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HIV Transmission

drinking from dirty plastic cup

please ask my question about HIV transmission in this case.A few days ago, while visiting Germany, me and some friends stayed to a hotel. In one of the evening, I was in my friend room, and he asked me if I want some beer, and said yes. As there weren't many glasses in the room, he goes to the room bathroom, and come back with a plastic cup (transparent one). He put beer in, and when I started to drink, I saw on the upper part of the cup (where i put my mouth), some white substance. I drink the beer in a few seconds. I didn't had any cuts on my lips or mouth. Then my friend told me that this cup was used by his son, to wash his son mouth after the son brush his teeth. I have no idea if there was some blood in the cup, or just the toothpaste from his son mouth (possible mixed with blood). But when I checked the cup, the white substance (possible toothpaste), seems to be dried. I didn't used the cup right after someone, but maybe minutes/hours later.
Is there any risk, if in the cup was some blood (mixed in beer), and I drunk the beer, without any cuts in my mouth?
Thank you,

What are the steps if you are detected HIV +?

HI there,
It is a scary moment for me right now as I had sex yesterday and the condom broke inside me and i had some cum all in me. The guy I had sex said he is clean and tested Jan. Of course I;m terrified about it and didn't sleep at all last night... I want to get tested of course, but I;m soooo scared and no idea what to do if the test comes +...
Is there a "pill" or something I should do as this happened less than 24 hours?
Sorry to be so opened but when that happened I duched and cleaned myself in the shower with water for like 10 min or so...
Is there any thing I should do or know? Is there any test that I can go in and get it done and know the result right away? The wait would just kill me and I wouldn't be able to go through this...
I'm freaking out of course.. any help and comment would be soooooo good right now...
thanks a bunch!


hello... im just wondering...
I have blocked salivary gland under my tongue it started two weeks ago.. I never had fever... my lymph node swell but just for only 2-3 days... My ENT gave me antibiotics and the swelling is gone but i can still feel that my salivary gland is still blocked. I can still feel the lump.
Last tuesday (march 13, 2012), it was raining i caught cold... no fever. but i am having post nasal drip and itchy sore throat. 
I had 2 encounters 
1st was feb 23, 2012... with a female masseuse... no anal, no vaginal, no oral sex. Body massage with oil using her forearm and Her BUTT... She titfuck me for a few seconds and hand job me. No sore , cuts on her hand...
2nd was March 6 with a male... no anal.no oral  i just touched his penis twice then i jack off my self (ejaculation). after i touched him i washed my hands with rubbing alcohol.
I tested before Feb 7, 2012 (non reactive) may last risky encounter was march 2011 so it is conclusive..
here are my questions.
1. Do my symptoms represent ARS?
2. Do i need to get tested?
3. or is it stress freaking me out?
4. Is there any reported cases thru this mode of transmission?
5. Im feeling tired? Maybe caused by my constant thinking and researching the net. whew!
Hoping for your answer. Can you please advise me what to do.. Im 24 male from manila
Thank you!

spit in eye from hiv poz person

Hello someone talking got spit in my eye and they have HIV/AIDS homeless person.Three days later woke up with sore throat and chills that lasted a couple of days,could it be ARS? What are the odds I was infected

Blood in wine

Hello Moderators,
I was with my friends out for dinner and the waiter was opening the foil onto of the cork using a knife. He gets a cut and bleeds. The blood might have come into contact with the wine and we immediately drank the wine.  
People say no one has ever gotten HIV from drinking or eating contaminated food but is it still true if the blood was so fresh?

about hiv

i did a sex work with useing delhi goverment condom.i dont know that condom has brocken or not.but i did sex for few second.And 6 month passed nothing is happen..do u want to check hiv test?

Do I have HIV?

I gave and recieved oral where I swallowed some semen. Then I recieved unprotected anal without lubricant for 5 seconds because it was too painful for me. This experience was 2 weeks ago. 3 hours after the experience I started worrying that I had HIV and then I felt fatigue, nausea, and body tremors but no fever. That lasted for a week then I shaved my face + genital area and got some kind of rash there 2 days later and a sore on the top of my lip. Right now I'm having high anxiety/depression/stress and experiencing headache and fatigue. I just recieved a blood test today and will recieve my results friday. What are the chances of me being infected by HIV, and if I do have it, how will I pay for the medication? I don't work cause I'm going to school and my parents won't be able to afford it so please I need help.

Healing cut on finger

Hello,Is HIV transmission possible if fresh blood from someone else's wound gets onto a healing cut from a knife that happened 24 hours before. The cut of mine was not bleeding and had started to close but the skin was still split.Thank you

Cumming in the mouth

I would like to ask if someone cummed in my mouth and my mouth had a little ulcer (non-bleeding), what is the chance of catching AIDS ? Thanks.

HIV risk?

Hello there,
A few weeks ago, I had met with a sex worker.
Now, what I did was:
To begin with, I put on a condom. Then, with one hand I was rubbing my penis (as in masturbation), and on the other hand, I put on a polythene bag and touched her breasts, nipples, shoulders, back, etc. I did this for one hour.
Apart from that, I put two polythene bags on my penis which had already a condom on it and then I rubbed it on her breasts. Since there was too much stuff on my penis already (1 condom and 2 polythene bags), I wasn't getting good sensation, so I withdrew after 4-5 minutes.
Now, after a month, the guy who made me meet with that girl told me that she had AIDS. However, the certainty of her having HIV can't be verified as he didn't show me any concrete evidence. It could be a lie on his part.
The only unusual thing I saw on her body (from shoulders to back) was the presence of skin rash which wasn't red in colour).
My question is, is there any danger of acquiring an infection from that infected (assume) person with what I did?
P.S. I'm too scared to get a test done for that!


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