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HIV Transmission


I slept with a person of unknown HIV status 5 months ago... I feel it was a really big mistake... and I would never do it again... we had unprotected sex...
I got tested at 4 months (INSTI) and now (5 months) with ELISA test. Both came negative. The doctors told me the accurancy is almost 100% and I need no other worries about it. There are internet sources which say you need 6 months to get conclusive results tho. I am so sad about it... I think I cant wait another month... of suffering... :( my tears are so real now... i did a mistake... but it seems it never will get a definitive end.
Thanx for your answer.
Yours William.

Woman in need of help

2 months ago.. (Roughly) I had unprotected sex with a Male of unknown status.. I was intoxicated and wasn't thinking straight. Bad mistake.
1 to 2 weeks after that I started having vaginal itching, to which I used and over the counter yeast infection kit ( 3 day treatment) It didn't do anything so I then asked for the 1 day treatment from my pharmacist. And I still have the itch, But No discharge!! I also have bad body aches and feeling tired. 3 weeks after this encounter  i had really sore hands and feet. and had a bad sinus infection. I don't have a rash and Never had any fever except for a mild fever when I had my little sinus infection.
Basically I know that I have to get tested, and I will. But to your knowledge, is what I have said any indication of "ARS"? Specifically the vaginal itch?
I have been stressing and very anxious about getting tested, And I am already prone to anxiety attacks and a general all the time feeling of anxiety. Could my body aches be due to my anxiety? I am so scared and feel so alone, The last time I asked for an HIV test from my doctor I felt very judged, I feel so uncomfortable at the thought of asking him again... I have a 2 year old little girl to think about and my head is always in the clouds because I am constantly thinking of this.. the anxiety over this makes me feel dizzy at times also or is that a symptom of "ARS"?? scared to death... 

Lap Dance

I had a lap dance 2 months ago. Just touching her body, and no sex. I tested negative with rapid test at 6 weeks. What is my risk? Should I retake the test again at 10-12 weeks.

HIV Transmission worry

I am a male and I was recently given oral by a male a few times and then later he told me that he's hiv positive undetectable. I am worried because, I ejaculated in his mouth more than two times and kissed him. Is it possible for me to have gotten hiv from him? how long should I wait before I can get tested for hiv? also is it ok to have unprotected oral and, anal with a condom on, with someone that's hiv positive undetectable? will I contract hiv this way?

Am i done testing?

My last sexual exposure (Dec 15th) was with someone whose status i don't know. I tested at 8 weeks with a lab based EIA, 14 weeks with a Oraquick swab test, and 16 weeks (Apr 5th ) with Oraquick swab test. All came back negative. Do I need to test out till 6 months or am I conclusively HIV negative?
(my last exposure was receiving oral sex and mutual masturbation with a female and I haven't had any risky behavior since then)

Hello, please advice.

I am a guy and was given oral a few times by a guy who then later told me that he's HIV positive. I am uncircumcised so I pre came in his mouth and also ejaculated in his mouth each time. Since I was only made aware of his status after a few times he'd provided me oral, I am now a little worried that I might had contracted HIV from him. I've noticed a slight rash near the bottom of the penis head and under the foreskin and some sort of slight white turned purple/brownish discoloration on the head of the penis. Does this signify anything with regards to having contracted HIV? or is it just a repeat outbreak of genital herpes which I was diagnosed with a few years ago. Also, how long should I wait to get tested for HIV? the most recent episode where he gave me oral was a couple of days ago. Thanks!

Tongue depressor

I am a doctors assistant.  I touched a tongue depressor used on a patient with oral thrush with possible blood in the mouth after about a minute/few seconds of having used it on the patient.  I had a recent cut (about 30 minutes old on my finger where I touched the tongue depressor) which touched the part that touched the patients mouth/etc.  Is HIV transmitted this way?
Thank you

Worry Please

I had a protected sex with a sex worker, i´m sure the condom did not fail, but it last 30 minutes. 
 I´m worried of getting HIV.
I also get tested to Syphillis and came negative, I dont know why I put myself in this situation. please help-me. 

Oil-Based Lubricant

Dear ones,
I am male and I was fingered (in my rectum) by another man. He put a latex glove in his hands and virgin grape seed oil as lubricant. His hands were healthy and the latex glove did not break. 
1) I know iI am not supposed to mix oil with latex because such mix facilitates latex to break, BUT, what about "micro pores" occuring in this oil-latex scenario? Is it true? Is there scientific research proving micro pores really occur?
2) Regarding my case, do I have to be tested for HIV? I do not feel like doing it because personally I do not think I have gone through any kind of risky situation. May I put my mind at ease? Besides, the guy who fingered me is healthy.
Your opinion would help me.
Thank you so much!

PCR Test

Hi, I had sex with a sex worker on February 17th 2012 in the Red Light District. I was ignorant of proper condom usage and put on two condoms, she gave me oral for about 3 minutes, then I had vaginal sex with her for about 1 minute and a half, pulled out because it was my first time with a sex worker and it felt kind of wrong. She then pulled off my condoms, which didn't look ripped but intact, and put a new one on finishing me with a hand job.
I started sweating that very night from fear, and haven't had a good night sleep without a nightmare since (67 days now) pain in my body prevents me as well. I began developing joint pain, then muscle burning on my shoulders, and hips 2 weeks later that migrated from my feet up to my shoulders. 13 days after Amsterdam I got a PCR test, my doctor told me any virus would show up in 8 days. It came out negative as well as all STDs. I know it was too short for the STDs to show up in a test. I don't have any ulcers, no vomiting, no swollen lymph nodes, no rashes, no mysterious fevers. Just pain throughout my body that migrates, I don't know what to do. I checked for lyme disease, rhuematoid arthritis, and all came out clear. 
I'm still left with the real pain in my body, it's been 7 weeks of pain in my body, and I don't know if it's acute HIV because it usually doesn't just last for 7 weeks from what I've read. There is a part of me that I have HIV, it shows up in my nightmares, so I'm gonna put a rest on the 90 day mark, but do you know if anxiety/ depression can cause this? Or another STIs that I should test for associated with migrating pain? Thanks again, and I'm on my 68th day.


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