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HIV Transmission


What is the probability that I have caught the HIV infection if I had unprotected sex with a girl and acquired gonorrhea.  I tested for HIV 7 weeks later and results came back negative? Is this considered low risk exposure? What chance is there that this test was wrong? Also, what treatment could be use to relieve dry mouth? 

Important question

hey I had unprotected sex with a girl I didn't know and acquired gonorrhea. I took a test 7 weeks 1 day after exposure and results came back negative. How likely it is that I contracted HIV from that single exposure? Also, I have been having a dry mouth for a week now? What can I do to relieve this dry mouth? 

HIV result negative at 110 days (15.8 weeks or 3.75 months)

HiI had protected sex on March 10th. i got a flu two weeks later with skin rash, weight loss, confusion, swollen lymph nodes specially in my neck - they're painful, severe pain in my legs, watery stool, dark cloudy urine and fatigue. I still have swollen glands and dark cloudy urine with fatigue at the present. My test results are:at week 3 HIV EIA negativeat week 8 HIV EIA negativeat week 15-16 EIA negativeNow my question is: do i need to get tested again or should I forget this horrible nightmare. Please help ASAP.Thank you and I live in Ottawa.

Exposed to blood. Can baby body wash(no tears) kill HIV?

I accidentally touched blood at my friend's place. I am sure that blood might have been outside for 15 mins before I touched with my hands but not dried though.
As there was no soap and probably spent 10 min in looking for soap.  Then I had cleaned my hands with  Johnson shea & cocoa butter baby body wash(thinking it is also a soap) from sink water (running water?) twice each 10 secs. The water from sink was warm but not very hot though. Unforunately I did not dry my hands with towel or tissue paper which I should have had.
Then started taking shower first cleaning my rectum the most sensitive mucous membrane with the same bare hands assuming I was safe and any saop can kill HIV.
Then after going through internet, I came to know rectum was most sensitive mucous memebrane and also after readiing label the baby body wash I used is not a soap at all and it is no more tears formula for babies..
I am very much worried now. As I mentioned before I touched blood it was in environment for 15 mins and after 10 mins I cleaned my hands with warm water & said baby body wash. In baby body wash there are some chemicals like sodium tridech sulfate, Tetra sodium EDTA, phenoxy ethonol(not sure whether it comes under alochol), sodium hydroxide., hydroxyproplidum chloride and cocoa seed butter etc. Can these chemicals inactive the fragile HIV?
I read on internet that cocoa butter is antiviral. Please help me and answer me whether I am safe. Or I am unneccessarily worrying as the blood has been outside for 15 mins, then 10 mins on my hands and then 2 times cleaned for 10 secs under sink water (all these should dilute/inactivate HIV).
Can baby body wash like kill/inactivate HIV?Do you recommend testing for this exposure?Please help me.

Contact with HIV?

I hope you can answer my question.  I volunteer in orphanages, schools, shelters, etc where I come into contact with many HIV+ people. I hug these people, kiss the babies on the cheek, etc.  The kids often have scrapes and cuts but do not seem to be actively bleeding and I sometimes have minor cuts.
THey also cough often and some people I engage with do not have good oral health.  Is HIV transmission possible in any of these situations? Close contact with kids with cuts and POSSIBLE blood, being coughed on, getting spit on me, etc, etc.
I appreciate your time.

Spread by towel

Wiped my fingers stained with Vaginal fluid with a dry towel. later I ejaculated into it. Is there a risk ?

Waiting period before getting tested?

While on vacation I had several sexual encounters during which I have delivered or received unprotected oral sex. Vaginal sex was protected. While the documented risks of transmitting HIV in this manner is low I'd like to get tested to STDs including HIV but not sure if I need to wait 3 months before doing go? Reading this site the new combo test doesn't seem to require the wait, but I just wanted to confirm.
A couple of more questions I'd like to get clarity on are:
Does shaving genitals before shortly before oral sex increases changes of contracting HIV due to potential cuts?
Can any STDs be transmitted through regular non-sexual day-to-day interactions such as shared utensils etc Thanks!


HI, I am very confused and worried. Actually my scenario is as follows: I was waiting for my x ray to be done and the person just before who did the x ray got his blood test and was reading article on HIV. I have gone immediately (may be 10-15 secs) after he did x ray for x ray. I would like to ask.
What if he was bleeding and his blood came in contact with my skin am i infected.
What if his blood came in contact with my non-intact skin, am i infected.
Plz help me. thanks for your reply in advance

Stripper performed blow job with my shorts and underwear (two layers, but no condom)

A stripper performed blow job with my shorts and underwear (two layers, but no condom) on for 5 to 10 Mins. My shorts became totally wet from that. Though every thing sounded safe, but she had been biting my penis now and then over shorts while licking. And also she put lot of pressure to align my penis into her mouth through short and underwear. It caused some friction and pain but I did not bother me during the act. While going home as I felt some pressure on my genitals, then I checked my penis. I did not see any visible cuts, but observed some pain for definite at the tip of foreskin, but not sure whether it has cuts .I checked my short and underwear both  for any red/blood marks, I did not notice.
Can you please assess my risk?Can saliva contaminated with blood pass through two layers of clothing and cause infection on open cuts if any happened due to friction?Assuming the friction definitely caused minor cuts on foreskin, can the saliva of her protect me?
I felt pain at tip of my foreskin for one day. I got 45 days ELISA of negative after this exposure. As this is the only exposure, do you still recommend further testing or as I have two layers of clothing though top one is wet (not sure of underwear, probably wet due to my precum), whether I did not have risk at all?
Please help me by answering these

Stressed Out

Hi there,
Firstly, thank you for this service. It is greatly appreciated.
I have had a few commercial sex workers over the past few years.  I am ALWAYS covered if I have vaginal sex (very rarely).  However, half the time I have uncovered fellatio and/or cullilingus.
After my last visit (and I am done with this behaviour. It is not worth the stress) on June 30th, I have developed a mild sore throat behind the adams apple.  I think my lymph nodes are slightly swollen but it could be in my head.  I've had no fever or sweats etc.
What is my risk for HIV?  Should I get tested or am i just being driven by my anxiety.  What are the first symptoms of HIV and how long will it last?
Thank you.


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