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HIV Transmission

Passive masturbation - HIV risks

Hi,Three days ago I was masturbated by a commercial sex woker. She used a handkerchief on my penis all the way through and, as far as I remember, she hasn't touched my penis directly even for one second. Apparently, I haven't even smeared her hands with my semen. The only thing she did bare-hands was to massage the penis for a small while when I still had the underpants on.Is there a concrete risk of HIV contagion for me? If even her hands had been dirty with someone else's semen (or blood), would it still be dangerous, given the use of the handkerchief?
p.s. during the masturbation I noticed that very small bits of paper had remained "glued" to my glans. I just removed them with my hands. 

blood plastic surface

Hello, is there any risk in this situation. Last night, some friend were to my house, drinking, eating, etc...One of my friend, cut his finger with a knife, goes in the bathroom to clean himself. This morning (after 10 hours from that bloody accident), I was in the bathroom, and observe a big red stain of blood on clothes basket. I put some water in my hand and clean the blood with my hand without wearing any gloves. Some blood was on my finger.Is there any risk from doing this activity?Thank you.

very worried about get tested

I got blood test six months ago and it was negative. Since i don't have a regular partner, it happened to have sex with few (3) guys during this time.I didn't do anything unsafe with none of them, unless that i did oral sex with one of the guys for a bit (no contact with sperm). This same guy came in my chest and i got very worried that time since i had shaved it one or two hours before that happened. I asked in a forum online and i was told that there was no rick with that. So, with all of this guys i had safe sex and none of them came inside (even using condom) during the intercourse activities. So, I haven't done unprotected sex  since a break up with aboyfriend three years ago.   I'm always uncomfortable during sex activities(which i think is not normal), i watch everything and i don't even like the contact of the sperm with my skin because i'm so scared to catch something.
So,  I got in panic when i want to get tested. I want to do it but when i wait for the results i dont even sleep during the night. I just want to know how my chances are in fact of what i told above?  i need help please.

blood - hydrogen peroxide

Hi all,
Yesterday I was playing with my 2 years old child in the park, and suddenly he just fell down on the grass. He put his hand in some red substance, and then put this hand in his mouth. I was very scared, and thinking that this could be blood. I went to my car, and get some hydrogen peroxide 3%. Put this on that red substance and it didn't react to hydrogen peroxide (no bubble, foaming, nothing became white).  Then I got some paper tissue to clean my son, and on this paper some pink stains appear.
1) If that substance didn't react to the hydrogen peroxide, means it was no blood?
2) is there any risk from this?
3) is hydrogen peroxide a good way to test if some substance is blood

nipple on nipple rubbing with fluid

hii i went to a commercial sex worker. she laid naked on me and our nipples brushed for half an hour , i am sure she discgarged and her discharge was rubbed on my nipple. thats all that happened , do i need to worry, also will the nipple discharge enter into my nipple by rubbing harshly?

Stressing out!!!

Good Afternoon,
Just yesterday i was made aware that i might have been exposed to the HIV virus on April 28.
Also they said something about not being a transmitter and only a carrier (witch i think is bull).
Also i know that its criminal not to tell someone or withhold that information..
First question, is there 100% chance that I have contracted the virus if I was exposed?
I have been ultra stressed out and have gone to a clinic, they sent me to the hospital, then the hospital sent me back to another clinic, then that clinic said that they would have to get me an appointment for the end of the month..
I feel like its not being taken as seriously as it could be, I feel like crap i think its mostly stress but still can not sleep I feel like can't eat anything, Im noticing every little rash or bump, I can't concentrate on anything and my life feels like its in shambles...
Hope someone can offer some sort of answer here..

Oral sex, no ejaculation?

I performed oral sex on a man (unknown hiv status) for 5 minutes.
He did NOT ejaculate, but pre-cum was present. Am I at risk for contracting hiv if he had it? Do I need to test over this incident?


I had protected sex with a sex worker & I kissed her ....After 2 months i had headache for 3 days after that i suffered from fever 3 days and after 7 months now i have HIV mouth ulcers & oral thrush...
which test should i do?????
which is the best,conclusive and accurate test after 2 months?
which is the best,conclusive and accurate test after  1 month AFTER having INTERCOURSE?

HIV Test - Anxiety

Dear sir,
Please help me.
I had sex and insertive masturbation with one women on 12/Dec/2011.
After some days I caught sore throat, little fever, neck pain, back head pain and teeth pain.  Sore throat caught me  three time and I ate Antibiotics two time for Sore throat as per the doctor instruction during this period. I lost weight almost 4 Kg, little bit food controlling because of my cholesterol level is high. I don’t know what is the exact reason for weight loosing.
I took an ELISA HIV test after the 92nd day (3 Months) after exposure. That was “Negative”. Still I worrying sir.. please advise me, do I need to check again ??? Cab I consider my HIV Negative result at 3rd months a conclusive result???  
Thank you sir

Manicure disaster

Dear volunteers, thanks for having a look at my question as its causing me a bit of grief.
I went for a manicure - the technician sprayed the tools (cuticle cutter etc) with a disinfectant but it was very quick quick and I dont know if it was adequate to kill any HIV that may have been left on it.  The woman before me would have had the tools used on her about 10 minutes prior.  The technician cut my finger and made me bleed during the manicure.  If the woman before me had also been cut and bled on the tools and I was then cut, would hiv be able to be transmitted? Also - the salon technician touched my finger wound - she did not appear to be bleeding.  Would transmission happen like this?
Do I need PEP???? This happened today


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