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HIV Transmission

Dry Humping & HIV

Recently, with both of our underwear on, a girl rubbed her private area against mine, mimicking penetrative intercourse.  Am I at risk?
Thank you 

slight cut on (guilty) finger

 I had sex with a sex worker about a month ago. I used a condom so felt that my risk of HIV infection from intercourse (assuming she was even infected) is negligible. What worries me is that I got a paper cut (about 1 cm long) on my finger about 2 days before that encounter and I fingered her vagina with that same finger. At the time of the cut, there was slight bleeding but by the time of the sexual encounter, the wound had somewhat healed. The cut was still visible and tender but did not bleed anymore. 
Of course, I'm terribly worried that I may have contracted HIV. Can you please give me any advice on this? Should I get tested?
Assuming my partner was HIV positive, is there a risk that I could become infected through this not completely healed cut?

HIV by handjob

I would like to ask if positive blood during handjob was touching my penis can I get HIV or it need an open wound on my penis to get the HIV?
your answer is much appreciated

Plz Reply its urgent

Hi Sir, I recently met a sex worker I bit her breast nipple and a drop or two of them came out and fell in my tounge and within seconds I spat them out and washed my mouth well. Is there any chance of HIV Transfer. I dont know whether she have HIV or not. Should  I consult any doctor. Am I safe??

Transmission this way?

Question: Hey! you are really helpful by doing this!! That's my situation..
And i would really appriciate your opinion. I am a first year med student and
3 weeks ago, at a lab, i think some blood mixed with water on a tube might fall in a wound i had on my finger (not bleeding). Any the amount of blood if droped, it was very tiny. I am really worried as i am having flu symptoms. Am i in danger?? Thank you very much!

worried Indian

in may 24 I had a sex with a sex worker I protect with condom after 1 min vaginal sex I removed my condom by my hand very soon I touch my opening of penis with my hand and outer layer of condom also touch the wet opening of my penis is their any chance for HIV transmission?

HIV virus

My question is does  HIV remain active in disinfectant chemical like barber dipped new razor blade in that disinfectant in which they dipped razor instrument without blade also after shaving other customers as barber told me they use to change disinfectant in jar every 2-3 days.

Should I get Tested for this?

A few days ago I did the following with a girl of unknown HIV status but who had a lot of sexual relations. I did not have sex with her, I just hugged her with my shorts on and played with her(not even kissing). Then she took my penis out and started to press on its head with her figures. I touched her vagina but not in the middle,just near the extremities for 2-3 seconds and she was a bit wet. Am I at risk of STDs? should I get Tested? What if I rubbed my eyes or mouth before washing my hands? I usually masturbate every second day with a pillow and i did that a day before. That leaves a burning sensation on my penis but no wounds. 


Hi.first of all thank you very much for your great website.33 days ago I had sex with someone with an unknown statues I used condom and it didn't fail.I fingered into er vagina for near 10 to 20 seconds.my fingers did nt get wet or I did not feel as I remember.there was a very small cut on my finger.It was a healing cut and there was as I remember no blood(3 hours next when I checked the cut it was somehow black.the next day after 16 hours it was completely black).I wanna to know how much is the risk of hit transmission for me?

HIV and handjob masturbation

i had been to a massage parlor,where the girl gave me a blowjob and then cleaned the semen with a wet towel,she might be using the same towel for all his customers,is there any risk of HIV virus being transmitted?


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