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HIV Transmission

Protected Sex Swollen Lymph Node

Thank you for answer my question:
I had Protected sex with someone of unknown status, I believed i was very careful due to my fair of HIV. Two weeks after i noticed my lymph node on my neck swollen, mildly swollen confirmed with Ultrasound, CT, Biopsy.
I went to the clinic at received Fingerstick:
Day 17 Alere Determine™ HIV-1/2 Ag/Ab Combo - non-reactive
Day 44 Alere Determine™ HIV-1/2 Ag/Ab Combo - non-reactive
Day 60 Alere Determine™ HIV-1/2 Ag/Ab Combo - non-reactive

I understand window period, but what is the likelyhood that im positive at receiving a 8 week 4 days Negative?

Thank you for you timely response.

Blood on croissant


today i bought two croissants for my wife an me.
As i ate mine, i found blood at the bite edge. It was still wet, mixed with salvia. I wiped it away.
So i believe, it was my own blood.
My question: If it wasn´t my blood, could blood stay wet after 3 hours after buying?
It was small like a pinhead. Or has it been dryed since it was such a small amount. Even on the surface of a croissant (fat)?
What is the chance to get HIV if the blood was contaminated? It came into contact with my teeth an the muscius membrane.
Best regards

HIV risk from touching surface to eyes?

Help! I went into vacation to one of the countries in Asia and I was booked by my travel agency to a hotel where I thought located in the red district. One time, I took the elevator and press one of the buttons and just few minutes, my eyes got very itchy and eventually rubbed them with the same fingers that touched the buttons. I normally won't touch my eyes after touching those buttons or use a facial tissue. Is there any HIV risk if one of those buttons was pressed by an HIV positive persons and I touched the same button and rubbed my eyes with those fingers that touched the button?

HIV transmission risks from anal fingering

Can you contract HIV from anal fingering your partner if you had cuts/scratches on your fingers?

Lesbian sex and HIV Transmission


I would like to know what is the chance of getting HIV from "scissoring" with a woman? We did not use the protections and I am quite sure we both were sexually aroused.

hiv testing and clarification

Known HIV positive person during the intercourse condom broken, after 10 days, HIV RNA PCR test not detected and 12 WEEKS after hiv 4th generation test with CMIA method non reactive index value is 0.07 after 7 months HIV test with ELISA method non reactive i.e index value is 0.45. all test are performed at laboratory .can I safe are further any tests required? If required after how many days after and which Test is required? and my tests index value is rising from 0.07 to 0.45 the index value rising any problem?

HIV Risk with Ultra-Thin Condom


I visited a massage parlor in Barcelona a few months ago. I ended up having sex with the masseuse. She provided the condom which was an ultra-thin one. It got me worried afterward since it was very thin and I could barely feel it. Is there any HIV risk with such thin condoms? What if it had already expired?


4th Generation Antigens/Antibody Test at 9 Days Post Exposure

I had the 4th generation test exactly 9 days post exposure. I had the test after symptoms started. Fatigue, other flu symptoms, 99.6 fever. I’ve read that the antigens part of the test is effective at 10-14 days post exposure. My test was negative, but I don’t know if it means anything. Will the 4th generation test detect antigens at 9 days if there are symptoms? I went to my regular doctor and had blood drawn for the RNA/viral load test yesterday, but it will probably be next Friday when I get the results. I’m still having the symptoms. This is the 7th day. My exposure was unprotected oral and protected anal (both receiving). Thank you for answering my questions.

hiv sharing food

if i share a chips bag with someone and we both touch the chips inside the bag, and if he has hiv positive blood on his hands/fingers, and he touches the chips, and i eat them after, can i get hiv this way? and can you get hiv if you eat somebodys food/candy and they have hiv positive blood on their fingers/hands and the hiv positive blood gets on the food/chips/candy and i eat it? can i get hiv this way?

please answer im scared

im going to ask a question im 17 year old boy i do self anal for many years now it started 4years ago i use my own finger and fuck my self deep inside sometimes i use my spitt as an lube i do it until but imso scared that maybe i will get any std or hiv please answer i cant sleep


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