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HIV Transmission


I am a 35 year male and received unprotected oral sex from a commercial sex worker (CSW) few weeks back. This is the only encounter in my entire life. At 28 day mark I had a HIV DNA PCR test that became negative. Do I need further testing?

Help pls!

Hi there -
I have very dry hands that sometimes crack and bleed. I am a teacher and was touching the hands of children (children often have cuts and blood as they play quite rough). I did not notice a huge amount of blood on any of the kids hands but I am worried that I may have gotten some blood on my cracked, slightly bleeding hands. Should i worry or test for hiv?
Thank you.

help very worried

HiPlease i really need help,i went to a barbershop and my pimple was bruised by the electric clipper,I saw blood and i don't think they don't sterilize their equipment. I'm really worried. Am I at risk of getting infected with HIV?
Thanks and I appreciate.

am i infected? pliz help

i had a protected sex with a sex worker(pos i think)...only penetration ...no oral.....but later on..i found out that my knees got bruished (it bled a bit )due to the friction with the thin and hard mattress while i was doin the missionary pose.1)what are my chances of contracting hiv from the woman through protected sex?2)i dnt hv any STDs nor any sores or cuts around my private areas but if the woman has a known STD..does that increases the risk of transmitting the virus even though i dnt hv any?3)is there any chance that i might contract the virus from the mattress due to dried blood or other fluids(who knows?) on the mattress4) i hv a mild or slight sore throat which started three days after the possible exposure..5)how does ars symptom come?....do they come together or one after another?...and if they do come ....does sore throat comes first or is it the fever or any other?
thanks in advance

Wearing gloves

Hi there.  I work in the health sector as a hearing specialist.  We don't wear gloves unless coming into contact with body fluids.  I assessed a HIV + person.  I looked into their ears and used a rubber nub on the end of the tool.. When i removed the nub on the end of the tool, I did not see any flowing blood on it, but what seemed to be a bit of dried blood.  If i touched this nub with no gloves (no bleeding cuts on my own hands), would transmission be possible? It was only a few seconds after taking it out of the ear.  Are gloves recommended in these cases? Should i wear gloves all the time to avoid transmission or only when I see flowing blood? Thank you

Nippple Sucking - blood /cut on Tongue

Recently i met a sexworker. I got message by her .I sucked her nipples 10-15 seconds. There was no secreation from her breast . It seems she had some sort of gel on her nipples. Latter when i was out from her place i had small cut on my tongue and i had some blood coming out . Is this a risk for HIV ?.

Pain / Irritation ORAL SEX ?


I recieved oral sex from a female sex worker on 23rd Feb 2012. She rubbed her vagina while sitting on it and after that gave blow job to me with vaginal fluid on it. What is my risk for HIV, HEP B/C, STD's???
I was having some burning sensation while urinating. Now it is ok but I have a mild pain in my testis..Please Help ???


Itchy Bumps

3 days ago i noticed I had a red raised legion on my neck.
The next day it had a very tiny white head. I have also gotten very itchy bumps on my arms, knees, and recently just got one on my pubic area (vagina). The bumps on my arm, knee, and pubic area are itchy.
I had unprotected sex 5-6 months ago.
I also had swollen lymph nodes last week that lasted for about 7- 10 days.
Could these be symptoms of STI's? If so, which ones?
I am very worried. 

HIV infection from nipple discharge/fluids

Hi,I would like to know that can HIV be transmitted to adults from consuming nipple discharge/fluids?I have recently exposed myself to the above by sucking the nipple of a "high risk" female, there was no other sex - anal,oral or vaginal involved after that. Am I at risk or getting infected assuming the female was a HIV positive? Hoping for your response.

Risk of my Actions....

Hi.. you have a very informative site.
Last Thursday Feb. 23,2011 i went to a massage parlor. I had a back massage. The masseuse massage me with oil using her forearm and her BUTT... I have back acne. Later she gave me a mammary fuck (titifuck) and hand job me.
here are my questions?
1. Is hand job and titifuck can cause HIV?
2. Is the massage risky, because i have acne?
3. She has no cut, sores, am i prone to other STD's?
I got checked for hiv and other std before this happen and I was negative... (I followed the window period)
Am I safe?
Thank you in advance... 


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