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HIV Transmission

Reply Please

Dear Sr,
I had a sex with unknown girl 2.5 months back and now iam tensed... i did HIV
1&2 Abs (Elisa) test after 47 days of expo; result is negative. But idont know the test is in which generation...test result is accurate after 47 days of expo...

Touching the membrane of INSTI test kit

I might have touched the membrane of the INSTI test kit after being used to test on me because I was pointing at a very small spot near the test spot but the nurse told me it was normal and I am HIV negative.  Will that be a risk of transmitting HIV?  With all the test solution and my own blood on the membrane I presume.  I also had a small cut on my hand at that time but it was covered by a bandage. Thanks.

oral sex risk

There is an ongoing debate across the internet and in general about oral sex. I've heard and read anywhere from zero to 8% risk on many different studies that have been published out there. on this site it says its a low-risk. i've been on other sites where it says there has never been real scientific data of giving oral sex as a risk but i find that hard to believe.This is from the doctors and experts from medhelp.orgNo incident HIV infections among MSM who practice exclusively oral sex.Int Conf AIDS 2004 Jul 11-16; 15:(abstract no. WePpC2072)??Balls JE, Evans JL, Dilley J, Osmond D, Shiboski S, Shiboski C, Klausner J, McFarland W, Greenspan D, Page-Shafer K?University of California, San Francisco, San Francisco, United States
Oral transmission of HIV, reality or fiction? An updateJ Campo1, MA Perea1, J del Romero2, J Cano1, V Hernando2, A Bascones1Oral Diseases (2006) 12, 219–228
AIDS: Volume 16(17) 22 November 2002 pp 2350-2352Risk of HIV infection attributable to oral sex among men who have sex with men and in the population of men who have sex with men
Page-Shafer, Kimberlya,b; Shiboski, Caroline Hb; Osmond, Dennis Hc; Dilley, Jamesd; McFarland, Willie; Shiboski, Steve Cc; Klausner, Jeffrey De; Balls, Joycea; Greenspan, Deborahb; GreenspanPage-Shafer K, Veugelers PJ, Moss AR, Strathdee S, Kaldor JM, van Griensven GJ. Sexual risk behavior and risk factors for HIV-1 seroconversion in homosexual men participating in the Tricontinental Seroconverter Study, 1982-1994 [published erratum appears in Am J Epidemiol 1997 15 Dec; 146(12):1076]. Am J Epidemiol 1997, 146:531-542.
Studies which show the fallacy of relying on anecdotal evidence as opposed to carefully controlled study insofar as HIV transmission risk is concerned:
Jenicek M. "Clinical Case Reporting" in Evidence-Based Medicine. Oxford: Butterworth–Heinemann; 1999:117Saltzman SP, Stoddard AM, McCusker J, Moon MW, Mayer KH. Reliability of self-reported sexual behavior risk factors for HIV infection in homosexual men. Public Health Rep. 1987 102(6):692–697.Nov–Dec;
Catania JA, Gibson DR, Chitwood DD, Coates TJ. Methodological problems in AIDS behavioral research: influences on measurement error and participation bias in studies of sexual behavior. Psychol Bull. 1990 Nov;108(3):339–362.
There is no debate (among experts) about the HIV risks associated with oral sex. The risk is so low that almost nobody who cares for HIV infected patients has ever had a patient believed to have been infected that way. Among experts, it's a semantic issue about using terms like "no risk" and "very low risk". There is no difference between my or Dr. Hook's use of "low risk" and other experts' "no risk".DR. HANSFIELD
"And oral sex is basically safe sex -- completely safe with respect to HIV and although not zero risk for other STDs, the chance of infection is far lower than for unprotected vaginal or anal sex. Please educate yourself about the real risks. If you stick with oral sex and condom-protected vaginal or anal sex, you have no HIV worries and very little worry about other STDs. " DR HANSFIELD
"I am sure you can find lots of people who believe that HIV is transmitted by oral sex, but you will not find scientific data to support this unrealistic concern..." DR HOOK
"HIV is not spread by touching, masturbation, oral sex or condom protected sex."- DR. HOOK
in the public HIV Prevention forum of MedHelp, TEAK and the other moderators maintain that oral sex in all forms is a zero risk activity. Would you agree with this assessment?I TOTALLY AGREE / DR GARCIA"HIV is not spread by masturbation, through oral sex, through kissing or other casual contact." Dr. Hook"The observation on thousands and thousands of observations is that HIV is not spread by oral sex (of any sort)." DR HOOK"I would not say your risk ,if he had HIV is "slim to none"- that's too high.  I would say they are effectively zero.  How much of his ejaculate or other genital  secretions you may have swallowed makes no difference.  EWH ""As far as HIV is concerned, there is no known risk of getting HIV from performing oral sex on an infected partner, even if that person's genital secretions get into your eyes or if you swallow." Dr.HookHIV is not spread by oral sex, giving or receiving, even if sores, gum disease or blood is presentDR HOOKThe fact is that there are no cases in which HIV has been proven to be transmitted by oral sex, including fellatio..  EWH  
whats the real case? and are rapid tests done at government clinics just as accurate and reliable if done after 6 months?thanks for your time in advance

Protected Oral sex became unprotected

Thanks a lot for your great service. May be my question will be stupid. But kindly read it fully and reply.
Couple of dates back I had oral sex with a sex worker from the street in Vancouver. What actually happened was she first tried to put the condom on my penis using her mouth. But soon she realized that it is the wrong side of the condom, then she turn the condom other side and put it into my penis using her mouth and start doing the oral sex. We only did it less than 2 minutes and since I felt uncomfortable, I asked her to stop. So we stopped and I removed the condom.
But now I am really scared for some thing. My thinking is as below
1. She had blood mixed with her saliva in her mouth.2. When she tried to put the condom first time from the wrong side, this blood mixed saliva came in touch with the condom3. Now when she turn the condom otherside and put the condon in me, the saliva mixed with blood is inside my condom and that can make me infected.4. I was having too much masturbation on the previous day night and in the morning on the day this happened (this happened in the evening), so even my foreskin was cracked and it may have made an easy passage to HIV to get in
So I am scared that I am infected.
Can you please advice?

pl reply as i am really worried

I went to a massage parlour, the girl open her breasts and put it in my face then she start doing the hand job, I checked her boobs , when I found there is no milk    
coming from her boobs , I put her boobs in my mouth for 1 min.
The I got ejaculated, after that she clean my  penis with wet towel. The towel she brought previously in a pot of cold water. There was no sex and I not even touched her vagina. I don’t know, if the previous customer left some pre-ejaculate material on the towel. What is the chance of me getting HIV? 

Dry Humping & HIV

Recently, with both of our underwear on, a girl rubbed her private area against mine, mimicking penetrative intercourse.  Am I at risk?
Thank you 

slight cut on (guilty) finger

 I had sex with a sex worker about a month ago. I used a condom so felt that my risk of HIV infection from intercourse (assuming she was even infected) is negligible. What worries me is that I got a paper cut (about 1 cm long) on my finger about 2 days before that encounter and I fingered her vagina with that same finger. At the time of the cut, there was slight bleeding but by the time of the sexual encounter, the wound had somewhat healed. The cut was still visible and tender but did not bleed anymore. 
Of course, I'm terribly worried that I may have contracted HIV. Can you please give me any advice on this? Should I get tested?
Assuming my partner was HIV positive, is there a risk that I could become infected through this not completely healed cut?

HIV by handjob

I would like to ask if positive blood during handjob was touching my penis can I get HIV or it need an open wound on my penis to get the HIV?
your answer is much appreciated

Plz Reply its urgent

Hi Sir, I recently met a sex worker I bit her breast nipple and a drop or two of them came out and fell in my tounge and within seconds I spat them out and washed my mouth well. Is there any chance of HIV Transfer. I dont know whether she have HIV or not. Should  I consult any doctor. Am I safe??

Transmission this way?

Question: Hey! you are really helpful by doing this!! That's my situation..
And i would really appriciate your opinion. I am a first year med student and
3 weeks ago, at a lab, i think some blood mixed with water on a tube might fall in a wound i had on my finger (not bleeding). Any the amount of blood if droped, it was very tiny. I am really worried as i am having flu symptoms. Am i in danger?? Thank you very much!


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