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HIV Transmission


Received oral sex with condom and received rimming. What is the risk? Do I needed to get tested? Thank you

Oral sex

I had oral sex with an unknown sex partner i just went down on him for like 5 seconds and the clear stuff i think pre cum??? came up from his penis.is there.. a way i could get it or did he have to cumm, sperm? I had a cut in my mouth i think.. that night it was an ulcer i believe in my gums from being sick.

How possible

Was there any reported cases that HIV is transmitted from parents who are positive to their kids considering that the infection occurred years after the children are born? If yes how could it occur and in which situation such as hugs and kisses.

I need Your Suggestion

Dear Sir,
Good Afternoon. This is ratna from India and i did sin against my God Jesus Christ. Today i went to a sex worker and i did not have intercourse but i sucked her boobs and rubbed her pussy upper lips with my thumb for some time and i am very stressed is it causes HIV. Please guide me that shall i go for blood test after 3 months or shall i wait until 6 months. Please help me.

Cigarette burn

I went to hug a friend of mine and she was holding a lit cigarette. I accidently knocked her cigarette with my finger and burnt myself - It was only a bit red and sore but did not scab or blister. The next day, only slight redness was visible. If the cigarette hit her hand before hitting mine (ie - we were burned nearly immediately after one another or within miliseconds) and transferred some burned flesh/skin into my burn, would transmission of hiv happen? She did not seem visibly hurt.
Thank you.

Needlesticks outside of a healthcare setting

I'm sorry for, most likely, such a silly question but I feel it would be helpful to address a persistent fear I have, for which I don't have the necessary knowledge to dispel.
I am a little confused (and concerned about this), whilst I'm aware that there has never been a known case of hiv transmission through a needlestick outside of a healthcare setting, I'm not sure i understand why and how. It seems conceivable that out in the world a drug user or even somebody who has to inject for medical purposes may at some point incorrectly dispose of needles.
Is it the freshnesss and immediacy that often occurs with needlesticks in a healthcare environment? I worry quite a lot about coming into contact with some sort of needle when walking, putting out binbags, etc- would i be right in thinking that for transmission to be possible, a stick would have to be deep and painful and therefore you would know if it happened??
Many thanks

Sharps Container

Thank you so much for your work! I would just like to ask one question. I recently got a rapid HIV test done. At the end, the nurse threw away the contents of the test (lancet, unit membrane, her rubber gloves) into the sharps container with her bare hands. She then gave me a bandaid for the spot on my finger where she drew the blood. I am worried about the fact that the sharps container contained the parts of other people's tests (this was a point-of-care setting where people came in to get their tests within fifteen minute time slots) that might have had HIV-positive blood on them. Is it possible for that blood to somehow get into my bloodstream from the bandaid (that the nurse touched) through the open prick from the lancet? Am I worrying needlessly?
Thank you very much!

lap dance

I was wearing a trouser and a boxer. I ejaculated while the lady was giving me a lap dance and she was wearing the G string. My semen stained my trouser significantly. Also, I kissed her back, neck and cheeks. Some of her head hair entered my mouth. I have the following questions:
1) can the head hair that entered my mouth transmit the HIV ?
2) Can I get the HIV from this lap dance knowing that I ejaculated and significantly stained my trousers ?
3) Can I get the HIV from kissing her back and face and neck, I did NOT kiss her mouth at all ?
4) I massaged her back with my hand to relax her shoulders ... can I get the HIV from making a massage by hand to someone else ?
5) Can the lady become pregnant from the Semen that stained my trousers and maybe touched her G string close to the Vagina ?
Thanks a lot for all your help.


I know its dangerous and easyer to pass HIV from injecting because it goes right into bloodstream but what about snorting is it the same if there is blood on the bill or drugs is it just as bad?

protected sex with STD

I have a doubt about HIV transmission. Please clear it.
If a male having an STD and some rash on his penis head. And participated in veginal intercourse with a HIV suspected women with USING CONDOM. What are his chances to catch HIV?
There is any differential probability to catch HIV even after using CONDOME between a healthy person and STD person. [ Let the condom did not fail]
Thanks to all for such a great job.


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