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HIV Transmission

wrist that got cut

I cut myself when I was at work today handling some lumber. I had about a one inch cut quite deep. someone at work grabbed me on the wrist that got cut with their hand. if they were bleeding could the blood have gotten into my cut and given me hiv??

risk from blood on the ice cream

I have found out that the virus does not live long outside the body.
However, viruses live in cold temperatures for a long time. If the ice cream I eat is bloody, my mouth is cracked and there are wounds, then I am at risk for hiv or no. Many thanks


is the belly button a route of hiv transmission? if there is hiv positive blood on finger and touch inside belly button, can you get hiv this way?

rubbing genitals

daer Sir,
i had sex last night with a sex worker, since i am highly afraid of STD's and HIV i never had penetrated her vagina, i just tried to put my pines between her legs somehow touching the vagina, i also used condom. since it was a delay condom and i didnt ejaculate i tried to masturbate in order to speed up the ejaculation. anyway it somehow caused to drop off the condom unintentionally and i put my pines between her legs and rubbing her wet vagina for 3 or 4 seconds (whitout condom) then i got ejaculated. I'd like to know that what is the chances of catching HIV since my pines touch her legs and genital's area which was totally wet by her fluids. should i be worried?
pls kindly answer me quickly.
highly appreciate your kindness.

Routes of HIV transmission

I have heard that risks for HIV are only:
1) Having unprotected penetrative anal or vaginal sex
2) Sharing IV drug equipment with other IV drug users.

Does it mean that such situations as anal fingering with bleeding finger or accidentally getting someones drop of blood into the wound risk free?


does oral sex transmit hiv

Can I get hiv from a shoe?

So me and my mates where doing truth or dare and ,y dare was to lick the bottom of a shoe. And afterwards all ,y mates where jocking that I will get aids now. By me doing that is their a risk of getting hiv? Thank you.

mutual masturbation and receiving oral sex

I have a doubt regarding mutual masturbation. It is possible to become infected with hiv if during mutual masturbation some preseminal liquid contacts sensible areas of the partner´s pennis such as urethra, inner foreskin or glans?. And what about receiving unprotected oral sex.

HIV and pneumonia

I had unprotected sex twice in two days with same woman day two she complained about pain in her upper right chest area. She went to emergency room and was diagnosed with pneumonia. Is that a direct sign of HIVH

3 months has passed since first test

two weeks after having sex with someone whom I am not aware of her HIV status, I went to see a doctor and the test came negative, I am a very stressed, anxious (depressed) person, due to that, I couldnt stop thinking that maybe I had caught it, 94 days after the negative test, I took another, not only hiv but also other STD, and they all came negative.
However I still cant stop think that by somehow I still have it, I am really afraid of going back to any hospital. can I really stop being worried or there is something I have to do (no more tests please)
Thank you


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