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HIV Transmission

I did short-length oral sex to a man and I had wounds in my mouth help please

Hi, I'm worried because I was masturbating with a man (no risk at all) but I tried to perform some oral sex to him, but after 2 or 3 seconds I realized it wasn't correct so I stopped, and now I'm scared because I washed my teeth like 1 hour before that, and also I had small sores as I'm using braces permanently. I couldn't see any wound or lots of pre-seminal liquid on his penis, but I'm scared because maybe I got infected if he was HIV positive, is there any risk in your opinion? Will a 4th gen test be reliable after 21 days? Thanks for your answer I'm really worried


I had unprotected virginal sex with a CSW. But i took pep for 28 days. I started PEP within 72hours. I had the following tests which came back negative.

HIV Duo at 14 weeks post pep.
Hiv rapid ingure prick abtibody test and hepatis A,B and C antigen and antibody test at 4months post PEP.
Hiv rapid fingure prick antibody test at 6 months 1 day post pep.

The problem is that i have been having persistent oral thrush. Am i negative or can i wait and do another hiv test to confirm my status?

Please your response will be highly appreciated

HIV transmission through towel.

Hi! I had sex with my ex last month in a motel room, When changing my clothes I accidentally used a towel with a semen on it, Given that the motel didn't changed their towel after the first one who used the same room. Is there a chance or Am I at risk of having HIV if the person who used the towel first is HIV infected? Because I used the towel with his semen on it?

Can i get AIDS if there was semen on my ballpoint?

My stupi*d (not anymore) friend sometimes acts like a pig. This happened probably like 6 months ago. I was sitting with him in school and he grabbed my ballpoint and put it in his pants for fun, so it was touching his underpants too. Im asking, can i get HIV if there was some semen on his underpants? He don’t masturbate in school, but maybe he had some pre-cum on his underpants, because maybe he had erection in school, so he could had some pre-cum on his pants. Then he gave my ballpoint back to me. I bite my nails so much, so let’s say i had bitten nails to blood and then i touched my ballpoint, can i have AIDS?

Eczema HIV please help. asked many times

Someone who may have had HIV touched my eczema on arm. I went to three doctors and all said that it was almost impossible to contract HIV from this way. But online it says that transmission of hiv through eczema is possible. It has been 3 weeks since contact with this person and I have a dry cough with mucus. Is this a sign of HIV or allergies.

Risk from open wound

Hi! I was bitten by a wasp yesterday which caused immediately swelling but no bleeding (except later on I squeezed it and some clear fluids and a little bit blood came out). A person used her finger to apply anti itchy lotion on my bitten spot afterwards. If there was fresh cut with blood on her finger while she was applying the lotion, would I be at risk of contracting hiv through my bitten wound? Thank you very much for reviewing and answering my question!

HIV from Toilet Paper?

About a week ago I was at a public toilet, and noticed some lint on my penis gland (i'm uncircumised) and i decided to use toilet paper that was next to the toilet to wipe it off from my penis glands (so near the urethra). I didn't think much of it but the toilet paper was used (it was a bit wet). Is there an HIV risk from this? If so, when should I get tested?

Regarding your reply on 7/3 to my question labeled "Please Answer Me"

The other day I asked a question that basically was me looking for reassurance in regards to my husband and what your thoughts were as far as do you think he could have been pricked by a needle or am being irrational, meaning, should I be concerned my neighbors threw a hypodermic needle over into our yards (because they may be upset we called the cops on them a few months ago), I have no reason to believe a needle would be in my yard and my husband stated he poked himself on something while picking up bushes and branches he just cut down/could have been thorns in there or anything) Also he looked at his finger right away and said it did not bleed, he said IF IT WAS A NEEDLE HE SURE WOULD KNOW AS HE WAS LOOKING AT WHAT HE WAS PICKING UP OFF THE GROUND also told me HE NEVER BLED IT JUST FELT LIKE A SHARP EDGE OF A TREE BRANCH OF A NEEDLE, COULD HAVE BEEN A BEE STINGER ANYTHING. He looked at the ground and said he would have seen a needle in what he was picking up and that I am being irrational. The reason why he is getting upset is because all I do is think someone is going to put needles somewhere to harm me because I have a needle phobia and am afraid that hiv is EVERYWHERE I have OCD and all I do is think red dots are blood or anything that I cut myself off I check to see if it is a needle and I stare at the ground whenever I walk because I am looking for needles.
The reason I am writing back to you is your response was marked "HIGH RISK" and basically you said I should get tested and that I should be concerned of hiv. I apologize for saying this but everyone I have asked what they think, my mother, my friends they all said I should not be concerned and that I am just thinking that because I have a really big phobia of hiv, needles etc. So your answer made me even more anxious because you know what? I already know that there was no needle and that this worry is because this is my obsession that consumes almost every day of my life. I am always looking for needles and worried people will put them somewhere to infect me and frankly I do not feel like you even answered my question because in the answer you stated, that my question is basically saying "my husband was poked by a needle should I be concerned", when really my question was DO YOU THINK I AM BEING IRRATIONAL AND DO YOU THINK THAT IF YOU WERE IN YOUR YARD AND YOUR HUSBAND OR WIFE WAS PICKING BRANCHES OFF THE GROUND, WOULD YOUR FIRST THOUGHT BE OMG WAS THAT A NEEDLE? I did not say my husband was poked by a needle. I just wanted to know what you thought about my question and you made me feel worse, because deep down I know nothing happened and you basically told me I should be concerned about being infected with hiv and to get a test. Well let me tell you, I have had at least 10 hiv tests in my lifetime because of how much I worry about getting hiv and I do not do anything high risk. So this is not a high risk question, this was simply me looking for reassurance and you know what I have written on here before and most people reply and say that you cannot really answer "what if" scenarios and that I sound very anxious basically I have been told to seek professional help, as this worry all the time is not good for my health. I apologize because I should not have written a question like this in order to seek reassurance, but why would you basically answer this as if I should be worried and that this is high risk? All I wanted to know was did my story sound ridiculous, I mean come on you cannot live life every day and walk around thinking there are needles everywhere, so why would you respond as if this was a big concern? Again I did not ask you if I should be concerned because my husband was poked by a needle. I asked you do you think that would have actually happened? If this is the case I guess you are telling everyone who accidentally pokes themselves while gardening with a branch that they should automatically be concerned about needles and to go get tested. I am SO SORRY FOR EVEN COMING TO THIS HELPLINE because all you did was stress me out even more and now I am panicking because of my ocd. If you could kindly reply to this please and explain your answer and confirm if you actually really think my question really needs testing, or if you "THOUGHT" I was just saying hey there was a needle should I be concerned. Again, I have had several HIV tests in my past because of my worry about everything. i am pretty sure I have poked myself in my yard with a branch and though omg what if that is a needle. I have got tested for hiv after I had to get stitches because I was worried the doctor in the ER used a used needle, so if you can kindly reply and clarify why my question is so high risk. Can someone not be doing yard work, get poked by a branch, or sharp stick/thorn, NOT BLEED and still MUST GO GET AN HIV TEST THIS IS A VERY HUGE CONCERN? because that is exactly how you made me feel.

Can HIV be transmitted from a towel this way?

I went to the gym and placed my towel on the benches at the gym throughout my workout. When i got home i hung my towel without washing it and 3 days laters i touched it then proceeded to touch my buttcrack (Ass)without washing my hands. I know it might sounds like a dumb question but i'm abit of a paranoid person. Can HIV be transmitted this way?

Blood on food with scratches in mouth

Hello, just had a question, it is not theoretical due to the fact it actually happened. Me and the missus ordered take out from a place, just simple burgers and fries. When we picked it up (assuming it was sitting there for 5-10 minutes) and the drive home took 20 minutes. We started eating, seemed normal until I, for some reason, checked all around the burger (no idea I just do that once and awhile) and saw a small blood mark on the bun, now I do not know how much in general there was (basically I have no idea if I ate any blood or not) and the fact that I have a scratch/scab on the side of my lip (do not know if it was open at the time)and a wisdom tooth bleeds once and awhile from growing in, got me overthinking and that is due to anxiety, is it possible to contract HIV that way? I read from other answers your organization gave that explains once it touches air it is in-transmissible (sorry if that’s not the right word), and if so what would be an educated guess of how long? If it helps it is hot here where I am, and plus I do not know if the cook that made the burgers even has HIV, but that part is theoretical (maybe) and I just want to know. Thank you in advance.


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