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HIV Transmission


does oral sex transmit hiv

Can I get hiv from a shoe?

So me and my mates where doing truth or dare and ,y dare was to lick the bottom of a shoe. And afterwards all ,y mates where jocking that I will get aids now. By me doing that is their a risk of getting hiv? Thank you.

mutual masturbation and receiving oral sex

I have a doubt regarding mutual masturbation. It is possible to become infected with hiv if during mutual masturbation some preseminal liquid contacts sensible areas of the partner´s pennis such as urethra, inner foreskin or glans?. And what about receiving unprotected oral sex.

HIV and pneumonia

I had unprotected sex twice in two days with same woman day two she complained about pain in her upper right chest area. She went to emergency room and was diagnosed with pneumonia. Is that a direct sign of HIVH

3 months has passed since first test

two weeks after having sex with someone whom I am not aware of her HIV status, I went to see a doctor and the test came negative, I am a very stressed, anxious (depressed) person, due to that, I couldnt stop thinking that maybe I had caught it, 94 days after the negative test, I took another, not only hiv but also other STD, and they all came negative.
However I still cant stop think that by somehow I still have it, I am really afraid of going back to any hospital. can I really stop being worried or there is something I have to do (no more tests please)
Thank you

Protected Sex Swollen Lymph Node

Thank you for answer my question:
I had Protected sex with someone of unknown status, I believed i was very careful due to my fair of HIV. Two weeks after i noticed my lymph node on my neck swollen, mildly swollen confirmed with Ultrasound, CT, Biopsy.
I went to the clinic at received Fingerstick:
Day 17 Alere Determine™ HIV-1/2 Ag/Ab Combo - non-reactive
Day 44 Alere Determine™ HIV-1/2 Ag/Ab Combo - non-reactive
Day 60 Alere Determine™ HIV-1/2 Ag/Ab Combo - non-reactive

I understand window period, but what is the likelyhood that im positive at receiving a 8 week 4 days Negative?

Thank you for you timely response.

Blood on croissant


today i bought two croissants for my wife an me.
As i ate mine, i found blood at the bite edge. It was still wet, mixed with salvia. I wiped it away.
So i believe, it was my own blood.
My question: If it wasn´t my blood, could blood stay wet after 3 hours after buying?
It was small like a pinhead. Or has it been dryed since it was such a small amount. Even on the surface of a croissant (fat)?
What is the chance to get HIV if the blood was contaminated? It came into contact with my teeth an the muscius membrane.
Best regards

HIV risk from touching surface to eyes?

Help! I went into vacation to one of the countries in Asia and I was booked by my travel agency to a hotel where I thought located in the red district. One time, I took the elevator and press one of the buttons and just few minutes, my eyes got very itchy and eventually rubbed them with the same fingers that touched the buttons. I normally won't touch my eyes after touching those buttons or use a facial tissue. Is there any HIV risk if one of those buttons was pressed by an HIV positive persons and I touched the same button and rubbed my eyes with those fingers that touched the button?

HIV transmission risks from anal fingering

Can you contract HIV from anal fingering your partner if you had cuts/scratches on your fingers?

Lesbian sex and HIV Transmission


I would like to know what is the chance of getting HIV from "scissoring" with a woman? We did not use the protections and I am quite sure we both were sexually aroused.


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