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HIV Transmission

aggresive love bite by sex worker on neck , chest

On 23rd June i was being bitten by sex worker on my neck and chest , there was may be 1 drops of blood from each place and both were red like love bite. I am scared if she is hiv + i will be infected , what should i do , this was my first and last experience. Please let me know if i need to test since if her saliva and tongue were in contact with the blood.

Razor blade transmission

A few times I have shared a razor blade with someone of unknown status. It has usually been hours apart. I have possibly nicked myself with the razor blade and drawn blood before.
However, I am quite sure that the other person rinses the razor with warm water after they are done, but not 100% certain.
Is this a risk? Should I get tested?


I fingered a female with a typical knife cut on my finger. When it was cut it was deep enough to bleed, however the fingering took place approximately 1-2 hours later when it was not bleeding. Was this a risk?

Rubbing and Masturbation

I have had contact with a girl of unknown status.  She and I were both wearing underwear while we rubbed our private areas together.  She then proceeded to masturbate me until I ejaculated.
My concern is that could the HIV virus possibly seeped through our underwear and since she masturbated me afterwards that it got absorbed through my foreskin, etc?
The reason I am concerned is because after about a week, I developed flu like symptoms.  I had a runny nose, a cough, and sore muscles.
Will you please let me know if I am at risk?
Thank you for your help!


I read that you shouldn't share tweezers with anyone in case of HIV. I accidentally used tweezers that were not mine and I bled when using them (to remove ingrown hair). The person who used them may or may not have had HIV and used them 5-10 mins before. Can you get HIV this way?


I and this girl (csw with uknown hiv status) made out 4 months ago. I lay on the sofa and she is on top of me. Then she rubbed her vagina to my penis and I felt her fluids go down my penis and I dont know if it touches/reached my anus.I have read somewhere that HIV can penetrate through anus and I am worried. one thing, I dont know if she inserted my penis(well I thought she did but for only 5 seconds, I guess because im so drunk that time that my penis was not erected that is why she went on top of me and rubbed her vagina to my penis and eventually ejaculated)I am anxious because a week or maybe 3 days after, my palms were itchy and got swollen and I had stains in my underwear (yellow pus like) not the typical discharge though and I also have foul smelling urine and theres this sting whenever I urinate. Can you please tell me if I was at risk with HIV? or did I acquire other STDs or STIs. I was tested negative for HIV Rapid Test after 2+ months and negative for syphilis as well. I dont have the symptoms now.
note: the symptoms did not appear at the same time except for the stain in the underwear and frequent urinating and sting whenever I urinate.
Thank you!

paramagamba 1980

hello there
iam a man of  25 years of age with a wife. a few months ago i had sex with a commercial sex worker (CSW). it was protected all along but i got concerned about contracting HIV bacause i had cuts and abrasions on my pubic area due to shaving and her vaginal fluids touched that area. i got strange symptoms such hives, red pimpl like bumps on my back, fever, sore throat , lost a lot of weight.after this event and symtpoms i avoided sex with my wife. i went and got tested with a rapid determine finger prick test at 99 days post exposure and it was negative but the symptoms are still with me. my questions are as follows
(a) iam i really negative? cause after the 99 day neg test i had sex with my wife and she got the classic flu like illness that is persistent up to now. i thought i was neg with a 99 day test but now iam worried that i might have infected her with something
(b) i read on the test package that it can not detect HIV if one is infected with a more variant strain. is this true? please give me ur experience with this rapid test
(c) do ars last this long? bacause i have been really sick with this flu like illness for months now and it does not seem to go.

worried part 2

thx for anwer my quetions.....you said "When considering this activity alone, testing is not essential due to it being a negligible risk, however seeing that you are sexually active, testing is always a valuable practice to consider as it is the only way to find out one’s HIV status"but I had this the first time sex intercourse that is receiving oral,I have a test after seven days with duo test and non reactive...But i am not sure,When the fastest time can detect an antigen? my fear grow after four days i feel flu but no fever until this days..plz help me thx so much.

Do i need to get tested

Hi,I recently (a week ago) had oral sex and was wearing protection.Do i need to get tested for HIV or any other tests?

Visit to hospital

Dear Volunteers,I went to visit a friend in hospital. They obviously have those needle resistant containers where they dispose of needles, however I noticed that some of them were particularly full. When I got home and showered i had a burning sensation on my leg. I looked down and noticed 3 scratches on my knee. THey didn't seem to have bled but I'm not sure. What I'm concerned about is that I may have accidently brushed up against one of those needle bins and been scratched by a needle through my pants although I don't remember coming too close to them or anything. Is this possible? Should I worry about HIV transmission or would I KNOW if i was scratched by a needle? Do I need testing?Thank you for your time.


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