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HIV Transmission

More details on mutual masturbation

Dear AIDS Vancouver,

First off, I want to say how impressed I am by your website and its information.

I am a bisexual man and am trying to educate myself better on HIV prevention so I can have less anxiety about my sexuality and more empowerment to express it safely. There is so much info on the internet, and a lot of it is contradicting.

I have three questions for which I’m looking for thorough, research-based answers. (If you don’t mind just letting me know you’ve gotten this email, that would be great). To understand my questions, this is my experience: I met a guy recently, a stranger. He reports being HIV negative and on PREP but very sexually active. I stroked him for a few minutes but I’m not sure if he had pre-cum; he says he doesn’t think he did but is not sure. He did not ejaculate. He stroked me very briefly, I did not pre-cum or cum. That was it.

My questions:
1. Does my experience constitute as mutual masturbation in your terms? Smart Sex Resource says mutual masturbation is a low-risk activity but is more theoretical than real. How is mutual masturbation theoretically a way to pass HIV? Do you have any statistics on this specific sexual act and HIV transmission?
2. My biggest concern is that somehow his precum got into my urethra when he stroked me. Can HIV pass through the urethra this way? Are there any cases of this happening?
3. Some websites say HIV can only be passed into the bloodstream. Other websites I’ve read say that it can also get though a cell membrane. (I know this question is connected to question number two, but I want to understand the difference between membrane and blood as ways of transmission and if both are, in fact, ways HIV can pass to someone, ie the inside of the urethra).

The more detailed you can be, the better. I’m a scientific guy. If you want to send me papers, stats, or research on these questions, I’d appreciate that too.

I will happily become a donor for your organization as I am so impressed by what you do.

Thank you,

ARS symptoms after PEP

6 weeks after l finished pep l developed flu-like symptoms such as intermittent fever(37.4'C) for a few days and feel fatigue till now.
My question is:
1) Can pep failed to protected me from hiv and l just have an ars?
2) Can intermittent low-grade fever is include in ars?

PS.l test negative immediately after finished pep.

HIV risk from kissing - Please reply urgently

Hi. Thank you so much for all the work that you're doing. I live in Zimbabwe. I was with a girl yesterday. So as we met up, I went in for a kiss but as we kissed she nicked my lower lip accidentally. It was a very light bite, hardly noticeable..I did not sense any bleeding in my mouth, but I'm not sure. So now I'm afraid that if she had HIV and for some reason there was blood in her mouth it might have been absorbed through that same cut..I immediately spat out the saliva from the kiss and when I got home in 10 minutes I washed the area thoroughly with running water. I kept checking the area for a visible cut or abrasion there was nothing and kept running my tongue there..However after about 10 minutes I tasted a small tiny amount of blood. I dont know whether the blood was from the cut or because I had been licking my lips in the area and touching the area. But when I got home before washing I did not see any cut or bruising or redness

1. Can HIV be transmitted to me this way via a small superficial cut? The cut was not bleeding at the time of the bite but when I got home and started cleaning/rubbing the area I noticed a tiny amount of blood. Do I need to go and get PEP?
2. I read some stories about police officers being bitten by HIV positive people and being put on PEP now I'm so scared. I am just assuming that she had no blood in her mouth

NB* I asked her about her HIV status she says she was tested in June and is negative (I saw her report). She even offered us to go and get tested together. Do I have reason to worry..

I know you're very busy but I wanted a quick response so that I can go and get PEP if necessary...Please help!

Can you get HIV though the eye

I work in a medical center and i was tasked to "spin and plate the bloods" as i was doing this i was using a glass capillary tube in which it snapped and a drop of blood got into my eye, i spoke with the doctor who she said it is a low chance of getting it but i was wondering what is the chance i could get it and if there is a similar case

licked a pimple, deep throat kissing, and possible precum

so a few days ago, i hooked up with this one guy. I did give him oral but only had a tiny bit of precum but I cant be sure. Also we did deep throat kiss but im not aware of any sores in my mouth. Also I accidentally licked a pimple he had on his chest. He gave me oral several times. but mainly was a lot of kissing/licking. what is my risk assessment for this? Do you think I need to take an HIV test for it? I'd be very grateful for for any information u have

Single exposure intravenous needle

I'm curious about the chances of contracting HIV through a singular intravenous use of a (possibly) contaminated needle. Person at risk isn't intravenous user, has never had sex, and this was first and only time doing intravenous injection. Person assisting with injection possibly is positive and may have intended to infect. Person at risk was told was new, clean needle, but may have been lied to.

soccer and dried blood

hi, i'm have OCD and things like contact with dried blood kind of make me panic. I was playing soccer in a gymnasium when i noticed a dark red stain drop on the floor. It was kind of the outline of a drop of dried blood. I'm not sure how old it was, but my concern is that i stepped of it. If i did, would this mean that my shoe is now carrying HIV? Could my shoe pass it onto my hands when i it off? And if i went to the bathroom or something else immediately after that or got a cut, could i acquire hiv?
thank you

HIV through spit

Dear Experts

I went to a shop today. A man at the counter started talking to me, quite loudly for some reason, and his spit landed in my eye. It was not much, of course, because he did not spit on purpose, but I could feel it getting into my right eye. Am I at risk for HIV? Do I need to test for it at 3 months? What he has bleeding gums? I am so worried. Thank you

Transmission risk for baby

Are babies or immunocompromised people most vulnerable for HIV infection?

Suspected HIV infection


One month back I visited a Strip club, During my visit I felt a prick on my hand.
With in One week I had Fever and pain in my hand. During that week I had Headache (I never had headache like that before it was like hangover and pain that comes and goes.)

At this point I went to Doctor I went through HIV 1 RNA test at 13th day and 19th day after exposure both are negative for HIV.

I had mild Sore throat,mild Cough and pain while urination (From 20th day after potential exposure). At this point I went through 4th generation HIV testing at 22 days and one more at 31 days after potential exposure. Both are negative.

What are my chances of infection and What pter testing I can go through.


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