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HIV Transmission

Risk Level ?

I had a protected encounter in the last week of January. I am feeling extremely nervous if I could have been exposed since hands were also involved. Is it possible to get infected through unbroken skin ?
I do want to get tested to be at peace in my mind. Is the minimum time post encounter 3 months ? Or is there any way to get tested prior to that too ?
What are the places which administer an anonymous test ?  

Slightly red cut and blood

I got blood on my hand from another person's cut. A smudge or so. I had a cut on my finger that was red but not actively bleeding. It did feel a bit moist tho (my cut) but with no blood. Is HIV transmission possible eventhough I contacted the other person's blood during casual contact? Thanks for the help!

Symptoms of HIV

hello, I had unprocted and this is the forth week since that happened. I started experiencing symptoms which I doubted to be of acute HIV, two days ago I had a sore throat, and three days later I got a headache and fever as well as fatigue but I haven't gone for a test. Do these symptoms mean an HIV Infection? Also I had a partner who we had a sex three times after my unprotected experience. If I am affected is there a chance of her being affected at this early stage?


Hello there.. You have interesting response... Im Jimmy 24 Male... From Manila Philippines.
I Had multiple encounters last year. to be exact 15 of them...
both Male and Female.
I had only one unprotected (anal) encounter it was to a male i was the one who insert. last March or April Last year. (2011)
2 protected anal (but was no inserted only at anus area)
7 protected vaginal
the rest just oral.
I got tested via rapid last December 6, 2011 and the result was negative..
however my last sexual encounter was Dec. 16, 2011 with a female it was protected.
Last February 7, 2012 i got tested via rapid blood test.. result was negative as well...
do you think i am safe? is the test conclusive?
Hoping for a response

False Negative/Transmission

I had a sexual encounter with a man about 5 months ago. I got tested at around 10 weeks and the results came back negative. Since then i have still been having symptoms (swollen glands, white patches on the inside of cheeks, headaches etc.) This has made me very worried that test results were false. Apart from worrying about myself i am far more worried about possible transmission to my twin sister. She does use my razor blade on occasion and has recently been feeling ill and also developed the white patches on the inside of her cheek. This terrifies me that she could be put at risk because of me. If i ever found out that i infected her i would not be able to live with myself. My questions is - Could my results be a false negative? And - What risk is my sister at? Thanks so much.


I had sex and  unprotected anal sex a but he only stuck it in couple times didn't jizz or anything. Do i have high risk of getting AIDS?


I have had sex 2 times one protected and the other one was oral would I have the chances of getting AIDS

Exposure in sports

Hi everyone. Firstly, thankyou for providing such a helpful resource here. I have a question. Whilst playing a racket sport I noticed that I had a very small cut on my hand (from a metal bracelet that had been hitting my hand) - there is a very small amount of blood around the cut (implying that it was fairly fresh. Is it possible that if my partner had transferred blood to the ball and this had gotten into my cut would this be a risk for transmission. I have imagined not, but i'm still worrying.Elsewhere, I practice safe sex and test once a year.

HIV Transmission

I licked the breast and the nipple of a sex worker. I tasted sourish and I stopped immediately. There is no oral nor penetrative sex. What are the chances of contracting HIV?

HIV-1 RNA Quant-Ultrasensitive PCR Test

Hello, Recently i had unprotected oral sex with high risk woman. I am planning to take HIV-1 RNA Quant-Ultrasensitive PCR Test (Range: 48-10,000,000 copies/mL) on 15 days. Should I take test on 15th day from incident or should i wait till 21 days. What is recommended approach? Thanks for your help!


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