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HIV Transmission


before one month and half had sex with a girl after couples weeks i got some symptom like diarrhea, fatigue, burning skin ,sore throat,night sweating muscle pain , joint pain , something white in my tongue and i took a hiv viral test after 25 days it came negative and the doctor gave me some vitamins only he said u dont have hiv what am scared now from is Herpes iam really worried i cant sleep i cant eat

Mutual masturbation vs HIV

I 've been to afrika a couple of times lately, the last time(one week ago) i got friendly with a local girl. We spent the night touching (no intercourse). However, she could have had some vaginal fluids on her hands when she was touching my penis. In the mean time my penis had gotten a bit wet as well. Do I need to get worried/tested?


Hi, recently I have been very anxious about HIV. Two and half years ago, I met with a sex worker. Throughout the sexual activity, I used a condom. No oral sex, no lip kissing, only intercourse and nipples kissing. I am so worried now that I might be HIV positive. I can't focus on my daily work due to the anxiety. Could someone tell me what the possibility is that I am HIV positive? Will kissing nipples transmit the HIV virus? It is necessary go for HIV testing? Besides that, I think I am depressed now due to my wife's pregnancy.

Are these tests conclusive?

I want to ask that if I had an anal sex with a unknown HIV + or - sex worker, and without a condom, and I have took the following tests
After 21 days after exposer =========> P24 combo ag/ab =========> Negative.
After 28 days after exposer =========> I take P24 combo ag/ab again, and HIV ANTIBODY by EFLA method,and the tests==>CHLAMYDIA PCR, UROGENITAL MYCOPLASMA, gonorrhoeae, by PCR method ==> Negative.
And at the same day (28 after exposer) I took in another lab the tests====> HBsAg, Anti-HBs, Anti-HCV, HIV by ECLIA method,====> Negative.====>VDRL-RPR =========> Negative.
After 37 days after exposer =========> HIV-1 RNA (PCR), HIV Duo Ultra =========> Negative.
Today is the day 44 after exposer, I have took the testsHIV Duo Ultra =========> Negative.HBsAg, Anti-HBs, Anti-HCV, HIV by ECLIA method,====> Negative.VDRL-RPR =========> Negative.

Are these results conclusive either foe AIDS or Heptits B&C?
I mean can I have unprotected sex with my wife, she has never exposed to any kind of HIV risk (I am accurate of her), and I do not wnat any posibility to hurt her , I have children and I want her for them!!.
If not, I will be very patient and I can wait untill the conclusive time, but please tell me an acurate information about the accurate time and accurate test for AIDS, and Heptites B&C tests.
Thanks in advanced.
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hi docfive days ago i had a girl in my hotel room to do a massage body to body one, i was nked and she was in her underwar, during the session , we did not had any sexual relation of any kind(no oral, anal,vagina or kissing), she was only rubbing her body againest mine while she was wearing her under ware, and we didnot do any sexual activity of any kind, during the massage i felt some fluide slipping on my anus,and she also massaged my penis with no ejaculation,but after she left, when i was taking a shower , i saw some thing like a boil or carbuncles(the one with white tip) in the lower part of my abdomen also i have the habbit of biting my lips so always my lips are wonded, the girl was offering me some pleasure with her which gave me an impression that she is not only a massage girl, and i realized that she is a sex worker too, and i started worrying about this and assume some of her body fluid could find its way to my body
Q- can this transfere the hiv to me?(i have heard that HIV could transfer through wound and un healthy skin ).
Q- does any body fluid could pass through that boil or carbuncles, e.g her brast milk, blood from non seen wond, vaginal fluid) Q-what if during the massage session her under ware slipped a littel bet and vagina flud came in contact with my body and find its way to the anus or the boil etc
Q- do i need to do testing? 

HIV Home Testing Kit

About a month ago, I sucked on the nipple of a female sex worker and realised a bit of secretion came out of her breast - I could taste it on my tongue, I immediately spit it out. Since then, I have shown no early symptoms of HIV whatsoever. 
Recently, I purchased an HIV Home Test Kit that uses a saliva swab. The results were quite confusing to me. My questions are:-
1) Was my above exposure a potential risk of HIV transmission?
2) How accurate are the Home Test HIV Kits that use saliva to determine the results?
Please advise,
Thank you.

Risk / worry / anxiety

kindly help me by answering my questions.
I've been to a massage parlor 4 week ago.the masseuse massage me using baby oil. She used he butt in massage. then after the massage she gave me titifuck and handjob. I have acne on my back.
A week after my salivary gland swell. (my sublingual gland under tongue). As per ENT it is blocked. Until now its still swollen.
2 weeks after a have phlegm colds and cough. No fever i had monitored it.Until now i have colds and phlegm.
I got tested before this incident and i was negative.
1. Is massage with oil risky?2. Can HIV be transmitted thru acne?3. Can oil help the transmission?4. Is there reported cases thru this?5. Are my symptoms ARS?6. Do I need to get tested for this encounter?7.Can other STD be transmitted thru the encounter that i have?8. Is this anxiety?9.Is cold common to ARS?10. Can oil kill the virus?
Sorry for my questions. And thank you in advance.


i am experiancing a muscle and goint pain.  ...for about 3 mounth ...they are not continuus ...i had a sex 4 month a go....some times i got headache..will this be sign of HIV?

Is there anything that can allow you to have a false negative after 8 months testing?

Is there anything that can allow you to have a false negative after 8 months testing? I had a hiv test at 8 months and it was negative. I had a low risk oral experience both received and given, with someone whos status i didnt know. I have been tested for every sti, including herpes etc. But for some reason I just have a OCD about these things. Ive been sick a couple of times and my OCD kicks in. I was wondering what disease could make hiv take longer than 8 months. Ex, like Tb, cancer,,?? Can those thing stop it from showing. Or am I just looking for more reasons to be scared?

after one year

i took rapid hiv test at end of 5 month , end of 7 months ,end of 10 months , end of 12 months and meia hiv test..all were non reactive.my question is -- is any chance now become hiv positive in future..now i am not engaged with sexual any activity..


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