern about the risk of acquiring hiv/std from this incident, do I need to do any test regarding this incidence, since I'm not sexually active. And lastly, if the guy was wearing a non-medical gloves, would this be more safe?

please answwer soon as possible

im 17 boy i do anal my self while masturbating many times for years now sometimes i use any stuff to anal my sself i also use my siliva as a lubricant i aslo go finger my self while my hands is dirty does it cause hiv sometimes after cumming i put my semen in my anus does it cause hiv im really scared i cant sleep i dont want to die im scared cause my anus is ichy also wheen i poop my butt get bleed then afterwards i finger my self its safe?

HIV transmission through drinking water and tea

Few months back I went to one known person home for some maintenance work.I had there one glass water and cup tea.After some days I knew there was a HIV patient in their home.I am scared and worried.Please calrify any risk for HIV.

HIV transmission from anus to penis via fingers

So I'm a bit worried about a possible exposure. I was with a sex worker in Amsterdam and we had protected oral and vaginal sex. However while she was preforming oral sex I touched her vagina and anus for a bit, I did not finger her just touched. After that we had protected vaginal sex. When we were finished I removed condom from my penis ( uncircumcised ) and with the same hand that I used to touch her genitals I lifted my foreskin a bit up as it was bothering me. Is it possible I had some rectal or vaginal fluid on my fingers and than passed those fluids to the gland of my penis, urethra the inner epithelium of my foreskin ? I should point out that there was some time between touching her genitals and toching my penis. During that time I touched her skin and bed sheets as well. I know this is low risk or maybe it isn't rist at all, but it keeps bothering me so if you can calrify that for me I would be very very happy. Thanks for the support, keep up the good work :)

HIV through oral sex

Hi, I met a guy whom I never met before. We drove away in my car and I gave him a blowjob. He's a student and of course gay. I am sure he is not a street prostitute but must have multiple partners in the past.
I took his discharge in my mouth and spit it out immediately.
And also rinsed my mouth then & there. Is there any chance of me getting any STD or HIV


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