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HIV Transmission

Razor Blade

Just want to know barber used new razor balde on my face but he put tht new razor blade in sanitizer chemical in which they sanitized razor without baldes also is it harmful to health.

Possible exposure?

I am a man. I watched 2 men have sex. The top fingered the bottom and rimmed him before they engaged in sex. During, the top rubbed my anus for approximately 10 seconds and kissed me once closed mouth. I had no other contact with either of them or fluids. My question is could my anus have gotten infected with HIV since his finger had been in another guy first? Every now and then when I wipe there will be a small tiny amount of blood I guess from wiping too hard could that be a possible entry source for HIV? There was no penetration. Also I did not touch either of them. I don't think there was any blood. And what about the kiss?

Protected Oral Sex... Risk?

Sorry to bother again... Yesterday i had a PROTECTED ORAL SEX WITH A MALE (IM THE GIVER) I Used condom and it did not break. Are there any possibilities of contracting HIV or any STD's? Thank you in advance!

HIV scared

here is my story ..
i have went to the one of the strip club and only had french kiss and little scared about the incident is there any change will get the hiv through kissing
here is my test results
3 & 4 week p24 duo test nagative
7 week antobody nagative ....
is conclusive for my incident ...
Thanks ....

Handjob from massage parlour

Hi there,I really appreciate all of your help in alleviating the fears people have in regards to contracting HIV. That being said, in february, I went to the massage parlour and at the end of the session she gave me a handjob. I ejaculated in her hands after that. However, what worries me is that she licked the shaft of my penis and used a seemingly dirty piece of cloth to clean me up. I eventually caught fever, runny nose, sore throat 2 weeks after that incident. Since then, I have been really worried and depressed to the extent of getting nauseous spells whenever I think of the possibilities of contracting HIV. Thank you so much for all your help.

Worried and want to know!

I had 3 sexual partners in my life.  After I separated with my first 2 boyfriends, I decided to get tested for HIV for the peace of my mind.  I went for testing from 4 to 5 months after separated and were tested negative.  I am now regretting that I have never got myself tested after my last sexual encounter which was over 3 years ago.  I have always use protection during sexual intercourse, but I did give my last boyfriend oral sex 2 times without it.  I have been feeling sick overall during the past few months.  I have been feeling very tired, dizzy, muscle pain and weakness, stomach pain and bloating.  I have been to my doctor and he is suspecting celiac as I have always had bloating on and off in past many years and has referred me to a specialist. Could these also be symptoms of HIV/ AIDS?  I am really worried and am determined to get tested.  I have already book an appointment with the BC disease control clinic on 12th.  But I have to wait a few weeks.  Are there any sites that offer rapid testing for women in the Lower Mainland?  I have called the one in the East side but they only serve people that lives in the neighborhood.  I have been getting sleepless nights and hope to find out sooner.  Also are rapid testing accurate?  and if I do have celiac disease will that affect test results?  Does the clinic on 12th offer rapid testing?
and how long does it usually take to get blood work results back on regular tests?
Sorry for so many questions.  I am looking forward to hear from you!  Thanks for your service.

Open Cut and Environment

I sustained a paper cut that was bleeding a bit.  I then immediately touched surfaces that may have been touched by someone who had a bleeding finger or blood on their hands (in a bathroom).  The surface would not have been touched for a minute or so by someone else.  I did not see any significant amount of blood on the surface I touched or on my cut finger.  But the 'what ifs' always go through my mind - what if i cut my finger (which i did) then touched as surface that may have had relatively fresh blood on it?
Is this worth worrying over?

HIV RNA test window period

I recently had unprotected oral sex and protected sex with two female sex workers. Of course, after the fact, I then thought about the consequences, so I went and had a HIV RNA test done 7-days later. The clinic said that I am in the window period and the results should be 99 per cent accurate. The results came back negative.
However what I read online seems to conflict with the clinic doctor's suggested window period.
Should I go for a second RNA test? It has now been 3 weeks.

If penis not washed after masturbation?!

If not washed after masturbation for whole night is it harmful to get any serious disease??


Hi, I got into an argument with a man at a gay bar.  He then spit in my face.
I understand saliva is not infectious but I'm worried there might have been blood in the saliva and it hit my eye.  Assuming he has HIV am I at risk for infection?
I read some places its non existent, theoretical, and other places say its a risk (only 2 real cases in occupational places)
I am so scared of this incident. Do I need to get tested over my spitting incident?


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