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HIV Transmission

AIDS by kissing

recently i kissed the girl. we were having cracked lips with no blood. After few hours i noticed single drop of blood on my lip.
Blood might be during time of kissing.We were not having bleeding gums. The girl had red gums though. 
As there was single drop on my lip. I didnt tasted any blood nor did she. I do not know status of her.
please help i m worried. Thanks in advance

Person needs help

Hello please answer quickly, i just had unprotected sex with a girl both 18, will i get infected? she has had a shot for stds and claims to be free from them? help please doctor.

New Razor Blade

I want to know just i went to a barber & he sanitized new razor blade in sanitizing chemical with wihich he sanitized other instruments like razor without blades can we catch any disease.??

HIV from dried blood?

1. A couple of weeks ago after coming home from a restaurant I noticed dry, crusty blood on the side of my finger. I am unsure how long it had been on my finger and unsure if it was mine, although I did not have any noticeable cuts or anything on that finger. I washed it with water after noticing it. If this was in fact someone else's blood is there a risk of HIV in this type of contact with blood if I touched blood and then it dried on my finger? Should I get tested?
2. If I had a dried spot of blood on my finger (not sure if it was mine), but assuming it was someone else's and then I picked a small pimple scab and applied pressure to the wound with the finger with the spot of dried blood on it to stop the bleeding of my scab.. can HIV be transmitted? Should I get tested?
Both questions are in context to the blood being from someone who is HIV+.

Eeek! Should i go to my doc?!

Hi there,
I am very worried about an incident from today.  I went to visit my friend who has recently adopted a  baby.  I was playing with the baby and she put my fingers in her mouth which she was sucking on (my hands were clean so no risk to her).  WHen i took my fingers out, there was a bit of white stuff on them (the baby has oral thrush and is HIV + which I was only told a bit later!).
I only saw white stuff on my finger (presumably some of the candida from her mouth).  I have dry hands and my cuticles are very dry.  I had a healing cut on my finger but I had no bleeding.  I did not notive any blood from the baby's mouth.
Should i test? Go to my doctor? Get PEP?!
Worried sick!

HIV from Fish Spa

Hello dear AidsVancouver team,
thank you for this great site here!! I've tried to search for a similar question but didn't found one, so I'd be glad to get a reply on this one.
My concern is that I could have cought HIV from using a fish spa in Thailand.
First of all I did not even think of HIV but back home I got to know that there is a risk of HIV transmission if the water is not changed and another customer could have bled into the water.
I am now very confused because I thought HIV dies once it is outside his living host within a few seconds/minutes. Does this refer to the air or also to the oxygen in water? Or is this not enough?
There were about 100l of water in the bowl with the fish where I put my feet in. The water looked clean, I could not see blood but I am not sure if one could see small amounts of blood in there.
Because I was backpacking I had some cuts on my feet but they were not bleeding, just a little sore. Could this be a pferred entry for HIV?
The articles claim that in theory HIV could be transmitted...but it does not say under what cirumstances...I was using the bowl alone so there was no person at the same time. I really hope that HIV dies in the water so that ther would have been enough time!
I am so scared and I would be glad if you could helo me. My boyfriend and me are healthy adults and confirmed HIV- at the beginning of the relationship.
Can we continue having unprotected sex or did I put myself at risk?

ECLIA Test .. 3rd Generation .. Please Help!

Hi, I had an unprotected oral sex before approximately 6 weeks with a guy (unknown if he is infected with HIV or not). He didn’t cum in my mouth but am not very sure about the pre-semen liquids. And then we had a protected anal sex. But I’m worried that when he was removing his penis that any quantity of semen drops fall down on my ass or inside the hole or even if the condom broke or not.
I did HIV ELISA test after (27 days) of the mentioned session and the result was (0.269 - negative). I went for another HIV ECLIA test on 16/5/2012 that means (35 days) later than the mentioned sex. The result was (0.562 - negative). Again I got tested for HIV ECLIA (40 day) post exposure and the result came (0.603 - negative).
Currently am very worried, nervous and afraid. I need your advice and opinion and suggestions.
I know that i need to retest at 3 months post exposure but what does the current results conclude to? Are they accurate or sensitive enough? Is it possible that the result will change to positive 3 months post exposure? How sensitive and accurate are the current results? Is that enough to say that I am not infected? Another thing that makes me worried that in my first test the result was (0.269) and in the second test after a week from the 1st test the result was (0.562) and in the 3rd one (0.603). I can see increment in the number and that makes me feel that it may exceed 1.0 and be positive maybe after a week or more. Please tell me what does this number means? and is there any risk as the number increases? Should i worry or not? Looking forward for your answer.
Note: I think the tests done are maximum upto 3rd generation ELISA/ECLIA but still am not sure. Please help as am very nervous.

Razor Blade

Just want to know barber used new razor balde on my face but he put tht new razor blade in sanitizer chemical in which they sanitized razor without baldes also is it harmful to health.

Possible exposure?

I am a man. I watched 2 men have sex. The top fingered the bottom and rimmed him before they engaged in sex. During, the top rubbed my anus for approximately 10 seconds and kissed me once closed mouth. I had no other contact with either of them or fluids. My question is could my anus have gotten infected with HIV since his finger had been in another guy first? Every now and then when I wipe there will be a small tiny amount of blood I guess from wiping too hard could that be a possible entry source for HIV? There was no penetration. Also I did not touch either of them. I don't think there was any blood. And what about the kiss?

Protected Oral Sex... Risk?

Sorry to bother again... Yesterday i had a PROTECTED ORAL SEX WITH A MALE (IM THE GIVER) I Used condom and it did not break. Are there any possibilities of contracting HIV or any STD's? Thank you in advance!


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